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Capricorn Monthly Horoscope - February 2015

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Capricorn sign  Capricorn  22 Dec - 19 Jan

With a full Moon in Leo on February 4 and
a new Moon in Aquarius on February 19, there
is a strong emphasis on financial matters this
month. Mercury, which has been retrograde since
January 22, turns stationary direct on February 11,
from when it starts to slowly move forward again. When
Mercury is retrograde, misunderstandings, missed connections and communication problems are more likely. Since Mercury is in Aquarius,
one of the money zones of your solar chart, it is likely that money, possessions and your financial affairs is the area most likely to have experienced the problems associated with Mercury retrograde. With Mercury moving forward again from February 11, misunderstandings and communication problems that have plagued financial matters should become clearer. Therefore, if possible, try to avoid scheduling important meetings, negotiations and discussions of a financial or commercial nature until after February 11, when Mercury will be moving forward again. With Mercury retrograde, it is a good time to reassess, revise, review and reorganize your financial affairs and take the steps necessary to make the most productive use of your time and resources.

With Mars entering Aries from February 20 and Venus following shortly thereafter, increased activity on the domestic front is indicated towards the end of the month. Passions could run high in your private life, and so while this would be a good time to get up close and personal, if you’re feeling restless or agitated, it might be a good idea to burn off excess energy sorting things out around the house.

With the North Node of the Moon traveling through Libra until November, it’s important for you to focus on achieving your broader personal and life goals in 2015. Therefore, with Mars in Aries from the end of February and into March, this would be a good time to address those areas of your private life may be preventing you from pursuing those vocational goals that are the most meaningful for you.

The presence of Venus in Pisces, for most of February, suggests not what you say that how you say could be the key to making the most of the opportunities for fun and romance around you now. Therefore, take the time when communicating with others to put your message in the best possible way.

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