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Scorpio Monthly Horoscope - August 2015

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Scorpio Sign  Scorpio 24 Oct - 21 Nov

Two astrological developments of particular
interest are the movement of Jupiter into
Virgo, your Sun sign, on 11th August and
Venus turning retrograde on 25th July. Jupiter
takes approximately 12 years to travel the twelve
signs of the zodiac, spending approximately 12 months
in each sign and we will start with a general description of
what to expect before looking at the Venus retrograde
phenomenon, which occurs every 8 years, it’s general significance
and then it’s specific implications for your Sun sign.

With Jupiter in Virgo, this bodes well for meeting new kindred spirits and reuniting with old acquaintances. You may have an ever-widening circle of friends, as your social life flourishes during this transit. Your friendships will be mutually beneficial. It is also possible that groups and clubs, particularly humanitarian groups, feature more strongly during this time.

On 25th July Venus appeared to pause in her orbit around the Sun, as viewed from earth, and then appear to slow down, become stationary and move backwards. Astrologers refer to this apparent backward movement as retrograde motion. Venus will become stationary twice during this period, turning stationary retrograde at 0 Virgo on 25th July and on 6th September turning stationary direct at 14 Leo, pausing once more before moving forward again. Venus revolves around the Sun in 225 days and spends less time retrograde than any other planet, going retrograde for about 6 weeks every 18 months. Over a period of 8 years Venus goes retrograde five times, returning to roughly the same area of the zodiac every 8 years, about two degrees earlier each time. Retrograde periods give us an opportunity to deal with deep feelings that have their origins in the past. To get a perspective of what the coming period may have in store look back to August - October 2007, the last time Venus went retrograde in this area of your horoscope.

22nd June
The retrograde period began on 22nd June when Venus passes over 14 Leo the degree at which she turns direct and begins to move forward again on 6th September. Around that time the initial implications of what is in store may have appeared, bringing issues to the surface that will grow in importance as Venus began to slow down. This phase lasts about a month, and is the first pass that Venus makes through the area of the zodiac where she will go retrograde.

3rd July
While still moving forward, Venus passed over 22 Leo, the degree at which she makes a retrograde conjunction with the Sun on 16th August. A time when we should have had a further glimpse of coming events.

25th July
Venus stops and turns stationary retrograde at 0 Virgo. This can be a very significant time, corresponding with critical events as Venus appears to change direction and move backwards in the sky. For several days either side of this date Venus’ influence becomes magnified. Emotional or financial concerns that have been bubbling away may pop up. It can also be a time when new possibilities and solutions emerge. If you've been considering making major moves, this probably isn’t the time, keep your options open and explore the possibilities presenting themselves now. This is a time for readjustment of what you feel is important, as your perspective changes there’ll be times when you wrestle with the issues that emerged. This phase lasts until around 6th September.

16th August
Venus retrogrades into a conjunction (union) with the Sun at 22 Leo. This is the first meeting of Venus and the Sun since the cycle started, another important time when important issues come to light.

6th September
Venus turns stationary direct at 14 Leo, pausing before moving forwards once more. This is often the most powerful point of the period, bringing release of tension and anxiety. From now on Venus will gather speed and progress unimpeded. It is the end of a 6 week period when Venus was retrograde, and as such can signal a complete change of direction and taste. As with the retrograde station, for several days either side of this date, Venus’ influence is magnified. Venus will move slowly at first and so for a month or so keep your head and try to resist the temptation to act rashly were love or money are concerned. Nevertheless this can be a time of big decisions as you start applying what you’ve learned, making changes and incorporating your new set of values into your life. This can be a time of healing and understanding, when you can approach old issues from your new perspective, whether that means embracing or letting go.

29th September
Venus returns for the third time to the degree at which it conjoined the Sun at 22 Leo on 29th September, bringing further adjustment of what occurred at the earlier conjunction.

9th October
This marks the close of the whole retrograde period as Venus passes 0 Virgo, the degree at which she turned retrograde. As a new path opens up ahead, this is a time to resolve conflicts and restore a sense of normality and stability.

When retrograde a planet's energy becomes internalised, more intense, harder to perceive and deal with objectively. Venus is associated with love and so relationship issues come to the fore, the power balance can change dramatically bringing a reality check for some. Emotions are more complex, feelings increasingly difficult to express and at times inappropriate, we can become more introspective and antisocial. Retrograde periods often bring hidden elements or information to light, things return, are revealed, suppressed feelings and passions surface and need to be addressed. Feelings for a long forgotten former love may be reactivated, important financial matters that have been avoided can surface, demanding to be dealt with. We may question what we want, desire and value, things we thought indispensable may seem insignificant now. Not surprisingly, this is not the time for retail therapy, or making major purchases, especially jewelry, clothes or artwork. Avoid opening a sweet shop, fashion boutique or putting on an art exhibition, unless of course it’s a retrospective. This can be a good time to buy antiques, second hand clothes, diet and connect with old acquaintances but not for radical makeovers of yourself or your home. Renegotiate financial commitments but resist taking out a new loan. Traditionally, this not the best time for marriage or honeymoons and social events frequently don’t turn out as planned. Problems with addictions and desires can become aggravated, yet if we’re prepared to look within we can discover ways to heal and accept ourselves now. Big emotional decisions should be put on hold, ultimatums avoided, and finances simplified, at least till Venus has moved forward.

For Scorpio one issue that arises is this: Are you choosing the right people for the right reasons, and vice-versa? Areas highlighted include your career, your image and how you come across, your relationships, personal, professional and political and your Achilles’ heel. This is a good time to reassess where you’re business and private partnerships are going. However, the possibility of mixed signals complicating things is increased so pause before doing anything dramatic, socially, romantically or professionally. Resist the temptation to go out and play until after you’ve done your homework.

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