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Aquarius Monthly Horoscope - April 2015

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Aquarius Sign  Aquarius 20 Jan - 18 Feb

There are number of different areas of your
solar chart emphasized this month, some of
which are easier to explain than others. On
April 4 there will be a lunar eclipse in Libra. Eclipses
are very important in astrology, since they are indicators
of major long-term change. Since Libra is the area of your
solar chart associated with faraway people and places and
your metaphysical, cultural, educational and spiritual pursuits, these
are areas for you to develop, encourage and prioritise throughout the remainder of 2015. The planetary pileup in Aries, the Zodiac sign opposite Libra represents a counterbalancing emphasis to Libra. In fact, the Aries emphasis could prove distracting, those things, people and dramas on your doorstep, part of your usual scene, habits and routine. However, with the lunar eclipse in Libra this suggests that the real opportunities, the promise of greater fulfillment and a better future is to be found further afield, away from all that has become all too familiar. While it will be practically impossible to avoid the implications of this month planetary emphasis on Aries, it maybe prudent to try to minimise its distracting effects. Your daily routine, the need to get out and about, emails, routine communications, dealings with neighbors, relatives, siblings, and also gossip, innuendo and the hobgoblins of the minds needs to be managed and dealt with, swiftly, with minimum fuss.

On April 1 Mars enters the area of your solar chart concerned with home, family, domestic concerns and property issues. Venus will be in Taurus until April 12, when Venus enters Gemini, and the Sun will begin a month long transit through Taurus from April 20. Therefore, along with Aries, Taurus is strongly emphasised this month. And so, you are likely to find that domestic matters and your private life may also be a drain on your time, energy and resources and with Mars here you need to be careful not to let your frustrations, resentment, or impatience build up and be a source of conflict. One way to use the often challenging energy of Mars in this area of your solar chart is to use the additional drive, energy and determination which Mars often brings in doing stuff around your home. Having a clear out, renovation, fixing stuff and doing relatively simple DIY is a great way to burn off excess energy. The presence of Venus in Taurus until the April 12 is good for interior design and making your home a more comfortable, beautiful place in which to live and entertained. Nevertheless, with Mars here, it is probably not the time for a major domestic overhaul unless it is something that you are prepared to commit to. Something done on the spur of the moment in a fit of impulsiveness or impatience to get on with things.

Dealings with family members may be more stressful too with Mars in Taurus, the domestic zone of your solar chart. Therefore, if you need to have sensitive, emotional or complicated discussions with family and loved ones, best to avoid doing so until after Venus leaves Taurus on April 12. If such discussions are unavoidable then when Mercury meets Uranus in Aries on April 8 and around the time Mars meets Mercury in Taurus on April 23 are probably not the best days to have a heart-to-heart because there’s a good chance it may end up in a toe-to-toe. With Venus in Taurus until April 12 the early part of April looks promising for entertaining at home. From the 12, Venus enters Gemini, the area of your solar chart associated with those things that give you pleasure, such as hobbies, creative self-expression and romance.

You are likely to be in a more flirtatious mood in the second half of April. However, when Venus opposes Saturn in Sagittarius on April 15 this is probably not the time to put your cards on the table romantically or emotionally since you may get a frosty response. However, this would be a good time to call someone’s bluff. Nevertheless, April promises to be a relatively good month for relationships with a number of favorable aspects from planets in Aries to Jupiter in Leo and harmonious aspects between planets in Aries and Saturn in Sagittarius. For example, on April 2 Mercury in Aries makes a harmonious aspect to Saturn, your traditional planetary ruler, in Sagittarius, and the next day, April 3, the Sun in Aries and makes a harmonious aspect to Jupiter in Leo. These are good times to deal with other people and to get out and about, to socialize and make connections with others. On April 6 Mercury will be in harmonious aspect with Jupiter and again this is good for socializing and getting your message across. Mars is in stressful aspect with Jupiter on April 21 and there is the likelihood of extravagance, waste and overextending yourself which could be a source of conflict at this time.

On April 23 Venus and Jupiter are in a gentle, but pleasant aspect. And while that’s good for fun, romance and creative self-expression, with Mars, joining Mercury on the same day, probably best to keep things light. Otherwise a romantic, candlelit dinner could turn into a food fight.

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