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Pet Astrology - July 2022

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Long Sunny Days...
As the Sun moves through the signs of Cancer and Leo it’s great to spend the long, sunny days of summer outdoors with our pets. However, being overeager in hot weather could spell danger. Even the fittest pets and humans can suffer sunburn, heatstroke and dehydration if overexposed to the heat. Many pets who have thick fur developed for cold climates experience discomfort as the temperature rises. If your pet has too much hair, the hair can stop being beneficial in hot weather and start retaining too much heat. You may be able to thin the coat out adequately by brushing regularly but if your pet still seems too hot, shaving won’t hurt and besides, the warm weather gives us a great excuse to give our furry friends a makeover. However, avoid the tough, crewcut look since the ‘Butch’ look could draw the ridicule of other pets and owners and make your pet a laughing stock. Besides, some hair can be beneficial, helping protect animals from the heat and shield their skin from the sun, so be careful to leave an inch or so of fur so that they still has some insulation and protection from sunburn.

Travelling With Your Pet...
If you have to go traveling you may want to take your pet along for company, it is not a good idea to leave your pet in your vehicle when you do errands. A cool breeze can be deceptive while the sun can cause the inside of your vehicle to get very hot very quickly, even if you leave your windows down. If you’ll have to leave your pet in the car for long periods then maybe you should leave them at home instead.

Exercise Can Cause Overheating...
Although exercise is an important part of keeping us and our pets healthy, overdoing it can cause us to overheat. Therefore keep walks to a gentle pace and don’t wait till your pet is exhausted before you stop. Pets can get dehydrated quickly and like us humans our pets need access to plenty of fresh water as the weather gets warmer, so check their water bowl regularly and keep it topped up. If you’re out and about when it's hot outdoors bring plenty of fresh, clean water for the two of you, that way you’re both less likely to drink from a dirty puddle.

Pet Horoscope by John Hayes

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