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Pet Astrology - October 2018

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Protect Your Pets from Bonfire Night ...

As with Halloween last month, early November, especially Bonfire Night on the 5 November can be a traumatic time for pets. Sudden loud bangs and drunken crowds can be very unsettling so keep your pet away from the commotion and give them extra reassurance and support during this noisy time.

Keep the Exercise Up ...
With the approach of winter, as the nights close in and the temperature falls, watch out for drafts and damp and check regularly to make sure your pets home is warm and dry. We can all start to feel more sluggish and lethargic now and that goes for our pets too. Even if it’s a bit cold or damp outside try to get some exercise, a quick whizz round the block will do you both the world of good. Alternatively, some fun and games around the house can be an enjoyable way for the pair of you to let off steam, get some exercise and have fun together. .

The Scorpio Influence ...
With the Sun traveling through Scorpio this month, one or both of you could be more demanding so this can be an intense and challenging time for your relationship with your pet. Some pets feel more at risk from predators now and so this, seasonal changes, increased noise and other factors may make your pet more aggressive, sexually excited and territorial. The Scorpio emphasis also suggest you’re both likely to be more protective of one another too but jealousy and possessiveness could be a problem since neither of you is likely to be satisfied with superficial attention or affection. This usually occurs when one of you is feeling threatened, vulnerable or insecure and so this isn’t a good time to tease one another or test one another’s affection otherwise things could get very complicated.

Let Them Know Who's the Top Dog ...
Fortunately, this can be a great time for building trust between you. Simple as it sounds, consistency and routine is a major trust builder with pets. Maintaining a stable and consistent attitude and creating a stable and safe environment will give your pet the message you’re reliable and dependable, making it much easier for them to let go of their natural inhibitions, trust you and follow your guidance. Otherwise you could even find yourself in some form of power struggle, consciously or unconsciously, with your pet. Animals as well as humans can turn into prima donnas if we spoil and pamper them too much. Nevertheless, the bottom line is quite simple and it’s essential for domestic harmony for your pet to know who is top dog, you.

Pet Horoscope by John Hayes

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