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Virgo Monthly Horoscope - April 2014

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Virgo Sign  Virgo 23 Aug - 22 Sep

With Mercury, your planetary ruler, with
erratic, unpredictable and oddball Uranus in
impatient and impulsive Aries, and Venus with
fantasy-prone Neptune in dreamy Pisces, April could
well be a month of extremes. While you should make
the most of the romantic, pleasurable and sociable opportunities
that Neptune in Pisces may bring, don't believe everything you hear,
see or say.

With Mercury in Aries, you need to try to be careful not to be too headstrong, willful or impulsive, in professional, commercial or financial matters. With a lunar eclipse in Libra mid-month, financial matters could well come under the spotlight. This would be a good time to do your accounts and to generally get your financial house in order. It is also possible that you may get an opportunity to reorganise your finances and your financial commitments to your advantage, you may even be able to tap into a new source of income.

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