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Gemini Monthly Horoscope - March 2015

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Gemini Sign  Gemini 21 May - 21 Jun

With so many planets in Aries, March
promises to be busy time for you socially.
However, it’s possible that you may find yourself
busier than you’d like. It’s nice to be popular and
you may enjoy keeping up with the latest news,
gossip and happenings on the same. Nevertheless,
there may be times when your distractions and reluctance
to miss out on the latest craze leave you worse for wear and
with an increasing backlog of things that need your time and attention. Sometimes, you can have too much of a good thing. That’s not to say you should shut yourself away and focus on completing your masterpiece. However, with so many demands on your time, energy and resources in what promises to be an important year for you, it might be wise consider yourself, your time and energy as a scarce resource. You might also find that your reduced availability, scarcity and inability to be in two places at the same time, corresponds with an increased demand for your presence, talents and services.

The presence of the Sun in Pisces until March 21 and the presence of Mercury, your planetary ruler, in Pisces from March 13 is emphasizing Pisces, the area of your solar chart associated with work, vocation and your dealings with those in positions of authority and influence. With the Sun and Mercury here you may find yourself or your work in the spotlight in some way. The new Moon in Pisces on March 20 could indicate an opportunity to develop a new area of work or a new passion. Shortly after entering Pisces Mercury will make a stressful square aspect to Saturn in Sagittarius on March 16. Since Sagittarius is the area of your solar chart associate with relationships, personal, professional, commercial, emotional and other people in general, this could be a stressful time. There is the possibility of conflict with individuals who are making too many claims on your time and energy. Positively, this may represent an opportunity to take stock, to slow down and put the brakes on. It is also helpful if somebody can add structure and direction to your life and goals, but not if you find certain individuals are trying to restrict, frustrate or slow you down, because if so, it may be time for a clear the air talk.

Mercury and Neptune will meet in Pisces on March 18. This aspect is not necessarily an easy one to get your head round. Negatively, this could represent misunderstanding, bad information, misinformation or unwilling or unrealistic expectations involving your work, vocation will your dealings with those in authority. Someone may be deluded, unrealistic or simply out to lunch. Positively however, this could indicate an opportunity to present yourself and your ideas and, importantly, your vision to those that matter. This is excellent for working with media, design, images and special effects. So if you get the chance to express yourself creatively and put your message across, make the most of it. Nevertheless be careful because, as always with Neptune, all that glitters is not gold.

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