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Gemini Sign  Gemini 21st May - 21st June


In Summary
Jupiter in Scorpio promises benefits on the
work-front and so this is a great time to find
and exploit your niche. People you meet via work
could turn out to be important later so endeavour to
look your best and behave accordingly. The Nodes are
encouraging to get out and about and make the most of
opportunities to travel and get your message across and when
you do, to do so in style. Uranus is urging you to take time out occasionally and explore new and unusual interests but to wait before heading off for pastures new. Saturn and Pluto are urging you to maintain as much financial independence and flexibility as possible but to be open to offers that help you get to where you want to go with minimum restrictions and interference form others.

Jupiter's influence in 2018
Jupiter will be in Scorpio until November when it enters your opposite sign of Sagittarius. With Jupiter in Scorpio this should prove beneficial for the day-to-day routine elements of work and so an improvement on the job front is likely. This would be a good time to make an effort to improve working relationships, especially with those individuals under your care and influence. Some of the people you’ll meet through your work could play an important role in your future. You’ll also benefit now from developing your own special niche, developing mastery and skills in some area which promises to lead to greater job satisfaction, productivity and effectiveness and in the process increase your confidence, value and influence on the work-front. Scorpio is also the zone of your solar chart associated with health matters and since the body is the temple of the soul, this would be a good time to adopt healthy lifestyle habits to improve your emotional and physical well-being.

Saturn's influence in 2018
Saturn's takes approximately 30 years to travel the 12 signs of the zodiac, spending approximately two and a half years in each Sun sign. At the end of 2017 Saturn left Sagittarius, where it had been since the end of 2014, for Capricorn, where it will be remain, more or less until the end of 2020. Sagittarius is the zone of your solar chart associated with your dealings with others, day-to-day interactions as well as your more important professional, personal and emotional relationships. Saturn’s move out of this area of your solar chart should correspond with an easing of some of the pressures, restrictions or complications that may have coloured relationship matters in recent years. Saturn’s move also suggests that what is done is done and whether certain relationships have become closer or more distant, decisions and commitments made should be honoured. It’s time to move on, one way or the other.

Capricorn is one of the money zones of your solar chart, the one associated with your more complex involvements, especially joint emotional and financial arrangements, with others. Some of those with whom you are more closely involved may experience restrictions or difficulties which could indirectly impact on you so try to balance your need to rely on others with the need to be able to act independently. Simplify your financial affairs and minimise financial situations that could bring emotional complications. This is a good time to reduce your dependence on others, to reduce your debts and improve your credit score. Be wary of taking on long-term financial plans or commitments now that may reduce your flexibility and capacity for swift or independent action in the future.

The Nodes of the Moon's influence in 2018
The Moon’s Nodes, the North Node of the Moon and the South Node of the Moon, are always opposite one another. Approximately every 18 months or so, they change zodiac sign. Until November, the North Node will be in Leo and the South Node will be in Aquarius, the sign opposite Leo. The North Node is orientated towards the future and points to an area to embrace, where greater opportunities to develop our potential awaits us. The South is associated with the past, where we are coming from, and is considered a place of release. The Leo Aquarius axis of your solar chart is associated with travel, philosophical, metaphysical and educational matters.

This particular configuration of the Nodes suggests that you should make the most of opportunities to express your ideas, to practice what you preach and apply your spiritual and philosophical values to your daily life and interactions with those close to home. The presence of the South Node in Aquarius suggests you already have a good grasp of what you need to know to do your thing and so with the North Node in theatrical Leo, this is the time to communicate what you have to say with style, flair and even a little flamboyancy.

Uranus's influence in 2018
Uranus will move from Aries to Taurus in May, returning to Aries in November. From the spring of 2019 Uranus will be Taurus again, where it will remain, more or less, until 2026. Taurus is one of the most mysterious and complex zones of your solar chart. With Uranus here, if you’re prepared to take time out from the hustle and bustle and turn inwards periodically, you may be able to tap into and access profound insights, to receive flashes of inspiration and innovative ideas. There may be times when you feel the urge to head off to pastures new and see if the grass is greener elsewhere. While there may be occasions when you your desire for change makes it difficult to keep a lid on some of your more eccentric habits and inclinations, try to be patient, this is a sign of things to come.

Try to be discreet about your urge to embrace new, strange or unusual people, place and ideas. This would also be a good time to simplify your life and reduce those trappings and ties that keep you rooted to what you do and where you are and make time and space away from your usual scene and routine to explore the road less travelled.

Neptune's influence in 2018
Neptune, like both Uranus and Pluto, is considered an outer or transpersonal planet. Slow moving, Neptune takes about 165 years to travel the 12 signs of the zodiac and is currently about half-way though its transit of Pisces. Like Uranus and Pluto, Neptune's influence reflects social, political and cultural changes that shape and colour the course of history. We experience these outer planets in a personal way when they touch or trigger sensitive points in our horoscopes. Neptune is concerned with selflessness, idealism, spiritual and mystical inclinations, imagination and fantasy. Difficult aspects from Neptune can be stressful since they test our worldview and challenge us to make our dreams and ideals a reality.

Neptune is in Pisces, one of the most prominent areas of your solar chart, the area associated with your career, vocation and dealings with those in positions of influence and authority. With Neptune here how you present yourself and your ideas may be as important as their content so be prepared to present yourself and what you do in the best possible light and don’t worry if you find yourself the subject of mystery, fascination or even infatuation. Nevertheless, do be careful not to make promises you can’t or wont keep. This is a good time to follow your calling and prioritise those work and vocational activities that interest and inspire you most.

Pluto's influence in 2018
At the end of 2017, Saturn joined Pluto in Capricorn. Saturn will be in Capricorn, more or less, until 2020 and Pluto, like wise, 2026. This represents a significant background influence for you for some time to come. Capricorn is the zone of your solar chart associated with other people’s resources, possessions and money. With Pluto and Saturn, here you have to balance your need for greater financial flexibility and independence with the benefits of pooling resources or financial commitments and obligations that promise more choice but with strings attached. Generally, this is a time to set clear boundaries and not to promise, or ask for too much, a time to simplify financial matters and minimise risk and possible complications, emotional or financial, even if it may appear to reduce some of your options. If you do decide to take advantage of the help and support of others, do so if it gives you greater influence and power to make choices in your life and achieve our goals but if not, resist giving others, whether individuals or institutions, greater control over you and your choices. Avoid taking on commitments simply to gain a quick buck if it creates restrictions and obligations in the future.

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