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Leo Monthly Horoscope - April 2015

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Leo Sign  Leo 23 Jul - 22 Aug

Frankly, It’s unrealistic to expect your
winning streak to continue, for the world to
revolve around you, and to expect Lady Luck
to continue to single you out for special attention.
Nevertheless, it looks like you’re in for another
unrealistic month. On April 3, the Sun, your planetary
ruler, makes a harmonious aspect to the great benefic,
Jupiter currently in Leo, your Sun sign. On April 6 Mercury in Aries
and makes a harmonious aspect to Jupiter in Leo. These should prove favorable days for you to promote yourself, your talents, your ideas and
is set off on an adventure. On April 1, Mars enters Taurus, the area of your solar chart associated with career, vocation and your dealings with those in positions of power and influence. Mercury enters Taurus on April 15 and the Sun enters Taurus on April 20. Venus will be in Taurus until April 12. That’s a lot of Taurus and a strong emphasis on matters dealing with work, vocation and the big wide world. Therefore, make the most of the astrological weather and put yourself out and about. Be prepared to pursue your goals, lead by example and set the agenda.

Mercury will meet Uranus in Aries on April 8, and Mercury will also meet Mars in Taurus on April 23. Around these two dates tensions, conflict and disagreements are more likely to surface. Therefore, try to avoid doing or saying anything rash, impulsive or indiscreet at these times. For example, don’t drive your sports car too fast and if you are pulled over by an officer of the law, be polite. The entrance of Venus into Gemini from April 12 is good for socializing and activities that involves the arts, romance and activities that give you pleasure. It’s possible that something sweet and sticky may catch your eye. However, with Venus in opposition to sober Saturn mid-month, you could get yourself in hot water. So if you can’t behave, be discreet.

Although the general astrological weather is rather sunny for you, the presence of Saturn in Sagittarius needs to be taken seriously, otherwise it may have a tendency to rain on your parade. While you’re out and about, casting your bread upon the water, Saturn’s presence in Sagittarius his requiring some kind of commitment. This commitments may be to a creative project, ideal or even an individual. Something or someone may try to pin you down. Being a Leo, you probably enjoy a good wrestle more than playing footsie. However, you could cause yourself a mischief if you persist with the notion that the grass is greener elsewhere. If there are any personal projects that you are committed to that give you an opportunity to express your uniqueness then perhaps you might start taking them a bit more seriously and rolling up your sleeves to make them a tangible reality and in the process, increase your value in the marketplace.

One of the more significant astrological events in 2015 is this month’s lunar eclipse in Libra, which falls on April 4. Eclipses are harbingers of major long-term change and since this one falls in Libra this is the area of your solar chart is up for renewal. Some eclipse placements are easier to articulate than others, but they are all significant in their own way. The lunar eclipse in Libra is suggestive of a number of possible story lines, one of which is that if you’ve got something to say or display, then you should get on your bike, get out and about and spread the word. You might be tempted to do just one more course, to acquire one more certificate to add to the multitude that line your walls or to finally seek out that one last Guru who has the answers you seek. To do so, would be to go in the direction of the South Node of the Moon which is in Aries, but what you should be doing is moving towards the North Node, which is in Libra. The North Node of the Moon in Libra, on which this month’s full Moon is falls, therefore qualifying this month’s full Moon as a super full Moon, a lunar eclipse. The very clear and simple message for you, if that maybe you already know what you need to know. You have the answers you seek, and so perhaps you should communicate that knowledge to others now.

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