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Successful Career Planning - Part 2

Career Planing



Be persistence in your job-hunting efforts and salary demands. You’ll attract employment opportunities to you and so presentation is very important. Therefore invest in your appearance; clothes, hair, make-up etc. If necessary get professional help from a PR company or style guru. Wealthy and influential people often take a shine to you so be upfront about eliciting their help and advice.


Concentrate on newspaper ads, e-mails, phone calls and contacts in your field. Your discriminating approach will help you exploit new leads and rumours. Neighbours and close relatives may introduce you to a potential employer. Stay flexible, investigate multiple options and ask lots of questions. The quality of your work speaks for itself and will open doors for you so put it out there.


Family and female associates can help you exploit suitable employment opportunities. Dinner parties and business lunches are excellent for developing contacts and getting the inside track on rumours of forthcoming opportunities and openings. Your sensitivity to the needs of others make you ideally suited for work with the public, whether in PR, counselling or as an artist taping into the public mood.


A lover, admirer or people you meet socially can open doors for you professionally. You’re at home in the world of glamour, entertainment and the arts and can really shine when put under the spotlight. You’re well-suited to positions of influence where you can lead by example. Make a show of your CV, attach a cheerful photo and treat interviews like a performance.

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