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Virgo Monthly Horoscope - January 2015

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Virgo Sign  Virgo 23 Aug - 22 Sep

Mercury, your planetary ruler, turns
retrograde from January 22 until February 11.
Mercury, turns retrograde, three times a year,
for approximately 3 weeks each time. This has
more significance for you and for Gemini, the other
Mercury ruled Sun sign, than it does have for other
Sun signs. Since Mercury will be in Aquarius, the area of
your solar chart associated with your day-to-day work and
routine, tasks and health matters, or lack thereof, this is the area
where communications and interactions with others, need to be handled
with care. Mobile phones are more likely to mislaid or lost, computers and the internet play up and mechanical stuff be at the mercy of gremlins now, so simplify, not complicate, this area of your life. This is a good time to research, review or revise your working practices and how they may be made more productive and efficient.

With Mars in your opposite sign of Pisces from January 12 this should correspond with increased activity and possibly tension, on the relationship front. With Mars meeting nebulous Neptune in Pisces on January 20, shortly before Mercury, your planetary ruler, turns retrograde, you may need to take care not to complicate, or get involved in a complicated emotional or professional relationship matters at this time. If you are unable to postpone a clear the air talk with a certain someone, try to stay sober and make sure you have your facts straight before laying down the law or issuing ultimatums.

The entrance of Venus into your opposite sign of Pisces from January 27 should bring a boost an improvement to your more intimate interpersonal relationships. Saturn’s recent move into Sagittarius, the area solar chart associated with home, family and property matters, suggests that in the weeks and months ahead, resolving domestic affairs and important issues in your private life is the key to creating the right foundations for future progress and prosperity.

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