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Health & Fitness - Get into Shape for 2016

Fitness and Health

Checkout the astrological advice below about how to get in the best possible shape to make the most of the opportunities coming your way in 2015. Always check with a health care professional before embarking on a new fitness routine, especially if it is something you haven’t done for some time.



Usually too active and energetic to put on much weight, you enjoy competition, and outdoor sports like hiking or athletics suit your temperament. If you like the smell of the locker room and looking good in baby oil, then pumping iron down the gym is where it’s at. Regular head massages and facials will help you maintain the healthy mind/body balance.


Generally strong and robust you may get sluggish with age and obesity is a risk through lack of exercise. Being Venus ruled you like to indulge. Being Venus ruled, staying beautiful provides better motivation then staying healthy, so once you start noticing the benefits you’ll stick at it. Best to start slowly with long walks in the countryside or a short stay at a health farm.


You make good gymnasts, dancers and rock climbers but you’re more agile than physical. Badminton or tennis, especially doubles is recommended since you enjoy the social side of sport. Your chest and nervous system are weak spots so a class teaching correct breathing techniques is ideal. Golf, cycling, rollerblading or jogging combine exercise with opportunities to get plenty of fresh air.


Being soft and sensitive, stress and worry can make you ill therefore exercise is excellent for a healthy mind as well as a healthy body. Swimming and water sports like sailing, skiing and canoeing are recommended. Your fondness for puff pastry and soap operas could leave you heavy in the hip department, so if you’re an animal lover, get one that needs exercise, but not a greyhound.

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