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Aries Monthly Horoscope - May 2015

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 Aries Mar 20 - Apr 20

Mars, your planetary ruler, moves from
Taurus on May 12 into Gemini where Mars
will be until Mars enters Cancer on June 24.
There are several other planets emphasizing
Gemini this month: Venus will be in Gemini until
May 8, the Sun will enter Gemini on May 21 and
Mercury will be in Gemini from May 1 – July 9. With such
a strong emphasis on Gemini, you’re likely to be in a talkative
mood, keen to get your message across. You’re also likely to be
out and about on numerous short trips here and there. Mercury, the planet associated with communication and those things that facilitate it, will be retrograde from May 19 – June 12. When Mercury is retrograde we’re more likely to act in haste, on incomplete or inaccurate information. We are more likely to try to cut corners in our attempts to keep pace with things and so in the process tend to neglect to check the small print. Therefore, when Mercury is retrograde, you need to be careful because crossed wires, misunderstandings and communication problems could be a source of conflict.

Also in your attempts to get from A to B make sure you leave plenty of time and slack and double-check your itinerary since the likelihood of being double booked, delayed or misdirected is increased now. Be careful when traveling, whether on a bike or in a car. Check your breaks and your tyres and wear a helmet. Accidents are more likely now if, in your impatience to get ahead, you act impulsively and in haste.

Soon after these planets move into Gemini, they will oppose Saturn in Sagittarius, which may put a dampener, or at least the brakes on proceedings. Mercury will oppose Saturn on May 3 and you might want to bite your tongue or at least watch what you say around this time. Mars will oppose Saturn on May 15, physical and verbal mishaps are more likely, and so is the potential for a conflict over philosophical principles or beliefs. The Sun will oppose Saturn on May 23 and while this could represent a difference of opinion with somebody in a position of power, influence or authority, this might also be good time to roll up your sleeves and get involved in an important creative project that gives you an opportunity to show the world what you can do.

The continued presence of the North Node of the Moon in your opposite sign of Libra until November underlies an important background influence which is urging you to be prepared to reach out to others, to compromise and cooperate rather than go it alone.

Venus, ruler of your opposite sign of Libra will move from Gemini and into Cancer from May 8 and this bodes well for relations with family, loved ones and entertaining at home, especially if by letting someone into your home, you are letting them into your heart. The full Moon in Scorpio around May 4 and the new Moon in Taurus on May 18, both emphasize financial matters. Whatever comes to light around May 4 may need to be addressed around the time of the new Moon of May 18.

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