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Aquarius Sign  Aquarius 20 Jan - 18 Feb


There are a number of stressful astrological
configurations in the heavens in 2014 but these
are likely to have the greatest impact on the cardinal
signs, Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. So although you
will be avoiding some of the most stressful astrological weather
next year, the presence of Saturn, your traditional planetary ruler, in
Scorpio until December is nevertheless very significant for you. Scorpio is the area of your solar chart associated with career, vocation, status and those in authority. Saturn takes approximately 29 ½ years to travel all the way around the Zodiac, spending approximately 2 ½ years in each sign. Saturn has been in Scorpio sinse Autumn 2012 and will move into Sagittarius at the end of 2014. Since Saturn has been in Scorpio for sometime, you should have become familiar with its significance and influence by now.

Saturn is very much concerned with dealing with the world, responsibilities, duties, hard work, the process of establishing yourself and the need to play by, and within, the rules. With Saturn in Scorpio, there will be times when you realize you cannot rely or depend on others, that there is no such thing as a free lunch and as far as your actions are concerned, you reap what you sow. Saturn’s influence, as with all planetary influences, will depend on your personal circumstances, age, environment and culture. For a young person, this can be a time where they need to develop greater autonomy and independence. For an older person. This can be a time to roll up your sleeves, but also issues around authority, health and personal vitality, and sometimes even a period of endings and closure.

There may be times when you will have a lot on your plate, to get serious, to manage increased responsibilities and time pressures, while receiving little support, help or even recognition from others. Although it sounds very much like hard work, this can be a time when you achieve a great deal, when you can establish yourself and make tremendous progress towards your goals. At times you may lack some of your usual sparkle, sociability and good humour. You may have little time or patience for small talk, soap operas and time wasters. Whether you like it or not, others might look up to you as a guide, authority or example. Therefore, be prepared to dig deep and work hard over the next 12 months because your achievements in 2013 and 2014 may have long-term significance for your career, vocation and reputation.

Jupiter, the great benefic will be in Cancer, until July from when it moves into your opposite sign of Leo where it will remain until August 2015. The presence of Jupiter in your opposite sign of Leo, the relationship sign of your solar chart, is a favorable indicator for relationships; personal, professional, romantic and emotional and it is generally good for working with and dealing with others. You may come into contact with some larger-than-life characters, moreover some people who may be able to open doors for you, personally and professionally. With Jupiter, in Leo it is often a case of not what you know but who you know that makes the difference. Since Jupiter is also connected with the friendship and alliances area of your solar chart, it is likely that you may meet up with kindred spirits who will be of significant help for you in 2014 and beyond. Until July, with Jupiter in Cancer, this bodes well for work, your day-to-day chores and routines and the little things that make the big things possible.

Since Jupiter in Cancer, a water sign, will be in harmony with Saturn, also a water sign, this suggests that increased work and responsibility that comes your way, may be more enjoyable, fulfilling and fortunate for you than you might at first suspect. Relationships with colleagues and subordinates are generally well starred too, but you do need to make sure that you do not get too deeply involved in office politics, power struggles, gossip or rumor mongering. With Jupiter in Cancer, the first half of 2014 would also be a good time to focus on your health and diet. However, Jupiter is often associated with indulgence and excess and since with Saturn in Scorpio you’re likely to be working hard, there may be times when you are tempted to overindulge or fuel your body with less than ideal or healthy foods. Therefore, this would be good time to take a serious look at your health, diet and lifestyle, to make appropriate changes that can increase your sense of personal wellbeing and improve your effectiveness in the world, and the workplace.

The presence of Neptune in Pisces is a long-term influence since Neptune moves so slowly. Nevertheless, Pisces is the area of your solar chart associated with money, finance and possessions. Positively, Neptunian activities, and energies may provide an additional source of income. Such activities could involve working with images, symbols, fantasy, virtual reality, psychic and otherworldly phenomenon. Music, the arts and creative inspiration also Neptunian. Negatively, however, the presence of Neptune in the money zone of your solar chart indicates the potential for confusion, misunderstandings or even deception in money matters. It can also make it hard to keep track of what you have, what you spend and your cash flow generally. Therefore, it might be prudent to avoid recklessness, misunderstandings and ambiguous financial arrangements or shenanigans.

Eclipse activity in the Spring and Autumn falls mainly across the Aries Libra axis. Nevertheless, the solar eclipse in Taurus at the end of April and the solar eclipse in Libra towards the end of October may well have significance for you. Since the eclipse at the end of April falls in Taurus, the area of your solar chart associated with home, family and domestic affairs in general, this may be an area where you need to simplify your life. You might also benefit from moving away from those elements of your home, past or even private life that appear to be restricting you, holding you back or preventing you from getting on with your life. With a solar eclipse in October falling in Scorpio, the area of your solar chart concerned with your career, vocation and status, this could be an important time for your work and career, and so you should make the most of opportunities that present themselves to you around this time.

The North Node of the Moon and the South Node of the Moon are always opposite each other in the Zodiac. The Nodes take approximately 18 ½ years to travel all the way around the Zodiac, spending about 18 months in each sign. From February the North Node will move into Libra and the South Node into the sign opposite Libra, Aries. The Libra Aries axis of your solar chart is concerned with travel, training, metaphysical, philosophical and cultural pursuits and the North node represents an area where we will have opportunities to grow, develop and become more fulfilled. Therefore, with the North Node in Libra, foreign people and places, spiritual activities and educational pursuits are well starred in 2014.

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