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Virgo Monthly Horoscope - September 2015

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Virgo Sign  Virgo 23 Aug - 22 Sep

This promises to be a significant month and
what promises to be an important year for
Virgo. With the Sun and Jupiter in Virgo, your
Sun sign, it is a great time to take a chance on
life and love, to put yourself about and show the
world what you can do. With Jupiter in Virgo until
autumn 2016, not only will you have a fair amount of luck
on your side in your adventures and endeavors to make changes
and make your mark, you’ll also find that good timing, fateful
meetings and serendipitous events will bring swift and favourable

Since Jupiter is associated with the areas of your solar chart associated
with your relationships and dealings with others in general, as well as
the domestic zone of your solar chart, it is likely that relationships with
family and loved ones can be improved significantly now and that it will
be easier to get the help and support from others you need to achieve
your goals.

The possibility of a move or an improvement in your living situation is
indicated and those of you looking for love could find others seek you
out in increasing numbers so be prepared to answer the door should
Cupid come calling.

The solar eclipse around the 13 September is encouraging you to make
a new start whereas the lunar eclipse at the end of September
suggests a new source of income or improvement on the financial front
looks likely. You could be pleasantly surprised to discover how much you’d benefit from trimming back on your expenses too now.

Meanwhile, the movement of Saturn into Sagittarius suggests it’s time to establish the right foundations in your private, inner life to enable you to be effective and prosper in your dealings with the outer, external world.

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