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Successful Career Planning

Career PlanningMany people waste time and energy wading through ads, submitting CV's , joining agencies or cold calling potential employers with limited success. Astrology can guide you towards successful job-hunting. If you don't know your rising sign, apply what follows to your Sun sign.


Don’t waste time with pencil-pushers at the bottom of the ladder, go straight to the top. Get the boss’s name and make an appointment. You’re your own best calling card and can impress those in charge with your dynamic personality more than through a CV or agency referral. Since you take your work seriously, when you display this attitude others will hire you.


Job openings for you arrive in odd and surprisingly lucky ways. You’re modest about your accomplishments so if you’re itching for pastures new let friends and contacts know and listen to their advice or hints of where to go. Friends and associates often hold the key, pointing you in the right direction. A contact's name or recommendation will open doors for you professionally.


You’re one of the most sociable Sun signs but when job hunting you operate best from behind the scenes. Your intuition can help you when faced with important career decisions - keep your question in your mind before going to sleep and you’ll often awake with the answer. Film, photography and the media are well-starred as is work within large institutions or charities.


Make the first move, arrange meetings, appear in person. If you’ve to submit a CV attach a photo. You work with intensity and resourcefulness and nothing indicates this as well as your physical presence. You’ve a competitive approach to your career; determined to succeed, you’ll fight for recognition. As long as you don't come on too strong you won’t have difficulty selling yourself.

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