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Aquarius Sign  Aquarius 20th Jan - 18th Feb


There is an emphasis on money matters in 2016
and in many ways it looks favourable, especially
through indirect benefits coming by way of others and
getting backing and support for your projects. Nevertheless,
you could be your own worse enemy if you don’t get your own
financial house in order. With Saturn in Sagittarius, a main theme
until 2018 appears to be the importance of establishing your social
network, finding a unique role for yourself within your tribe and teaming up with kindred spirits who share your hopes and aspirations.

Saturn's influence in 2016
Saturn, your traditional planetary ruler, will be in Sagittarius until the end of 2017. Since Sagittarius is one of the most social zones of your solar chart, perhaps it’s time to develop your social network and establish a role for yourself within your tribe. There could be a few goodbyes within your immediate circle, some heartfelt, some long overdue. You may feel a tension between conforming to a group consensus, especially if it cramps your style, and playing hooky and doing your thing. Nevertheless, with Saturn in Sagittarius it would be in your longterm interest to become more of a team player than going solo. Older, more mature individuals who enter your life could have an important role to play now and in the future. Be open to attending a reunion or two and make the most of opportunities to reacquaint yourself with significant people from your past.

Jupiter's influence in 2016
Jupiter takes approximately twelve years to travel the twelve signs of the zodiac, spending roughly one year in each sign. Jupiter will be in Virgo until September 2016 when it moves into Libra, where it will remain until October 2017. Virgo is one of the money zones of your solar chart, particularly associated with the money and resources or others and your financial dealings, connections and commitments to them. Jupiter is associated with favourable twists of fate, general good fortune, expansion but taken to extremes, waste and excess. Therefore, you could benefit indirectly from the good fortune of those around you in 2016. You should find it easier to get the help, backing and support from others you need to achieve your goals. While this would be a good time to get sponsorship or have a chat with your bank manger, be careful not to be too greedy or take or ask for more than you need, especially if you’ll be expected to deliver or return the cash or favours later. With Jupiter in Libra from the autumn, this would be a good time to travel, meet people from different cultures and to pursue your mystical, philosophical or educational goals, either as student, guide or teacher.

The Nodes of the Moon's influence in 2016
The Moon has two Nodes, the North Node and the South Node. The Nodes form an axis and are always opposite one another in the zodiac. The North Node of the Moon will be in Virgo until May 2017, meanwhile the South Node will be in the sign opposite Virgo, Pisces. The North Node acts like a sign post, pointing to an area to develop, exploit and where fulfillment, favourable circumstance and opportunity awaits you. The influence of the North Node is beneficial and similar to that of Jupiter, also in Virgo and so again, be willing to reach out to others for the help, backing and support you need. Also, be open to joining forces and combining resources with those who share your goals and aspirations. The South Nodes is a place of release, where you need to untangle yourself and simplify your life. With the South Node in Pisces you need to pay attention to your financial affairs since there may be times when money appears to slip though your fingers. With the North Node in Virgo you may find it relatively easy to top up a leaking bucket, but if you don’t plug the holes you could make life complicated for yourself later.

Uranus's influence in 2016
Uranus will be in Aries throughout 2016 and beyond and represents another general, long-term, background influence. Although you may not experience Uranus as strongly and directly as some, if you do meet Uranus it is likely to be when you are out and about locally or on short journeys here and there. You could meet some strange or interesting individuals while traveling or you may find your regular commute is disrupted or changed causing you to be more aware of your immediate surroundings and locale. Whether skateboarding or piloting a spaceship, this would be a good time to explore alternatives modes of transport to get you safely from A to B.

Pluto's influence in 2016
With Pluto tucked away in Capricorn for sometime to come, you’re more likely to meet Pluto while exploring the dynamics of your unconscious than in your daily life. Therefore, those of you on a spiritual, mystical or creative journey have the capacity to tap into a wealth of insight that could bring about a major psychological transformation and reevaluation of your priorities. Greater personal and psychological exploration could also help you understand who you really are and what drives and motivates you to do what you do. This has the potential to empower you tremendously. Since Capricorn, an earth sign, is in harmony with Virgo, another earth sign, you may be able to tap into a rich pool of resources. However, it would be wise to remain discreet about how you know what you know and where you got what you got.

Neptune's influence in 2016
Neptune will be in Pisces throughout 2016 and conveys a similar message to the South Node of the Moon, also in Pisces and discussed above and emphasising the importance of paying closer attention to your cash flow and avoiding impulsive, unnecessary and unwise expenses. When Neptune and the South Node come together in the autumn, you might want to explore ways to make the most of what you’ve got. This would also be a good time for having a clear out, a car boot sale or for putting unwanted goods on eBay. Physical, business and financial risks should be avoided, especially in the autumn and if you really have a problem saying no to temptation or are hooked on internet shopping, perhaps you may need to get some professional advice, take a course in mindfulness or self-control.

Mercury Retrograde Periods in 2016
Mercury’s retrograde periods occur roughly thee times a year for three weeks each time. Mercury will be retrograde, appearing to move backwards when view from earth, on four occasions in 2016: From 05 January - 24 January, 28 April - 22 May, 30 August - 22 September and 19 December - 08 January 2017. When Mercury is retrograde it’s prudent to hold-your-horses and take a less-is-more, wait-and-see approach to what’s going on. Avoid the tendency to cut corners, be economical with the truth or skip the small print. This is a good time to review, revise, reassess and if necessary, move the goalposts. When Mercury is retrograde, take a step back in order to take two steps forward later. Also keep an eye on electronic devices and equipment which are more likely to play up or disappear. Between 05 January - 24 January don’t promise more than you can deliver. You could regret it if you say too much too soon since you may need to rethink or revise your plans later. During the period between 28 April - 22 May, a domestic matter may be subject to misunderstandings and delays and you should take your time and not rush or be rushed. Between 30 August - 22 September financial negotiations, discussions and paperwork needs to be handled with care. Remember that all that glistens is not gold so to read the small print and don’t overextend yourself. If possible, insist on more time to do some research and consider your options. Between 19 December - 08 January 2017, like the early part of the year, it might be better to keep your thoughts to yourself and say too little than too much, since it’s possible you don’t have the full picture yet.

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