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Traditionally known as the lesser benefic, Venus rules Taurus, fixed earth and Libra, cardinal air. Venus is in its fall in Virgo and in detriment in Aries and Scorpio. Venus is exalted in Pisces, wherein its sympathies expand; it loses its ultra-refinement and tendency to dislike “soiling its hands” with the affairs of the less fortunate.

Venus is the planet of harmony, or adaptation, the highest expression of which, emotionally is love (sexual love, or desire, is a Sun Mars activity, Venus is rather the beloved). Venus may be a planet contributing largely to love, but also to superficiality, greed and possessiveness. It is thus an important factor in judging a person attitude towards money and possessions. Venus is the “laziest” of the planets, although it can easily be, and usually is energised by other factors in charts, especially by being in a Fire sign or in contact with Mars or Pluto. It is best described as a person’s “passive desire-nature”, and it can therefore be somewhat selfish when afflicted.

Venus can be passive and excessively fond of luxury and comfort, unwilling to exert itself but rather to attract things to it.
Venusian people are warm and loving as well as socially adept. They enjoy being with loved ones and are often at a disadvantage when alone. More than any other planetary type the Venus type recognises the power that being with a loved one gives one to cope with life creatively.

Every work that requires collaboration and co-operation for a common purpose is under the influence of Venus, which enables people to see common interests where Mars causes them to see points of difference.
It may be said that as a good Jupiter gives prosperity, so Venus gives happiness, by harmonising the emotions. A prominent but afflicted Venus gives laziness, dependence on others, carelessness, lack of enterprise, daydreaming, and impracticality. The attractions bestowed by the planet may be used to secure advantages. The action of the planet is gentle and harmonious, but not very strong as regards things of the physical world.

Aspects to Venus may shed light on how important being popular and “fitting in” may be to the individual. Planets contacting Venus will describe what supports or gets in the way of achieving co-operation and harmony. The Venus principle wants peace; unchecked by other planetary principles it may seek peace at any price. Venus will also make the best of things and tend to look at things in the most favourable light. Venus tends to see points of likeness and common interests and to gloss over and remove, or ignore, differences.

Our Venus will describe how we seek and manage, consciously or not, to attract others. Venus-Uranus, for example, may attract people through being different and unusual to others, Venus-Uranus may appear magnetic and full of surprises and that’s what they are found attractive. How we seek to attract others and the way in which we value ourselves, in turn, has a bearing on our appearance, how we dress and generally try and make ourselves attractive.

Venus is also the significator of money; money is something we pay for those things we value, it is also a means of exchange, and above all else Venus is concerned with “means of exchange” on all levels. Because Venus is concerned with the appreciation and creation of that which is pleasing or beautiful, Venus is also a significator of art and music and has a great deal to say about how we derive pleasure, and perceive beauty.

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