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Aquarius Monthly Horoscope - May 2015

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Aquarius Sign  Aquarius 20 Jan - 18 Feb

There is a strong emphasis on Gemini,
the pleasure zone of your solar chart, this
month. Usually, this would be considered good
news since it promises opportunities for fun,
romance and creative self-expression. However, with
sober Saturn, your traditional planetary ruler, retrograde
in the early degrees of Sagittarius, planets entering Gemini will,
shortly after entering Gemini, make stressful opposition aspects to
Saturn in Sagittarius. Since Saturn is such an important planet for you it is necessary to give Saturn a different interpretation for Aquarius than for other Sun signs.

Perhaps it may be something to do with you, your actions, preconceived ideas, or what you consider socially acceptable or appropriate that is behind your attempts to apply the brakes to opportunities to pursue pleasurable activities, whether they be intellectual, artistic or physical. Therefore, while it may be appropriate to restrain certain activities or individuals that threaten to go too far, too soon, try not to stand in your own way. It is not necessary to plunge into the deep end but at least be prepared to get your feet wet.

The opposition between Mars and Saturn mid-month could be a bit stressful. Although this is favorable for persevering patiently with your creative projects, emotionally a certain someone may overstep the mark or attempt to cross the line between friendship and romance. The Sun will also oppose Saturn from Gemini around May 23 and this could be a time when you and a significant other may have different ideas about certain important private matters. While ideally you should be prepared to agree to disagree, do make sure you give the other person a fair hearing because they may have a valid point or perspective on matters.

Until May 21, the Sun will be traveling through Taurus, the domestic zone of your solar chart, therefore make sure to make time for home, family and property matters in the early part of May and to connect or reconnect with family and loved ones. Nevertheless, despite the emphasis on the domestic matters the full Moon in Scorpio on May 18 falls in the area of your solar chart associated with career, vocation and your dealings with those in positions of power, influence and authority. Therefore, make the most of opportunities to put yourself, your work and your ideas in the spotlight around this time moreover be prepared to emerge from your cave if opportunity knocks to give you the chance to show the world what you can do.

Mercury will be retrograde from May 19 – June 12 and since Mercury is associated with one of the money zones of your solar chart, perhaps this would be a good time to slow down, step back and resist the temptation to cut corners or make the most of opportunities that appear to be too good to be true when it comes to Finance. When Mercury is retrograde it is generally considered not the best time to buy electronic equipment, gadgets and mobile phones. Computers, mechanical devices and cars are more likely to malfunction now. Therefore, with Mercury retrograde from May 19 try to avoid mixing business with pleasure and if you find apparent bargains, offers or last-minute deals catch your eye, perhaps you should stop looking and give your credit card a holiday until mid-June.

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