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Pet Astrology - October 2020

pet horoscopeEntering the Autumn Season ...
As the Sun makes it’s way through the zodiac sign of Libra, the nights get longer and the temperature drops as we once more enter the autumn season. The autumn can be a relatively wet period and continued vigilance is necessary to make sure your pet’s beds or homes are warm and dry, away from damp and drafts, elevated above the floor if possible. You might notice your pet starts to grow a thicker coat now but think before trimming their fur too thin since their coat is their natural insulation for the coming winter.

Spending More Time Indoors ...

During autumn many animals follow their natural inclination to hoard for the winter months so try to see the funny side if you’re furry friend has taken a liking to your favourite slippers, cushions or underwear. Don’t be too concerned if you find your pet getting lazier and sleeping more. Since Libra is ruled by Venus, planet of love, pleasure and beauty, this can be a great time for relating. Since you’ll probably be spending more time indoors together, this is an excellent opportunity to get closer to one another. There’s no better way to keep warm than spending the autumn evenings in the arms of someone or something you love. Even if you’re not the tactile type, pick up your animal friend and give them a big hug at least once a day. While this might not be appropriate to those who keep reptiles, spiders or fish, this is still a great time to improve your relationship with your pet and to send them positive waves. Therefore when you’re watching them in their tank or cage, smile and send them loving energy and good vibrations.

Take Care at Halloween ...

The other factor to consider now is the approach of Halloween and Fireworks Night. Unfortunately, Halloween is not a good time for pets and they’re better off kept out of sight until it’s over. We’re all familiar with the scary costumes, sweets, trick-or-treating and fireworks but these pose potential dangers to our pets. Also cats, especially black cats may be subject to childish pranks and are better off at home.

With so many sweets and treats about, and there is the risk from toxic food now. Unfortunately harmful food, especially chocolate, sweet wrappers, candles, sudden commotion and loud noises leave our little friends feeling traumatized during this time, it can also put their health and safety at risk. Therefore it’s sensible not to include your pets in these festivities.

Leave your pets at home during Halloween outings and avoid the temptation to dress your pet up in a costume, however cute, since these may include harmful materials that could prove dangerous if swallowed. With the Sun in Scorpio from 23 October, your pet may become more protective and therefore aggressive if they feel threatened by your noisy neighbourhood witches and hobgoblins.

Show Affection ...

There is a melancholy side to autumn and you may find you and your pet becoming more wistful, subdued and reflective now. So if you sense your pet’s feeling down, and reluctant to leave you out of their sight, a few reassuring cuddles, strokes or tickles should bring the sparkle back into their eyes. Your pet will know if you’re feeling blue and if you’re prepared to talk to them about how you’re feeling you’ll be surprised to discover how they’ll do their best to soothe your nerves and keep your spirits up. Give your pets plenty of affection now and they’ll have a harmonising influence on your life. You’re efforts will be well rewarded as your pet becomes more affectionate and playful and, in their own unique way, willing to work at your relationship.

Time for Treats ...

If you want to make sure your pet gets the message that you care, then only the best will do. Even if you’re counting the pennies, try to splash out occasionally on some gourmet food and prime cuts of their favourite treat and when you give it to them don’t be bashful and don’t be subtle. It’s okay to make a song and dance about it so they know how much they matter to you. Since Venus is also the planet of romance, Cupid may have your pet in his sights, and while this may be a good time for a little slap and tickle, your pet may become uncharacteristically lustful, so don’t be shocked to discover your little friend trying to copulate like an endangered species. Therefore, unless you’d like a litter on your hands, you might want to check your pet’s genitalia are sorted.

Pet Horoscope by John Hayes

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