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Gemini Sign  Gemini 21st May - 21st June


Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn, the
two major astrological heavyweights whose
influences appears to be corresponding with
numerous stresses, challenges and major change in
the lives of so many people, do not appear to impact
significantly on Geminis in 2015, or for several years after that.
That is not to say that the next 12 months are likely to be uneventful,
but to a large extent, perhaps Geminis may consider themselves, a work in progress.

Neptune in Pisces and Saturn in your opposite sign of Sagittarius appear to be the two most significant astrological factors Geminis may have to deal with in 2015. Pisces is in the area of your solar chart associated with career, vocation, your status, reputation destiny and to some extent your life path. Neptune will be in Pisces for several years to come, and so represents a general backdrop influence for all Geminis. Neptune moves slowly, a couple of degrees a year and in 2015 Neptune will travel back and forth between 6° - 10° of Pisces (there are 30° in each of the 12 zodiac signs which corresponds roughly to one day equates to one zodiacal degree). 6°- 10° Pisces has, astrologically speaking, a strong influence on 6°- 10° Gemini. 6°- 10° Gemini corresponds roughly to the period 27 May - 02 June.

Neptune's Influence in 2015 ...
More simply, those Geminis born roughly between 27th May - 2nd June will experience Neptune’s influence most strongly in 2015. Those born earlier will have already had a good dose of Neptune in recent years, those born later, will meet Neptune in the years to come. Neptune can bring out the very best and the worse in us. Negatively, Neptune can bring delusions, deception, self-deception, scandal, waste, feeling lost, escapist tendencies such as addictions, especially to drink and drugs, medicinal and recreational. The sense of loss, lack of energy and vitality and a wish to be somewhere else, with someone else or as someone else.

Since this is in the area of your solar chart associated with career, vocation etc, this could be the area where you experience Neptune’s disorienting, disintegrating and nebulous influence. So some scenarios may involve feeling lost or confused, wanting to escape, experiencing a lack of energy, purpose and direction. Health issues, whether real or imagined may also manifest now, especially if they appear to bring a way out or away from those things you’d like to avoid or escape. With the outer planets; Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, it is wise to hope for the best but not to expect it.

On a more positive note, Neptune’s influence, especially the more challenging aspects, often herald a major change, reorientation or reevaluation of what’s important and what is not. If you experience the more challenging aspect of Neptune then maybe it’s an indicator of something, some perspective or some new way to be, is slowly starting to emerge. Whatever is around the corner, may involve increased idealism, sensitivity, creativity and personal sacrifice in the service of something meaningful and greater than oneself. This points to the more positive aspect of Neptune, which may present itself to those willing to engage their imagination, a broader outlook and willingness to follow their hearts.

Since Neptune is associated with illusions, fantasies and the intangible realm, these may be areas that you can develop in your career, vocation and life path. Examples may include working with new technology, involving images, colour and different use of the senses, the use of fantasy, imagination and creative self-expression are well-starred under Neptune’s rich, dreamy and otherworldly influence. Pursuing activities and motivations other than those that offer material, financial or short-term awards are also likely to be fruitful.

Neptune can bring a certain amount of illusion, fantasy and glamour into your life and you may find yourself in the company of glamorous, charismatic or unusual individuals. You may even find some people project their fantasies, ideals and aspirations onto you. Increased sensitivity on many levels is likely and so it is probably best to avoid alcohol and drugs. Dreams and internal fantasies will be more vivid and otherworldly experiences could well change your outlook now and so if you are inclined to explore alternative states of reality, so do so safely. Certain industries, like the media, fashion, the arts and show business are all very Neptunian, so it possible that they could play a bigger part in your life over the next few years. Reckless pursuit of sensual pleasure, money, possessions and status is not very Neptunian so such pursuits are likely to come undone under Neptune. Nevertheless, altruistic, spiritual and humanitarian concerns are likely to go well. Make space for Neptune’s energy to manifest in your life in some way. This may take the form of increased creativity, fantasy, spirituality, self-sacrifice and compassion for others. By doing so, Neptune is less likely to represent a disorienting or challenging influence.

Saturn's Influence in 2015 ...
Saturn is in many ways the opposite to elusive and otherworldly Neptune in that it is concerned primarily with tangible solid reality and how we deal with living, coping and managing ourselves in the ‘real’ world. Except for a brief return to Scorpio from mid-June to mid-August, Saturn will spend most of 2015 in your opposite sign of Sagittarius. Saturn’s influence can manifest in several ways. Saturnine people may enter your life in some way. Saturn types tend to be serious, sober, disciplined, conservative, hardworking, skeptical and sometimes have a habit of reminding one of one’s duties and responsibilities. They are frequently older or more mature. If such individuals cross your path or seek you out, you don’t have to avoid them. Since this type of individual usually has a good sense of what’s needed to cope, manage and even prosper in the world, you may find, if you are prepared to listen, that they bring with them practical wisdom and commonsense, and an understanding of boundaries, just when you need it.

