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Aquarius Zodiac Pets Aquarius Sign  Aquarius
20th Jan - 18th Feb

Make allowances for the eccentricity of an Aquarius pet, they may prefer sleeping in the washing machine, more than in their basket ...

If you’re looking for a traditional domesticated pet who’ll happily spend hours contently curled up on your lap then look elsewhere. Aquarian pets are very sociable, suited to large, busy homes where there’s lots of change, variety and space. They like the company of people but want to come and go as they please and won’t take kindly to being treated as somebody’s plaything or fashion accessory.

Easily bored they’ll react badly, even aggressively to rigid attempts to train and discipline them. However they’re intelligent and observant so you can quickly develop a good mutual understanding and enjoy watching them mimic your mannerisms. You must make allowances for their innate eccentricity; they may prefer sleeping in the washing machine than their basket or watching TV than chasing a squeaky ball.

They’ve a strong desire to be the centre of attention and yet don’t seem to let you get too close and cosy with them. This may be connected with their early bonding experience which may have been inconsistent or interrupted. They may instinctively fear that if they get too close to you then one day you too will be taken away from them. Prefer friendship to romance, when in love like to keep their options open with taste for the exotic, unusual or even downright perverse.

You & Your Zodiac Pets - by John Hayes

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