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Taurus Sign  Taurus 20 Apr - 20 May


There are number of stressful astrological alignments
throughout 2014. However, these are unlikely to trouble
Taurus Sun signs as much as some other Sun signs. There
is of course, more to your astrological chart then just your Sun
sign, but that's all we are dealing with here. With Saturn in your
opposite sign of Scorpio throughout 2014, it's likely to be in the area of relationships, emotional, personal and professional, that you are likely to be most tested over in the next 12 months. Saturn’s presence here can indicate the possibility of some goodbyes, some heartfelt, some long overdue. Whichever area of our solar chart transiting Saturn is moving through is where we are often required to have a cosmic spring clean. For Taurus therefore, with Saturn in your opposite sign of Scorpio, it is in your interactions with others that you will feel Saturn most strongly so if there are issues to be faced, this is not the time to brush things under the carpet.

Jupiter moves from Cancer into Leo in July. With Jupiter in Cancer, this is a good time for short distance journeys and trips, to get out and about, locally too. If you have a message you want to communicate to others, the first half of 2014 is a good time to spread the word. However, with Pluto in Capricorn, Uranus in Aries and Mars in Libra, it is important that you make sure you’ve got your facts straight before communicating what you have to say. While this can be a good time for you to make educational changes, such changes are likely to be far reaching and not without complications. If you are involved in education anyway, this is a time to try to maximize your potential, but not to try and think you can get by with minimum effort or that you should delve into topics or areas where you could soon find yourself in hot water and out of your depth if you’re not prepared to work hard, to be informed and up-to-date.

Jupiter’s move into Leo from July should prove beneficial for the domestic side of things. Leo represents the area of your solar chart associated with home, family and domestic matters, and with Jupiter there, this is an area where you can benefit in some way. Whether that means a move, an improvement in your existing situation or even an addition to the family, with Jupiter in Leo this is a good time to improve relationships with family and loved ones. Pluto’s influence is potentially life changing, it can be empowering and it can make one draw upon personal resources one never took seriously or realized we had. Pluto strength can be psychological as much as physical. Fortunately for Taureans Pluto’s aspects from Capricorn to Taurus are likely to be favorable, since both Taurus in Capricorn are harmoniously aligned. Pluto brings endings, closure and frequently a significant break from the past. This, in time can eventually bring about a renewal, new beginnings and a transformation, a new landscape and a new perspective.

Pluto’s energy is being felt most strongly in the Cardinal signs, Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. The earth signs Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn are harmoniously aligned and therefore Pluto’s energy or influence is unlikely to be felt as dramatic, urgent or irreversible as it is in the Cardinal signs. Pluto’s influence on planets in Taurus and Virgo will nevertheless be significant. Pluto moves slowly through the Zodiac, taking about 248 years to go all the way around. Those Taureans born in the early part of May will experience Pluto’s energy strongest in 2014. Taureans born at the end of April have already experienced what Pluto can be like, whereas those born from around the 6th or 7th of May, will meet Pluto over the next few years.

The South node of the Moon, moves from Taurus, your Sun sign, into Aries in February where it will remain, more or less, for 18 months, after which it enters Pisces. The presence of the South node in Taurus, your Sun sign, since September 2012, may have been a subtle, and yet at times difficult influence to deal with. At times you may have felt isolated, restricted or in a hole. With the North node in your opposite sign of Scorpio the key to moving forward involved reaching out to others, but also moving away from your comfort zone, breaking out of old routines and habits that have served their purpose and are only restricting you now. With the South node in Taurus, the choice of security, stability and material comforts may have been much more appealing than taking emotional risks or venturing away from all that is familiar, reliable and predictable.

With Saturn in Scorpio, the way forward has involved confronting some harsh realities, but also the need to roll up your sleeves and dig deep if you are to move forward. Since the nodes move from Scorpio and Taurus into Libra and Aries from February, the early part of 2014 is a time to push forward and reach out for who and what you want. Don’t let your comfort zone hold you back from taking a risk on life or love.

Eclipse activity next year occurs across the Aries Libra axis. For Taureans, this represents one of the more complex areas of your solar chart. The presence of Mars in Libra in the first half of 2014 is a mixed blessing. It can indicate the potential to be very productive, to work hard and get a lot of things done. Negatively, it can indicate the potential of health issues, often due to diet and lifestyle choices. Therefore, if you’ve been pushing yourself too hard, depending on sweet and sugary foods as a source of energy when you need to rest and recharge your batteries, then sooner or later this may backfire. With Mars in Libra, this would be a good time to adopt a healthier diet and lifestyle. Since the influence of Mars is considered to be competitive, forceful, energetic and dynamic, this could involve some kind of physical activity. Libra is a sign associated with beauty, harmony and the arts. Combined this could be a recipe for some kind of exercise activity that involves dance and movement or music. Also activities that not only improve your physical fitness, but enhanced your attractiveness would be well worth pursuing with enthusiasm.

The eclipse activity in Aries, which is opposite Libra, is a little more complicated, subtle and elusive to try to grasp or understand. For Taurus Sun sign individuals, the zone of your solar chart containing Aries is one of the most complex areas of your solar chart, an area where we can be our own worst enemy, stand in our own way and behave in ways, often unconsciously, in which we undermine ourselves and our attempts to get ahead in life. With the South node of the Moon here , and several eclipses, both solar and lunar, falling in this area of your chart in 2014, there may be times when you find yourself at the crossroads. At times, it may be a simple choice, metaphorically speaking, where you have to either decide to pull the covers back over your head, stay in bed and try to get back to sleep, or get up and get dressed and face the day. Should you stay there, sitting on the couch watching TV or should you roll up your sleeves and get busy, get going and do stuff. The astrological signposts, the North node and the South node, clearly pointing in a specific direction.

As far as your solar chart is concerned, 2014 can be a very productive year. It is very much in your hands, but it may just be as simple as being busy and doing stuff. If you become a couch potato it may be time to make a change. The presence of Venus, your plenty ruler, in Capricorn, in the early part of 2014 bodes well for educational, cultural and metaphysical pursuits. Pleasure and romance, they also can be found outside your usual sphere of activities. Therefore, be prepared to venture further afield in search of love and adventure if the opportunity presents itself in the early part of 2014.

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