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In Summary
2019 promises to be a good year for you socially,
so make the most of opportunities to get out and
about and expand your social circle. Change is in the air
and is most likely to manifest in domestic area so be open to
making changes on the home front that give you greater freedom
and independence. Pay extra attention to your cash flow, try to give your credit card a rest and resist the desire to indulge in retail therapy. Meanwhile, explore new, usual and imaginative ways to generate extra cash and resources. Some of your greatest challenges, biggest achievements and most significant transformations in 2019 may take place within you, on a philosophical or psychological level and it’s important to make time and space in your life to do this important inner soul work.

Jupiter's influence in 2019
Jupiter takes approximately twelve years to travel the twelve signs of the zodiac, spending roughly one year in each zodiac sign. Jupiter will be in Sagittarius until December when it moves into Capricorn. Since Sagittarius is the area of your solar chart associated with your group activities, associates and social network in general, this is great time to get out and about and meet new people, expand your social circle and team up with kindred spirits who she you hopes and dreams. At times, you may find it is not what you know but who you know that makes the difference. Some of the people who enter your life in 2019 could prove to be of significant help and support to you in the future.

Saturn's influence in 2019
Saturn, your traditional planetary ruler, will be in Capricorn until the end of 2020. Capricorn is one of the more complex areas of your solar chart and Saturn’s presence here suggests it would be wise to develop the healthy habit of periodically stepping back from the hustle and bustle to establish an oasis for yourself, to adopt a meditative practice, pursue your deeper, personal interests or explore your inner world by way of a metaphysical journey or depth psychology. Whether or not you find your guru, become an artist or go into therapy, you’re entering a period of significant psychological change. You may be called on to exorcise ghosts from your past and come to terms with your limitations, mortality and make peace with yourself. This is a period of transition, a preparatory phase between the old and a new, in readiness for the move of Saturn into Aquarius, your Sun sign, from the end of 2020 when a major new life cycle will get underway for you. That is not to say you must forsake all your worldly goals and possessions and lock yourself away completely. It is a question of balance, so despite the many competing demands upon you in 2019, try to make it a regular part of your routine to take time out, to unplug and unwind.

The Nodes of the Moon's influence in 2019
With the North Node of the Moon in Cancer and the South Node in the sign opposite Cancer, Capricorn, it is important to be busy and productive and to develop a regular, healthy routine that can ground you and bring greater stability into your life. Try to keep your feet on the ground and not let yourself be swept away by flights of fancy or desire to escape from having to roll up your sleeves and fulfil your obligations. You might also want to consider adopting a regular physical or spiritual practice such as swimming, Yoga or Mediation that can help you develop and strengthen your mind and body and make you more effective in dealing with the world.

Uranus's influence in 2019
Uranus takes about 84 years to travel the 12 signs of the zodiac, spending approximately 7 years in each sign. Uranus is associated with change and upheaval, often sudden and unexpected, for some it can represent a wake-up call. Uranus wakes us up from our narrow view of things and brings with it a new perspective, new opportunities and new people. Slow moving, like Neptune and Pluto, Uranus represents a background influence until it triggers sensitive points in our horoscope. From the spring of 2019 Uranus will move out of Aries and into Taurus, not returning to Aries for another 80 years or so. Taurus is the zone of your solar chart associated with home, family and property matters. This is the area of your life where Uranus is most likely to manifest. Therefore, it may be time for some significant changes on the domestic front. Whether that involves a move, property renovation or personnel or emotional changes within the family, the more freedom, independence and psychological space these bring you, the better.

Neptune's influence in 2019
Neptune will be in Pisces until it enters Aries around 2025. Like both Uranus and Pluto, Neptune is considered an outer planet and so is very much a background influence. Neptune is also slow moving, taking 165 years to travel the 12 signs of the zodiac and so, like Uranus and Pluto, Neptune's influence reflects social, political and cultural changes that shape and colour the course of history. We experience these outer planets in a personal way when they touch or trigger the sensitive points in our horoscopes. Neptune’s presence in Pisces throughout 2019 might not be so obvious or tangible. Nevertheless, since Pisces is one of the zones of your solar chart associated with money, financial matters and possessions, this is an area where you need to exercise self-restraint and self-discipline. Money can flow in and out with relative ease with Neptune in Pisces, your money zone, and you are advised not to become careless, absentminded or indiscriminate when it comes to money matters or possessions and you should keep a close eye on your credit card. Unexpected, unforeseen and possibly even complex situations may require additional expenses so you’re advised to take a relatively conservative, prudent and sensible approach to your financial affairs, to plan for the future and not rely too much on credit or buy-now pay-later deals. Get-rich-quick schemes that look too go to be true may turn out to be too good to be true. Positively however, you may be able to capitalise on the Neptune influence in your money zone by using your imagination, intuition and creative talents to generate additional sources of income.

Pluto's influence in 2019
Pluto will be in Capricorn until around 2026. Like Uranus and Neptune above, Pluto represents a background influence for some time to come. Nevertheless, if you’re to meet Pluto its more likely to be while exploring the dynamics of your unconscious than in your daily life. Therefore, those of you on a spiritual, mystical or creative journey have the capacity to tap into a wealth of insight that could bring about a major psychological transformation and reevaluation of your priorities. Greater personal and psychological exploration could also help you understand who you really are and what drives and motivates you to do what you do. This has the potential to empower you tremendously. However, it would be wise to remain discreet about how you know what you know and where you got what you got at least until the process is complete and the new you is up and running.

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