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Traditionally known as the greater benefic, Jupiter rules Sagittarius, mutable fire, and Pisces, mutable water, which it co-rules with Neptune. Jupiter is in detriment in Gemini and Virgo and is in its fall in Capricorn. Jupiter is exalted in Cancer, in which sign it gains kindliness and gentleness, and expands the sympathies of the sign.

Jupiter is the largest of the planets and the traditional great benefic is obviously more pleasant than the traditional great malefic, Saturn. However, an afflicted Jupiter can lead people into terrible difficulties, a common example is that under the influence of Jupiter people tend to become overweight.

Jupiter is true conscience wanting to do its own thing. Being an entirely mutable planet, its action is largely on the mental plane, and makes the philosopher, scientist, theologian, and speculative thinker of all kinds. It has also great power in the moral and material worlds, making the nature kind, generous, hopeful and loyal, while the fortunes are improved. Indeed, Jupiter, unless badly afflicted, is the planet of luck, good fortune not clearly attributable to merit, and those with the planet angular and in a congenial sign are usually fortunate, especially if they possess common sense and a sense of moderation; otherwise they tempt their fortunes too far. Jupiter’s faith can become an unbound belief in luck and a reckless disregard of consequences, so that, although seldom anyone’s enemy but his own, the Jupiterian personality often ruin themselves by pushing their luck too far, taking unreasonable hazards, gambling, and wasting time, money and energy. Jupiter has much to do with sports, hunting, athletics and also a fondness for animals.

As Robert Hand points out, Jupiter relates to two apparently different but closely related sets of energies: the energy of expansion and the energy of integration. In the desire to grow, the need to handle details and deal with the minor aspects of living tends to get overlooked. Jupiterian people may live life reaching out to comprehend and experience as much as the universe as possible. Breadth of experience prevents this person from taking narrow-minded positions based on short-term goals at the expense of long-range objectives. Such a person usually has a strong sense of social consciousness.

The integrative side of Jupiter expresses itself most typically in its association with religion. Religion is a consciousness-expanding system for giving one a relationship to the universe. Jupiterian religion is the religion of the priest rather than the mystic.

Jupiter’s association with the law is also a function of its integrative side. Insofar as the law is a set of rules and restrictions, it is Saturnine, but insofar as it is the fabric of formal agreements that bind a society together, it is Jupiterian.

In some ways Jupiter aspects are the easiest to interpret, for one of Jupiter’s most reliable major characteristics is its tendency to expand whatever it touches. The planetary principle contacting Jupiter is simply made bigger. But bigger isn’t necessarily better. If Jupiter expands what it touches it will also exaggerate and inflate already difficult aspect patterns in a chart.

Jupiter urges us too look beyond the immediate facts and the current situation and see a deeper meaning, significance and purpose. To find meaning and purpose in life is a need which cannot be too highly estimated. Jupiter is also associated with the broadening the mind, understanding and wisdom, and as such it has rulership over long-distance travel and higher education, both of which broaden the mind.

Where we find Jupiter we tend to be greedy, we tend to want more of whatever that planet signifies. It is also where more and more is available to us. Thus Jupiter is associated with wealth. Our Jupiter aspects will describe the ease or difficulty with which we attain, use or recognise wealth. They will also show, together with the sign and house placement, what the nature of that wealth might actually be.

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