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*The Sun - Part 2*

Solar people are not especially modest. They may even be boastful and arrogant, totally wrapped up in themselves. Sometimes they may overestimate their own worth, not feeling it necessary to do anything to justify their high self-opinion. However, in truth this is not really in the character of the Sun, which is an active force concerned with accomplishment. When a solar personality exhibits this kind of problem, there is usually something else wrong.

It is often difficult to get Solar types to co-operate with others in a team effort. They often feel that they have to be at the forefront or they would rather nothing to do with the project.

The Sun is also physical energy, and if it is weakened through contact with a symbol that denies energy, there will be a decline in the individual’s physical energy level. This most marked with Sun-Neptune contacts. Difficulties with solar energy in the chart can indicate periods of physical illness. The Sun can certainly be an index to physical vitality.

Archetypally speaking, masculinity is an aspect of yang. Therefore the Sun, along with mars, represents masculinity. Traditionally, the Sun was considered as having to do with persons of the male sex. However as sex roles continue to shift, a growing number of women exhibit Solar personalities, and thereby serve as representatives of Solar energy in the lives of others.

One classic male function that is associated with the Sun is fatherhood. The Sun shares this function with Saturn, but the two represent very different facets. The situation of the Sun in the birthchart often relates to the individual’s experience of the father – not necessarily the actual father, but all the people who played that role. As such the Sun represents the experience of being fathered, not necessarily the objective truth about one’s father. The sun represents the father’s function as a shaper of the will, particularly the will to be a free, independent source of power and energy on one'’ own right.

The Sun seems to act as a strong integrating factor in the overall map, the leader or conductor of the orchestra. It seems to describe the ‘core’, the heart of the person and is rather as the nucleus is to the atom.

Planets aspecting the Sun affect the way we identify ourselves. Do we have a ‘good’ opinion of ourselves or do we have a poor self-image? Planets aspecting our Sun will also either tend to compound or deny our ‘Sun sign’. Jupiter tightly aspecting the Sun might exaggerate our Sun sign characteristics whilst Saturn might inhibit or suppress them or urge us to define more closely just what these characteristics are. Anything that is touched by the Sun is illuminated and warmed. Whatever the planet is, the spotlight is put upon it and it is given both power and strength. Since aspects work both ways, aspects to the Sun, especially ‘hard’ aspects from difficult planets seem to sap the strength and power of whatever the Sun individually represents.

Whilst the Ascendant and its ruler seem to describe our journey in life, the vehicle we are travelling in and the way we have to go, the Sun is more descriptive of the true purpose of our going, as well as some of the challenges we are likely to meet along the way.

The Sun can also be considered as to indicate our purpose, and the lifetime goal and task of recognising and consciously living that purpose. The house and sign of the Sun are certainly areas which we find important, and usually the most important areas of life.

The Sun also symbolises the process of finding one’s identity. Planets aspecting the Sun will not only help define what the hero looks like but will describe the challenges that this inner core of the person will meet. All the helpful and not so helpful inner figures who may accelerate or impede the process.

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