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Gemini Monthly Horoscope - April 2015

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Gemini Sign  Gemini 21 May - 21 Jun

With so many planets in Aries this month
there is a strong emphasis on friends,
acquaintances and your social scene. Gemini’s
tend to be one of the more sociable signs of the
Zodiac, but even you may find it a bit too much. The
presence of Saturn in your opposite sign of Sagittarius
for the foreseeable future is suggesting that when it comes
to your more important personal relationships, perhaps it’s time
for a spring clean. There are only so many hours in a day, and until they
have perfected the technique of cloning, you can only be in one café, restaurant or gaudy nightspot at any one time. Therefore, however reluctant you may be to miss out on the latest hot gossip, new dance fad or Broadway hype, perhaps you need to step away, otherwise you may get a little lost.

One of the major astrological events of 2015, is this month’s lunar eclipse in Libra. Libra is the pleasure zone of your solar chart, it also has associations with children, creative self-expression, hobbies and personal interests. With a lunar eclipse here, it may appear to be another excuse to have fun, to let your hair down and play. Well, to some extent that is true. The difference is, the difference between being a team player and going solo, of being a player rather than a spectator, to do your thing, rather than watching other people do there’s. Fundamentally, do not allow your many social obligations, nor the views, expectations or agendas of your peer group or associates prevent you from expressing yourself, doing your thing and, if necessary, and appropriate, taking a chance on life and love. Since Libra also has associations with children, it can be physical children as well as children of the mind, such as artistic creations, this is a good time to nurture, develop and encourage your own children, whether they be physical, intellectual or creative.

Mercury, your planetary ruler, makes a number of favorable aspects this month. On April 2 Mercury makes a harmonious aspect to Saturn in Sagittarius, on April 6 Mercury makes a harmonious aspect to Jupiter in Leo, on April 6 Mercury makes a stressful aspect to Pluto and meets oddball Uranus, also in Aries. From April 15 Mercury moves into Taurus, where it continues to make aspects, including a meeting with Mars in Taurus on April 23, which is one to watch out for. The harmonious aspect with Saturn on April 2 is a good time to make serious commitments and plans, especially with those more sober individuals who can add value to your life and help you get where you want to go. These aspects with Jupiter are good for relationships generally and romantic relationship in particular, and so if there’s something want to say to someone special, this would be a good time to send that message. The stressful aspects with Pluto and Uranus between April 8 - 9 could correspond with a stressful encounter with a friend or associate, possibly over finance. You’re more likely to be accident prone now, and so should slow down, physically and verbally. The meeting with Mars in Taurus on April 23 again could be an indicator of conflict, possibly due to a misunderstanding and so it is not a good time to act in haste or on incomplete information.

Mercury enters Taurus on April 15 and the Sun joins Mercury in Taurus on April 20. With such a strong emphasis on Taurus this is generally a good time due to take a step back, out of the limelight and away from the maddening crowd to rest, recuperate and recharge your batteries in readiness for when the Sun enters Gemini, your Sun sign, from May 21, when your new yearly cycle, from birthday month to birthday month, gets underway. One of the more favorable astrological events for Gemini this April is the movement of Venus, planet of charm, beauty, self-indulgence and the good things of life, into Gemini, your Sun sign. With Venus in Gemini you’re likely to come across as even more charming, adorable and artistic than usual. Therefore, this is a good time to express yourself, to dress to impress, to have a makeover, investing your wardrobe, to flirt and use charm and persuasion to get what and who you want.

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