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Scorpio Monthly Horoscope - December 2014

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Scorpio Sign  Scorpio 24 Oct - 21 Nov

The main astrological news for Scorpio this
month is the move of sober Saturn from Scorpio,
your Sun sign, into Sagittarius. Saturn has been in
Scorpio since 2012, and the last couple of years have
been quite demanding for you. Older, wiser and with a
few more grey hairs you no doubt have matured rapidly in
recent years. Serious decisions, hard work and the need to set
out on an important life path may well have been themes of this Saturn
transit through Scorpio, your Sun sign. Saturn will return to Scorpio briefly between June and September 2015 but that may be to tie-up loose ends left over or incomplete so best to keep this to a minimum. Whether you have been building and establishing, or dismantling or downsizing, certain things should now be Saturn place on which you can now pursue your future plans.

The entrance of Saturn into Sagittarius should bring a sigh of relief and an easing using of the pressures and burdens of recent times. The presence of Saturn in Sagittarius suggest that you should soon turn your attention towards getting your financial house in order. With Jupiter in Leo, the area of your solar chart associated with your work and vocation, in harmony with several planets in Sagittarius in the early part of December, you can make good progress in your important projects, dreams and schemes in the early part of the month. The entrance of Mars, your traditional planning planetary ruler, into Aquarius shortly before the full Moon in Gemini on 5 December, suggests you may need to turn your attention to an important commercial or property matter that needs to be sorted out, sooner rather than later. You’ve worked very hard in recent years, you’ve been tested and have come through. It may take your little while to get back on your feet. Nevertheless, it is time to start to enjoy the fruits and of your labors.

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