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Health & Fitness - Get into Shape for 2016- Prt 2

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Generally strong and robust you like the open air. You’ve a competitive spirit, enjoying physical effort and the glory of winning. You don’t mind being a team player as long as your individual effort is appreciated. Since you like to perform as much as compete, ballroom dancing would be a great way to stay trim, agile and to do so in style.


You’ve a reputation for being a hypochondriac with cabinets bursting with vitamins pills and witch’s potion. You’re not usually sporty, preferring a mental workout to a physical one therefore nutrition is key to loosing your love handles and maintaining a balance between body and psyche. Exercise needs to serve a purpose to motivate you, like keeping fit to keep your edge in the workplace.


You’ve a sweet tooth and when you put on the pounds you do so gracefully, even when plump you retain your sex appeal. You’re not one for rigorous training, lacking stamina, you’re not usually competitive. Therefore choose an activity with a busy social side to keep you interested or something artistic like ice-skating, dancing or a ballet workout.


More suited to endurance sports like cycling, squash, mountaineering or marathon running, you treat sport as a battle rather than a game. If you’re prepared to take your time and build up your stamina while burning calories, then go to bed early and have lots of sex. Since you don’t do anything in moderation consider starting 2016 with a detox, douche or colonic irrigation.

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