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It's your relationships that have a chance to benefit from Mercury, planet of communication's early days in direct motion in your communication sector and the push now in place to bring things home. After the challenges of the past, if a communication breakthrough hasn't yet been achieved, there'll be one last push today. As the Moon fuels the flames of any personal and/or relationship tension, you'll have a very real chance to give this a voice.

Tomorrow's Forecast

At the same time that you should be feeling a lot more confident about both home and financial matters and especially where they come together, there is also something special happening on the communication and relationship fronts. This isn't despite any personal and/or relationship tension over the last few days and more because of it, providing one last push to achieve a communication and/or relationship breakthrough.

 (Yesterday's Forecast)

Just 5 days after Mercury, planet of communication turned direct in your relationship sector the Moon makes a timely return to your relationship sector. While a relationship push that will begin in early December will begin after this current push to ensure the communication lines are open ends, there is a chance today for the two to come together. It's only later down the line that you'll appreciate why it's so important to have the communication lines open now.

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