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Pet Astrology - December 2019

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Keep Pet's Safe & Warm ...

As winter approaches we need to take extra care of our pets and make sure they’re safe and warm. Resist the temptation to groom or trim back your pets coat since they’ll need it now as nature’s natural protection against the elements. Keep an eye on older pets and don’t let pets that usually stay indoors out for too long.

Get Out While It's Still Light ...
With the nights getting darker for longer it would be sensible to exercise your pet while it’s still light even if this means going out earlier than usual. If your commitments or schedule make this difficult you consider asking a trusted friend or family member to help you out occasionally. If you can’t make it out before the sun sets then invest in some clothes for your pet that’ll enable them to be seen in the dark while keeping them warm when it gets chilly. Make sure to check that your pets identity tags are secure and easy to read because with the Sun in freedom-loving Sagittarius until the 22 December your pet is likely to be in an adventurous mood and may get restless and agitated if confined for long periods.

Include Pets in Social Gatherings ...
We can overindulge at Christmas with too many sweet and sticky things than are good for us or our pets. When we’re feeling stuffed or the worse for wear we’re more likely to behave carelessly. Even so, be extra vigilant with small objects and Christmas decorations that could cause problems if swallowed and small bones left over from Christmas dinners.

Whether or not you believe in Santa Claus, Christmas is a great excuse for contacting old acquaintance and loved ones and getting together with family and friends. While it’s not a good idea to bring pets along to busy or noisy social gatherings, try to include them when you meet familiar faces they’ve grown to love and care for too.

Show Them You Care at XMas ...
Since Christmas is a great excuse for giving gifts don’t forget to fill your pets Christmas stocking. Whether it’s a treasure chest or another friend to share the tank, a scratch mat and catnip, boutique collar, a roomier cage or some jolly balls for the horse in your life, this is a great opportunity to let them know how much you care.

Pet Horoscope by John Hayes

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