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Taurus Monthly Horoscope - January 2015

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Taurus Sign  Taurus 20 Apr - 20 May

Venus, your planetary ruler, enters Aquarius,
the area of your solar chart associated with
career, work and vocation from 03 January.
With Mercury also entering Aquarius on 05
January, the Sun from 20 January and Mars in
Aquarius until 12 January, there is a strong emphasis
on Aquarius, and therefore your career and vocation, this
month. Therefore, make the most of the astrological weather
and push ahead with your goals, schemes and dreams.

Since Aquarius is one of the more public areas of your solar chart, the presence of Venus here for most of January suggests it would be advisable to present yourself in the best possible light when meeting others or putting your ideas across. Dress to impress and remember to smile and you will be halfway there. Mars meets Neptune in Pisces on January 20. Be careful either side of this date because there is an increased likelihood of a misunderstanding or a problem with a friend or associate. Inebriants such as alcohol could be a problem at this time. If you have any important issues that need to be discussed with a friend or associate then, do so when sober. If, alternatively, you’ve got the hots for a certain someone, or vice versa, don’t allow too much alcohol to be the excuse for getting yourself in hot water.

This month’s new Moon in Aquarius on January 20 suggests a new opening or opportunity may be on the cards for you work wise. Nevertheless, with Mercury, turning retrograde for approximately 3 weeks from 22 January, be cautious about investing your time, energy and especially, your money in promising career, commercial or business opportunities until you get some kind of signal that you are on solid ground.

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