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Pisces Monthly Horoscope - December 2015

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Pisces Sign  Pisces 19 Feb - 20 Mar

With the Sun in Sagittarius, the area of your
solar chart associated with your work, vocation,
status and dealings with those in positions of
power and influence until around 22 December,
you are likely to be busier than most as the festive
season gets underway. The presence of Saturn in
Sagittarius until December 2017 indicates a general, long-term
backdrop in which you will be working hard, shouldering responsibility
and occasionally trying to create order out of the chaos around you.

With a new Moon also in Sagittarius around 11 December, this could be the harbinger of a new start or fresh approach regarding your work, vocation and life path. Therefore, despite the many demands upon you at this time, don’t neglect your day-to-day duties and responsibilities and be open to capitalizing on opportunities that present themselves this month.

The North Node of the Moon has recently entered your opposite sign of Virgo, where it will remain for another 18 months or so. Jupiter, your traditional planetary ruler, will also be in Virgo for some time, until it enters Libra in the autumn 2016. Since Virgo is the area of your solar chart associated with your relationships, professional, personal and emotional as well as your dealings with other people in general, this period bodes well for partnerships, relationships and for meeting other people. However, since Jupiter is in your opposite sign this suggests that you must be prepared to reach out to others, perhaps make the first move and even let others set the agenda.

With the South Node in Pisces, your Sun sign, it’s probably best not to try to do it all yourself or go it alone. Venus, planet of art, beauty and earthly delights will be in Scorpio from 05 - 30 December and in harmonious alignment with dreamy, glamorous and fantasy prone Neptune in Pisces, your Sun sign, especially around 11 December. Therefore, this would be good month to exploit opportunities for pleasure, romance and metaphysical exploration far away from your usual scene and routine.

Mercury, ruler of your opposite sign of Virgo, will be in aspect with Jupiter, around 04 and 26 December and these promise to be favorable times for mixing business with pleasure.

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