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Libra Zodiac Pets Aries Sign LIbra 23rd Sep - 23rd Oct

Libran pets love elegant surroundings, and they love to share your bed ...

Libran pets are very affectionate and playful and will work at your relationship. They have high standards and are at home in lavish, elegant surroundings. Give Libra gourmet food and prime cuts of meat and they’ll know you care. Well-behaved and obedient, they ooze charm. Very sociable they make a beautiful addition to your home. They have a steely side though. Determined to get her way they’ll use affection and charm until they have you in the palm of their paw.
They rarely lose their cool, disliking conflict and they hate to see you unhappy.

Your peace-loving Libran pet will do their best to sooth your nerves when you’re upset. They’re very curious about you and will follow you around, studying you intently to try and understand your moods. They also like to share your bed. Good with children, if you can afford to keep them in the lifestyle they’d prefer then they’ll have a harmonising influence on your life.

They won’t be short of admirers and while they love to flirt, they have trouble making up their minds. Although they won’t give themselves away to any Tom, Dick or Harry you’d better sort out their genitalia quickly if you don’t want to have a litter on your hands, because when they’re in love they’re a right lush.

You & Your Zodiac Pets - by John Hayes

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