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Aquarius Monthly Horoscope - March 2015

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Aquarius Sign  Aquarius 20 Jan - 18 Feb

With the Sun traveling through Pisces,
one of the money zones of your solar chart
until March 21, the spotlight falls on money
matters this month. Although you may be in a
generous and extravagant mood, this really isn’t
the time for retail therapy. This would be a good time to
make the most of what you’ve got and if necessary be prepared
to ask for a larger slice of the pie.

Mercury will be in Aquarius, your Sun sign, until March 13 when Mercury joins the Sun in Pisces. With Mercury in Aquarius until March 13 is a good time for wheeling and dealing, for communicating with others and getting your ideas and opinions out there. With Mercury in your Sun sign, you will be even sharper than usual and so this would be a good time to schedule important discussions, negotiations and communicate generally. From March 13, with Mercury in Pisces, one of the money zones of your solar chart, this reinforces the importance of sorting out money matters and financial paperwork, especially in the second half of March.

With such a strong planetary emphasis on Aries this month, you could find yourself having to go out and about more than you might otherwise choose. Commuting may be problematic if you try to spread yourself too thin and leave little slack in your itinerary or little time to get from A to B to C. You also need to be careful in some of your more personal or intimate communications with others since strong feelings and passions could surface in what might otherwise be considered routine communications. Therefore, when communicating about those things, ideas or people that arouse your passions, try not to leave too much to the imagination or give mixed signals. Ideally, count to 10 before saying or writing something that may be difficult if not impossible to retract later.

The presence of Jupiter in your opposite sign of Leo and Saturn in Sagittarius bodes well for relationships and socializing. With Venus, Jupiter and Uranus, in harmony between March 3 - 5 and the Sun and Saturn in harmony around March 26, these would be especially good times to get out and about, to put on your glad rags and mingle.

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