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The Sun is the ruler of Leo, fixed fire, and is exalted in Aries. From it come all the positive powers of our nature, all those that urge us outward and forward, and make for strong and vigorous manifestation on the physical plane. A well placed Sun makes for dignity, self-reliance, strength of character, just appreciation of one’s value, abundant affection, and ready helpfulness, with powers of leadership, control and command. There are virile animal spirits, buoyancy, magnanimity, and a large and open way of viewing and dealing with life. If the Sun is obscurely placed these qualities are lacking.

A prominent but afflicted Sun (i.e. strong mundanely, but weak by sign and aspect) gives a semblance of the solar virtues, but they tend to run to excess and lack balance and common sense to control them; the native is apt to be ostentatious, bombastic, promising much and performing little, trying to lead, but often being, in fact, a puppet in the hands of favourites and sycophants. The affection may degenerate into sensuality, maudlin sentiment, or mere verbal affection, masking real selfishness. The self-confidence is either excessive or else hides inner cowardice and incompetence.

We get, in fact, many of the qualities that one associates with a bad monarch.
The action of the Sun when strong, is fortifying and vitalising in whatever part of the map it is placed.

The Sun is at the centre of the solar system and appears to ‘drive it’.
One of the most important points in the chart, the Sun represents the energy that enables everything else to exist. It is the basic energy of Being. Just as the physical Sun shines and enables all the other bodies to shine by reflecting its light, so the symbolic astrological Sun is the basic energy of which all the other planetary energies are specialised reflections.

The Sun represents light, consciousness and day. It is the ultimate planetary symbol of yang, yang being the active energising principle that is the source of all motion. The Sun as yang, is the polar counterpart to the Moon, as yin. The Sun and Moon are one of the horoscope’s most important manifestations of this primary duality.
As yang, the Sun is the archetype of will, power, and desire, bit not necessarily sexual desire. It has the meaning of ‘wanting to.’ It represents the energy that exerts itself upon and influences whatever may exist. The energy of the Sun does not simply accept, but always seeks to change, and if possible improve. Above all, it seeks room for greater expression of itself.

The Sun is the archetype of the hero. The hero sets out into the world and attempts to bring order out of chaos through imposing his will. He undergoes severe trials in order to prove his strength and worthiness, especially against the power of darkness.
Solar people work to express who they are and seek to make an impact in terms of their own identity. Consequently they are in the forefront of any activity where they can be recognised. They do not work behind the scenes.

The Sun has traditionally been said to ‘rule’ persons in authority. Like employers, important government officials, the government itself, and of course, kings and nobles. Of course not all kings or presidents act in a solar manner.

Sun continued: part 2

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