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Taurus Monthly Horoscope - March 2015

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Taurus Sign  Taurus 20 Apr - 20 May

With so many planets in Pisces and Aries,
the astrological weather for you this month
looks a little complicated. The emphasis on
planets in Pisces bodes well the socializing and
so this would be a good time to contact old
acquaintances and rekindle relationships with those
kindred spirits who share your dreams and aspirations.
From March 13 Mercury joins the Sun in Pisces, the area of your
solar chart associated with friends and group activities and this promises
to increased activity on the social front.

However, Mercury makes a stressful square aspect to Saturn on March 16 and conjuncts nebulous Neptune, also in Pisces, on March 18. Saturn is in one of the money zones of your solar chart, the area of your solar chart associated with your more intimate dealings with others, especially financial commitments and arrangements. The square aspect is considered a stressful one. Therefore, it is possible that a financial matter may be a source of stress or conflict at this time. Saturn is concerned with boundaries and therefore it may be necessary to draw the line, to clarify an important commercial or financial arrangement or to put the brakes on a situation that may be getting out of hand. Whether it’s a business partner, a romantic partner or your bank manager, or all three, greater clarity and discipline may be required in your financial affairs.

The significance of the meeting between Mercury and Neptune is not that easy to judge. As circumstances alter cases like broken noses alter faces, it really depends on your personal relationship with Neptune and how you manage it nebulous, illusory and otherworldly energy. Positively, the meeting of Mercury and Neptune in Pisces suggests you should make the most of opportunities to get involved in unusual social, artistic or mystical events. Also be open to meeting people from different social, cultural and philosophical backgrounds than yours around this time. On the more complicated side, since Mercury is associated with those areas of your solar chart, corresponding with finance on one level and pleasure on another, perhaps this would not be a good time to mix business with pleasure. It’s also possible that the line between friendship and romance get a bit fuzzy and so be careful not to let desire, compression or too much alcohol make your emotional life unnecessarily complicated.

From March 21 the Sun enters Aries where it will remain for a month, after which the Sun will enter Taurus, your Sun sign, and your new yearly cycle will be underway. With the Sun in Aries, it’s generally a good idea for you to take a step back, to rest, recuperate reflect and recharge your batteries in readiness for your new yearly cycle that begins next month. A number of planets and points, including Uranus, Mars and the South Node of the Moon are also in Aries. This is quite a complicated and potentially troublesome combination. With such an emphasis on Aries it is generally a good idea to take time out, to work in seclusion or behind-the-scenes for a little while. However, it may be very tempting to withdraw, whether physically, emotionally or psychologically a little too far from the maddening crowd. The presence of the North Node of the Moon in Libra, until November suggests that while you should try to take it easy, rest up and reduce your schedule, it does however seem important for you to keep yourself relatively active, busy and productive now. If the devil finds work for idle hands, then perhaps you should keep yourself busy this month.

One of the more favorable astrological events in store for you is his month’s movement of Venus, your planetary ruler, into Taurus, your Sun sign, from March 17. With Venus in your Sun sign, you are going to come across as even more adorable than usual and your sense of touch, taste, smell and appreciation of harmony and form will be heightened. Therefore, make the most of opportunities to express you’re more aesthetic side in the second half of March. This would be a good time to adopt a new look, new style or new approach to life and love. If you are prepared to use persuasion rather than pressure you should discover it is much easier to get your way and if you are looking for fun and romance, you may find yourself Cupid’s line of fire.

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