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Pisces Monthly Horoscope - September 2016

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Pisces Sign  Pisces 19 Feb - 20 Mar

Jupiter, your traditional planetary ruler,
enters Libra this month. Jupiter will remain
in Libra until it leaves Libra for Scorpio in
October 2017. Libra is one of the money
zones of your solar chart, the one primarily
concerned with your dealings, commitments,
entanglements and even dependency on the resources
and finances of others. With Jupiter in Libra for the next twelve months, you should find it easier to get the help and support you need, financial, emotional and otherwise to achieve your goals.

Joint enterprises can bring benefits during this period. However, you need to exercise restraint and don’t bite off more than you can chew. You might feel the urge to make grand plans for investments and joint businesses but better to plan carefully. Just because your bank manager is pleased to see you, don’t indulge them or ask for too much or more than you need. It is also possible that you could receive a bonus, gift or windfall. Philosophical, mystical and metaphysical matters may also appeal, especially those that emphasise that consciousness continues after death.

Whenever a new or full Moon falls close to one of the Moon’s Nodes, either the North or the South Node of the Moon (the North Node is always directly opposite the South Node) we have an eclipse. On 01 September there will be a new Moon close to the North Node making it a North Node solar eclipse. This solar eclipse falls in Virgo, the sign opposite Pisces, your Sun sign. On 16 September there will be a full Moon in Pisces, your Sun sign, the sign of the South Node. Hence, it will be a South Node lunar eclipse.

The Moon’s Node can be thought of as representing two doorways. Things go out at the South Node where they should be released, relinquished, discarded and let go of. The North Node is an area to be embraced, pointing the way forward to where opportunity and potential fulfillment awaits. The solar eclipse in Virgo on 01 September falls in the area of your solar chart associated with interrelationship matters and your more important dealings with others in general. Therefore, significant change is likely in this area of your life over the next few months.

Since the North Node is in this area of your solar chart, this is the area to embrace, to develop and to move towards. This could indicate that the next month or so represents a turning point in which fate or circumstance requires you to reach out to others, to connect with or team up with kindred spirits who can help you find the answers you seek and help you get where you need to go.

Since the lunar eclipse of 16 September falls in Pisces, your Sun sign, the need to let go or relinquish a number of things in your life will be felt more personally by Pisceans than other Sun sign individuals. Therefore, be prepared to have an emotional and psychological clearcut and detox. This would be a good time to release yourself form restrictive habits, attitudes and beliefs that have served their purpose and only seem to restrict rather than support you now.

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