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Astrology Pet Guide - Part 1

Pet horoscopePeople have pets for many reasons; some for protection, others for companionship but we're all different. Astrologically, the 6th house is the house of small animals and the zodiac sign on our 6th house can help us discover the most suitable pet for us. If you don't know what sign is posited on your 6th house check out your Sun sign below.



With Virgo influencing your pet zone you’re probably too busy for pampering pets. You set high standards for yourself and your animals. Size doesn’t matter but your pets need to be independent, well-behaved and clean enough to let you come and go. You’ll get great satisfaction from training your pet. Alternative pets include foxes, squirrels, weasels, hamsters, bees, greyhounds and serpents


With Libra influencing your pet zone pets for you are companions. Since you often talk more to animals then people, your pet should be a good listener. You’ve a natural affinity with animals, quickly developing a rapport. You may have difficulty choosing a pet but ideally get something cute. Alternative pets include lizards, owls, sparrows, hens, nightingales, pelicans, partridges, swans and dolphins.


With Scorpio influencing your pet zone you’ll raise eyebrows with the intensity of your relationships with your pets. You need a pet that will stick by you through thick and thin, someday saying “I couldn’t have got through it without my pet”. After your pets die you may have them stuffed. Alternative pets include wolves, ravens, reptiles, spiders, pike, vermin, scorpions, eagles and sharks.


With freedom loving Sagittarius influencing your pet zone you don’t like animals being confined and will happily let them roam around your home, treating pets like family. You enjoy going on adventures with your pet by your side, preferring an animal that likes to fool around and doesn’t take life too seriously. You’ve a soft spot for horses and animals that are hunted.

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