Since Sagittarius is the area of your solar chart associated with relationships, professional, personal and emotional, it is likely that you will meet Saturn in your important relationships in 2015. It can be a testing time for relationships and self-centered, fair-weather friends and associates may well leave the scene, and you may even be required to decide whether to take one romantic or emotional relationship to the next level, or whether it’s time to part, especially if one of you is sitting on the fence. At times, Saturn’s presence in Sagittarius may leave you feeling like a spring clean is taking place in the relationship zone of your solar chart, and life. Don’t resist this, if anything, help the process along. Because by clearing away the cobwebs and driftwood, Saturn is creating breathing space for new possibilities and opportunities in the future.

Saturn will be in your opposite sign of Sagittarius until 2018 and so Saturn’s presence in Sagittarius is a significator of a long-term trend. If you are in a promising, productive and healthy relationship then Saturn’s presence in Sagittarius may bring a test or two but also an opportunity to strengthen the bond, to work more closely together, but also perhaps, represent an indicator that it’s time to make some form of decision or commitment. If you do find you are having to work more closely with others, personally, emotionally or professionally, it’s important to establish clear guidelines and boundaries. Otherwise there is a real possibility that you may have to take increased responsibility for others in some way, which is fine as long as it is something you accept and agree with. As a sculptor chips away at a block of stone to create form and definition so can Saturn appear to act upon you like a sculptor, requiring you to define and redefine yourself, especially in relationship with others. It will be to others that you will need to clarify who you are and what you stand for, and in the process, emerge with a stronger and clearer sense of your own identity.

Uranus & The Nodes of the Moon in 2015 ...
Uranus will be in Aries throughout 2015 and beyond. Aries is the area of your solar chart associated with socializing, friends and group activities. The South Node of the Moon will also be in Aries until November 2015, when it enters Pisces. The North Node of the Moon, which is always opposite the South Node, will be in Libra until November when it enters Virgo. From November with the North Node of the Moon in Libra and the South Node in Pisces this is heralding a period of domestic change that will impart on your work from the end of 2015 and into 2016. Until then, with the North Node in Libra this is an indicator that you should make the most of opportunities to have fun, to express yourself creatively and romantically, to let your hair down and play.

The South Node during this period will be in Aries along with Uranus. The Nodes represent an axis and, generally speaking, it is the North Node which represents the place we need to move towards, to encourage, enhance and to develop. The South Node on the other hand, represents areas where we need to release, move away from and let go. Since Aries is associated with your social circle and group activities, things connected with this area of your life may be subject to sudden change and upheaval and you may need to travel light or lighter when it comes to your circle, friends and associates. With the North Node in Libra and the South Node in Aries it may be simply a case of doing your thing and not letting your peers, your social circle or their attitudes, expectations or prejudices hold you back from developing those areas of life that give you pleasure, personal satisfaction and enjoyment.

Since Uranus is also in Aries, perhaps we can take this as the potential for change on the social front, which may prove disruptive. It may be simply a case of time to change the status quo, in with the new, out with the old, and perhaps to break away from old habits and your old way of being and seeing but at the same time be open to meeting some interesting people and some real oddballs, who can open your eyes to new ideas and ways of being and doing.

Mercury's Influence in 2015 ...
Mercury, your planetary ruler, usually goes retrograde for approximately 3 weeks three times a year. In 2015, Mercury’s retrograde periods will be 21st January - 11th February, 19th May - 11th June and 17 September - 9 October. Mercury’s retrograde period effects some Sun signs more than others. However, Gemini, your Sun sign, and Virgo, the two signs ruled by Mercury tend to feel Mercury’s influence strongest. During Mercury retrograde periods it’s generally advisable to slow down, to step back and not to cut corners. under Mercury’s retrograde influence you are more likely to spread yourself too thin, take on too much, to rush, hurry and therefore in the process, there is a tendency to neglect to do things thoroughly such as read the small print and double-check your plans, appointments and travel itinerary.

Electronic equipment, computers, mechanical devices and means of transport may be less reliable and predictable now. Naturally, this is a time when you should leave plenty of slack in your system. Generally, with Mercury retrograde, it is not considered a good time to sign yourself away to long-term commitments, major purchases or undertake complex and far-reaching negotiations. One of the best things one can do with Mercury retrograde is to take a step back, slow down, do more research, reassess, revise, reevaluate and if necessary go back to the drawing board and start again. Less haste, less waste is a very Mercurial motto.

Jupiter's Influence in 2015 ...
Until August, Jupiter will be in Leo. From August Jupiter will move into Virgo, and this is a positive indicator for domestic matters, for building bridges within the home and family and for some, perhaps a time to consider a move or buying property. Until August, with Jupiter in Leo, this is a good time to get out and about locally, to make new people on your travels and spread the word. Increased traveling and commuting is likely and if so, it should be of benefit to you. If you’re looking for romance and you may well find that important someone on your doorstep.

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