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Astrology Pet Guide - Part 2

Pet Astrology


With Capricorn influencing your pet zone animals with cloven hoofs and horns may appeal. You’ve an old fashioned approach to pets, preferring animals with pedigree and status. Usually preferring larger animals to small fluffy ones, you’re prepared to roll up your sleeves to train your animals, wanting to be proud of them. Alternative pets include adders, bears, moles, goats, crocodiles, toads, eels and tortoises.


With Aquarius influencing your pet zone you’re idealistic and avant-garde when it comes to animals. You enjoy their company although some might consider your unique taste in animals or relationship with them as eccentric, especially if you keep monkeys, grasshoppers or a swearing parrot. Rare birds like cuckoos and ostriches appeal but you want pets that, like cats or hamsters, are relatively independent.


Whether it’s a lavish aquarium, garden pond or a humble bowl, with Pisces influencing your pet zone you’ve a soft spot for fish. You’ve a lovely way with animals, unconcerned with pedigrees; you prefer an animal with whom you can form an unconditional bond of love. You attract strays and over time your home may turn into a sanctuary for your furry friends.


With Aries influencing your pet zone you can handle pets that would make others scream. You give your animal freedom to be themselves even if occasionally they’re ravenous and bold. Soft and cuddly isn’t your scene, especially if they sulk or make unrealistic demands, preferring your pets to be upbeat, independent and self-sufficient. Alternative pets include hawks, sheep, sharks, ravens, foxes, bats, tigers and chickens.

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