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Capricorn Monthly Horoscope - November 2015

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Capricorn sign  Capricorn  22 Dec - 19 Jan

With Venus culminating in Libra, one of the
more prominent areas of your solar chart from
09 November, make the most of opportunities
to get out and about professionally and for
networking and when you do, dress to impress.
With the Sun, Mercury and a new Moon in Scorpio this
month, this is also a good time to get out and about socially
and for meeting new people, personally and professionally. You
may also have an opportunity to team up with kindred spirits who
share your aspirations and interests. If you do, be discreet.

Mars will join Venus in Libra from 13 November which should correspond with increased activity, perhaps even urgency, on the work front. With both Venus and Mars in the area of your solar chart associated with work, vocation and your dealings with those in positions of power and authority, it would appear that there are two corresponding approaches to dealing with this area of your life. Venus emphasises charm, tact and importance of interpersonal and presentation skills. Mars, on the other hand, is more independent, target driven, impulsive and pushy. Since Venus and Mars are both in Libra, Venus’s sign, a Venusian approach should take precedent. When in doubt, use persuasion rather than pressure to get your way, to win hearts and minds and get things done.

Although the presence of both Venus and Mars in such a prominent area of your solar chart suggests November will be a busy month, with the Sun entering Sagittarius for about a month from around 23 November, consider adopting a reduced schedule from the end of November and taking time out to rest, recuperate and recharge your batteries in readiness for when the Sun enters Capricorn, your Sun sign around 22 December when your new yearly cycle gets underway.

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