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  Taurus 20th Apr - 20th May


As well as a need to have your professional hat on today there's also a need to follow your heart, with Venus' last full day in your career sector all about cementing your professional desires and expectations and working with the laws of attraction. With the Sun just in his first full week in your career sector and Mercury in his first full week in retrograde motion there's no worry that you'll lose your professional or competitive edge, but it's today that your heart has a clear read and the laws of attraction are in effect.

Tomorrow's Forecast

Venus' departure from your career sector today is one of those situations where you can take something away without feeling a loss, especially as she's done her job of fuelling your professional desires and expectations and your professional confidence. With Mars having also been and gone but the Sun and Mercury staying behind, this is when you get to the business end of getting this new professional year off the ground. You know what you want, where your heart stands and what excites you and now it's time to walk the talk.

 (Yesterday's Forecast)

You've not only got a heightened sixth sense today, but access to the kind of light bulb or Eureka moments that suddenly put a lot of things into perspective. Because it's fleeting lunar vibes that are providing this edge it will be an opportunity lost if your day is so busy that you don't take the time to hear yourself think. No matter how many demands on your time or how busy you think you are or should be, time spent navel gazing could be some of the most valuable moments of your day.

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