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Gemini Monthly Horoscope - v 2015

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Gemini Sign  Gemini 21 May - 21 Jun

With so much astrological activity focused
on Gemini, your Sun sign, this could well be
one of the most important periods of the year
for you. Venus will be in Gemini until May 8, Mars
will be in Gemini from May 12 – June 24, the Sun
will be in Gemini from May 21 – June 22 and Mercury,
your planetary ruler, will be in Gemini from May 1 – July 9.
Therefore, this is likely to be a busy period and you should make
the most of opportunities to show initiative and put yourself, your ideas
and your talents in the shop window.

With Venus in Gemini until May 8, you will be even more adorable than usual and so make the most of opportunities for pleasure and romance in the early part of the month. Also, in your dealings with others, use charm, tact and diplomacy to get what you want.

When Mars enters Gemini from May 12 you won’t be in the mood to pussyfoot around and will have added drive and determination to get things done and those matters that failed to reach a breakthrough through tactful and diplomatic means may now be tackled with enthusiasm, passion and vigor. With Mars here your more suited to working independently in situations where you can show initiative and meet targets.

Shortly after Mars enters Gemini on May 12 it opposes Saturn in your opposite sign of Sagittarius on May 17. With this tense combination the likelihood of conflict is increased, especially if you feel certain slower or more ponderous individuals are getting in the way or frustrating your attempts to get on with things. Therefore, perhaps would be better to work alone or with minimal interference around this time.

The presence of the Sun in Taurus until May 21, when the Sun enters Gemini, your Sun sign, counters or perhaps contradicts, the influence of Mars in Gemini. Usually, when the Sun is moving through Taurus it is a time for you to take a step back, to rest, and recuperate in readiness for your new yearly cycle that begins when the Sun enters Gemini, your Sun sign, and your new yearly cycle, from birthday month to birthday month, gets underway. When the Sun joins Mars in Gemini from May 21 you will be firing on all cylinders, ready, willing and able to climb every mountain in search of your dream. Between May 12, when Mars enters Gemini, and May 21 when the Sun enters Gemini, you will probably need to pace yourself and treat your time and energy is a scarce and valuable resource and to schedule periods of rest between those of frenetic activity.

Shortly after the Sun enters Gemini on May 21 it also opposes Saturn in your opposite sign of Sagittarius on May 23 and this is a further indicator that certain individuals with whom you have a professional, personal, emotional or even romantic connection with may try to either slow you down, ask you to account for yourself or even ask for some kind of decision, answer or commitment. These individuals may have an important role in acting as a prudent and worldly wise counterbalance in your life, but not as obstacles to be overcome.

There is another factor this month that has implications for you more than most. Mercury, your planetary ruler, will turn retrograde on May 19 and will remain retrograde until June 12. Gemini, your Sun sign, and Virgo the other Sun sign ruled by Mercury are the two Sun signs most strongly influenced by Mercury’s retrograde periods. Since this Mercury retrograde period takes place in Gemini, you will feel it personally. When Mercury’s retrograde we are more likely to act on incomplete and sometimes inaccurate information, spread ourselves too thin, and cut corners in our attempts to get ahead and in the process neglect to check the details and read the fine print. Generally this is not a good time to make any long-term, irreversible commitments or agreements since matters may come to light in the not too distant future that requires a review or reassessment. Generally when Mercury Is retrograde this is a good time to reassess, review, rewrite, research and reorientate yourself.

So with such a strong emphasis on Gemini it looks like you’ll be very busy, with many things on your plate, with many options opportunities and possibilities. The Mercury retrograde influence is warning you to pace yourself, not to over commit yourself and while you should explore your options, not to cut corners. You may well have too many options rather than too few and this is an important, productive and very promising period. Nevertheless, less haste, less waste.

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