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Aries Monthly Horoscope - April 2015

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 Aries Mar 20 - Apr 20

With the Sun in Aries, your Sun sign, until
April 20 when it moves into Taurus, this is
a month for you to put yourself about, set the
agenda and make the most of opportunities to
shine. The Sun will the in harmonious alignment with
Jupiter in Leo on April 3, just before the lunar eclipse in
Libra the following day and this should be an important
couple of days for you. The Sun’s alignment with Jupiter is a
very favorable aspect and if opportunity knocks early April, don’t
be bashful and answer the call. As long as you’re not reckless, wasteful, inconsiderate or simply careless, this is a good time to take a chance, try your luck or do some cosmic ordering.

One of the major astrological events in April, and in 2015, is this month’s lunar eclipse in your opposite sign of Libra. Since Libra is the area of your solar chart associated with relationships: emotional, romantic, personal, professional, and with your dealings with other people generally, this area of your life is likely to be subject to major change and upheaval in the second half of 2015. On April 4 there is a full Moon in Libra and because the full Moon falls on the North Node of the Moon, this converts the full Moon into a super full Moon, a lunar eclipse. Since the North Node of the Moon, which, like a signpost, points the way forward, this suggests that you should be prepared to go out of your way, compromise, cooperate and make an extra effort to build relationships in 2015.

The presence of the Sun in your Sun sign, as discussed above, should correspond with increased energy, enthusiasm, drive, confidence, and a desire to call the shots and set the agenda. However, the situation is a little bit complicated. Mercury, Uranus and the South Node of the Moon are also in Aries. So there’s a lot of activity and astrological energy being channeled through your Sun sign. As such, you should be relatively effective in your attempts to get things done and make things happen. Uranus, and the South Node of the Moon are a potentially problematic here. The South Node of the Moon represents a point of release, of letting go. Uranus’s energy is independent, iconoclastic and dislikes restraints.

The presence of the South Node of the Moon in Aries, your Sun sign, is indicating that you should try to dampen down some of your more instinctive, compulsive and impulsive Arian qualities. You should try not to be too impatient, self-centered, uncooperative and should resist the temptation to do everything your way or no way. You must try to use your tremendous energy, drive and enthusiasm in greater cooperation with others, towards joint projects and goals. With the North Node of the Moon in Libra, the key is about being a team player now. Therefore, make the most of opportunities to cooperate and compromise. You can still be a star but you don’t, and perhaps shouldn’t, have to go solo.

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