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Pisces Monthly Horoscope - March 2015

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Pisces Sign  Pisces 19 Feb - 20 Mar

With the Sun in Pisces, your Sun sign, until
March 21, make the most of the astrological
weather and put yourself out and about and
show the world what you can do. This is a good
time to promote yourself and your talents. With
Saturn in Sagittarius, the area of your solar chart
associated with work, vocation and your dealings with
those in authority, you may have a lot on your plate and feel the
pressure to be productive and get on with things. Increased work, commitments and responsibility are likely to come your way. It may take you a little while to get into your stride but once you are up and running you have the potential to make substantial progress over the next couple of years.
Since Saturn in Sagittarius is in stressful alignment with dreamy, idealistic and otherworldly Neptune in Pisces, your Sun sign, part of your assignment as 2015 gets underway will be to make your dreams, schemes and ideals a reality. While not all of your aspirations will be able to pass the reality test, those that do will be key to making your dreams come true in 2015 and beyond.

Mars and Venus will be traveling through Aries this month. Uranus, and the South Node of the Moon are also in Aries and the Sun will be entering Aries from March 21. This is quite a strong influence on Aries and since Aries is the area of your solar chart associated with money, finance and worldly possessions, it is therefore likely to be a focus of your time and attention. Money and resources are likely to flow in as well as out and while there may be some promising financial opportunities around you now, and you may feel you have to speculate to accumulate Nevertheless, it would be prudent to exercise self-restraint in your financial affairs, otherwise you could find yourself skating on thin ice. With the North Node of the Moon in Libra until November, a wise thing to do on the financial front in 2015 would be to reduce your financial commitments to others. Reducing debts, money owed and your dependence on credit in 2015 will actually create greater flexibility for you in the not too distant future.

Mercury will be in Aquarius until March 13 when it enters Pisces, your Sun sign. Mercury’s presence in Pisces adds imagination, creativity and an alternative approach to how you get your message across. You may have a lot of your mind and keen to share your views and opinions, but do try to make sure you’ve done your homework, get your facts straight and ideally get a second opinion before entering deep commercial or emotional waters. Since Mercury governs the relationship zone of your solar chart, you could find others seeking you out, romantically or professionally, in increasing numbers in the second half of March. Nevertheless, don’t believe everything you hear since certain individuals may do or say almost anything just to touch the hem of your garment.

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