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Gemini Sign  Gemini 21 May - 21 Jun


Sober Saturn will be in Scorpio, throughout 2014.
This is the area of your solar chart associated with
day-to-day routine, chores and the little jobs that can’t
be avoided or postponed without complicating our lives.
Scorpio is also the area associated with your health or lack
thereof. Therefore, with Saturn in Scorpio throughout 2014 Geminis
can expect to have their hands full dealing with the workload. So there
will be times when you just have to run up your sleeves and get on with it. Such efforts may at times appear to go unnoticed, nevertheless being productive now will bring benefits later. Since you are likely to have a lot on your plate, it’s important to try to pace yourself and not take on too much work, or responsibilities. If we consider the health implications of Saturn in Scorpio for you it would appear that this would be a good time to adopt a healthier diet and lifestyle. Detoxing yourself, physically and emotionally, is key to your health and well-being in 2014. Psychologically, this would be a good time to try to deal with bad or self-defeating habits compulsions and even addictions, since Saturn’s influence may help you exercise greater self-control and discipline.

The presence of Jupiter, the great benefic, in Cancer until July bodes well for you financially, professionally and even romantically. Jupiter and Saturn are both in water signs, Cancer and Scorpio, respectively. Since the water signs are in harmonious alignment so are Jupiter and Saturn. Therefore, hard work and financial rewards are likely to go hand-in-hand. Jupiter’s move into Leo from July indicates that benefits may come through short journeys and getting out and about more. With Jupiter in Leo, it’s a good time to study, especially those subjects and activities that may help you achieve your vocational goals.

Leo is the zone of your solar chart associated with, amongst other things, communication in all its many forms. Therefore, with Jupiter in Leo, you should make the most of opportunities to communicate your ideas and opinions and to present them in the best possible way. Since Jupiter is also a relationship signifier for you, you may meet someone important on one of your travels, in an educational setting or even on your doorstep. So get out and about and spread theword, you never know who may be listening.

Neptune continues to slowly makes its way through Pisces, the area of your solar chart associated with career, vocation, status, actions and life path in general. Neptune’s influence is often very subtle, and may involve inspirations, visions, idealism and dreams. So there may be times when you might be tempted to follow your dreams and inspirations, to follow a path that touches your heart. At the same time, if you’ve neglected this side of you, put your higher aspirations aside in your desire, or urgency, to follow the money or to make ends meet then you may feel the pull of your calling, you may even at times feel a little lost.

Neptune’s influence will be particularly strong for those Geminis born in May, those born in June will experience Neptune’s influence more strongly in 2015 and beyond. Early individuals more in touch with their intuition, their creative imagination, mysticism, the media and the arts will find it easier to handle Neptune’s nebulous influence than those very much anchored in conventional reality. Neptune can bring unrealistic expectations, illusions, delusions and a desire to escape. That is not to say that Neptune’s call should be ignored. If you’re serious about making your dreams a reality, with Saturn in Scorpio, and you're prepared to roll up your sleeves and do the dirty work, then you may well achieve your goals.

Pisces, can often represent the world of imagination, alternative reality and fantasy and with Neptune also in Pisces, these characteristics are increased. Therefore, vocations that involve working with images, illusions, design, fantasy, fashion, intuition, compassion, glamour and the media are areas to explore and develop.

Some of the most stressful astrological activity in 2014 occurs in the Cardinalsigns, Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. Idiosyncratic, unpredictable and freedom loving Uranus will be in headstrong and independent-minded Aries, Whereas Pluto, planet of endings, rebirth and transformation will be in Capricorn, while there will be a series of eclipses across the Aries Libra axis in the Spring and Autumn. Belligerent Mars, will also be in Libra for the first half of 2014. Therefore, it will be the Cardinal Sun signs that have to deal with the most disruptive astrological weather in 2014. Obviously, we are only talking about Sun signs here, and there is much more to your astrological chart then your Sun sign, nevertheless, except for Neptune, which can be quite disorienting at times, Geminis should manage to get through 2014 in better shape than most.

Astrologically, Capricorn is one of the money houses of your solar chart. Therefore, with Pluto in Capricorn, you might want to seriously consider simplifying your financial commitments to others, and avoid getting involved in long term, complicated or restrictive financial arrangements. You might also want to turn your attention to your financial affairs, seriously, and sensibly planning for your future. If you haven’t done so already.

The Libra Aries axis in your solar chart is very much one of pleasure and enjoyment, hobbies, friends socializing, your social circle and groups you involved in, and is also associated with love affairs and children too. Therefore, these are the areas where change and upheaval is likely to occur in 2014. With Uranus in Aries you could be meeting some unusual and interesting people, while that may be exciting and interesting, at times, it may disrupt elements of your life that have become familiar and comfortable.

With eclipse activity in the Spring and Autumn, these are likely to be significant times for you. The South node is moving through Aries and generally speaking, the South node is a point of release, an area where we should let go. Therefore, it may be time to lighten the load, socially, especially if the expectations, attitudes or opinions of those in your circle are restricting you or limiting you in some way. The North node of the Moon is traveling through Libra, and it is the North Node where we have our greatest potential for growth and fulfillment. Therefore, this transit through Libra, suggests it may be time to develop your own independent interests, hobbies and those things that give you pleasure and amusement.

If you have children, then these should be prioritized over and above your other social commitments. With Mars in Libra for the first half of 2014, there is the potential for things to get a little heated with loved ones and you may even find someone in your social circle interfering a little too much in your private life. If you have a hobby or special interest that you’ve been putting aside waiting for the right moment, then maybe 2014 would be the time to focus on developing your skills and talents and making time for those things that you enjoy doing and that give you a real sense of pleasure, enjoyment and satisfaction.

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