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Pet Astrology - January 2021

pet horoscopeKeep Pets Warm & Dry in this Cold Season ...
During the winter months the Sun travels through the two Saturn ruled signs, Capricorn and Aquarius, when the cold and dark predominate. The Sun’s move into Capricorn around 22 December ushers in winter in the northern hemisphere. After travelling through Capricorn, the Sun enters Aquarius around 20 January, bringing what is usually the coldest time of the year in the northern hemisphere. It would be prudent to take extra care to keep you and your furry friends warm and dry during this time. Feathered pets need extra attention now so make sure to keep them away from the wind, rain, snow and chilly draughts. If possible, bring their home indoors but keep it away from sources of heat and make sure they’ve plenty of fresh water.Jack Frost is a Saturnian figure who can leave his mark on our pets so keep a watch for patches of skin that turn red or white or become scaly. Frostbitten areas can become very sensitive and should be kept snug and warm for protection.

Be Careful with Antifreeze ...
Antifreeze is an added concern in the winter months. When putting antifreeze in your car, try not to make a mess but if you do, clean it up straight away. Avoid leaving your pet off their lead in parking areas during the winter. Antifreeze has a sweet taste but can be lethal. If the bad weather continues, check your pets food regularly incase it turns moldy or the water freezes which will make them inclined to look elsewhere for food.

Fun & Games & Exercise ...
Exercise is very important for our pets, and as with humans, there are many behavioral problems associated with lack of exercise. If you do venture out, on your return it’s a good idea to give their belly and paws a friendly wipe. It’ll help keep your carpet clean and reduce problems associated with picking up chemicals and irritants in their paws and footpads. If you can’t venture out, don’t fret, there’s plenty of fun exercise activities you can do indoors. If you enjoy a sedentary lifestyle, playing fetch is an activity you can do from the comfort of your armchair. If investing in a treadmill would break the bank, you can always play fetch which is great if you’ve got stairs. Park yourself at the top and toss a toy or treat down and let your pet retrieve it. This can really wear them out but is not advisable for large or older pets or those with weak hearts. It’s also a good idea to use a soft toy if you’ve expensive or fragile ornaments on display. If you’re really up for it you can race your pet to retrieve it. Wrestling on the floor and tug of war games can be a hoot. While you don’t want to get too competitive, animal experts agree that it’s important that the owner always wins the game. If you really want to stimulate your pet mentally and physically then playing hide-and-seek with their favourite toy or treat is great fun but you may need someone to hold their collar while you hide their toy or treat in another room. Those of you with feline friends may know cats love to chase beams of light so shine a flashlight on the walls and floor and watch them go ballistic.

Fish need to be kept an eye on too especially if they live in an aquarium or pond in your garden. Watch out for ice and if your pond freezes over don’t pour boiling water straight onto the pond or break the ice with force since this can harm the fish living there. It’s better to place a hot water bottle or saucepan on the frozen surface to gently melt a hole in the ice.

Try and Get some Sunlight ...
Generally, pets become less playful and may need coaxing to get them to interact now but that’s not to say they don’t want your attention and affection. It can be a challenge to keep active and optimistic and not veg out on the sofa. So if you’re both feeling lethargic, unsociable and sleepy, then maybe you could both do with getting out and about more. Many pets and humans put on extra weight around this time but this may have less to do with nature and more to do with being inactive. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) can be a problem for animals as well as humans now so it’s important to get some sunlight, therefore try to go out during the day when the sun is strongest which, along with fresh air and exercise, is the surest way to get back on your feet or paws.

Pet Horoscope by John Hayes

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