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Taurus Sign  Taurus 20th April - 20th May


This 2015 yearly horoscope is based on your
Sun sign, the sign of the Zodiac the Sun was
traveling through when you were born. There are
30 Zodiacal degrees in each Zodiac sign and so the Sun
will fall on one of these degrees on your birthday.

Saturn's Influence in 2015 ...
So, for example, when Saturn returns to your opposite sign of Scorpio
between mid-June and mid-September, it will be those Taureans born
from around 18th May and after that will be feeling Saturn’s influence most strongly. This could manifest as additional responsibilities, restrictions and a heavy workload. It may also indicate certain difficulties in an important relationship, most likely an emotional one. Psychologically, those born from the 18th May and after may also experience temporary fatigue or melancholia during the summer of 2015, a time when important decisions about your life may be necessary, decisions that more clearly define who you are and what you stand for. Some Taurean individuals may meet with a reality check in some area of their life at this time. Saturn, despite his much maligned and gloom tainted reputation is nevertheless an extremely important astrological factor in every horoscope and essentially, what he asks or requires of us, is authenticity. The more authentic we are the more he is our friend, and vice-versa. Despite the challenges and tests Saturn often brings, he is a major influence in helping us deal with, manage and prosper in the material world.

However, most Taureans, that is, those born before the 18th of May will escape this influence. This yearly forecast is concerned with your Sun sign, as mentioned above, however your horoscope contains much more than your Sun sign alone. For example, your horoscope contains not only the Sun, but also the Moon, Venus, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn, amongst others. Naturally, it is beyond the scope of this general forecast to discuss how these other astrological points and symbols will be affected over the next 12 months. I am mentioning this here because, except for Saturn, there are not very many difficult astrological configurations on the cards for Taurus Sun sign individuals in 2015. Any major challenges or difficulties that may manifest in this period are therefore likely to be due to aspects to other astrological factors in your horoscope, such as those other planets and points mentioned above.

Jupiter's Influence in 2015 ...
Jupiter, considered the great benefic, will be in Leo, the domestic zone of your solar chart until August when it moves into Virgo. With Jupiter in Leo this bodes well for home, family and domestic matters in general. Therefore, this would be good time for building bridges with family members and loved ones, to improve your domestic environment and living situation. For some, this may involve a move, but one that improves your current living situation. For others, the developments on the domestic front may involve increased interaction with family members, perhaps an addition to the family in someway. Entertaining at home is well-starred as are family get-togethers and reunions.

The move of Jupiter into Virgo from August is a favorable indicator. Since Virgo is the area of your solar chart associated with pleasure, merriment, romance and creative activities that give you an opportunity to express yourself, this is a good time to have fun and to get involved in hobbies and activities you enjoy. If you already have creative or artistic interests that give you pleasure, since this would be a good time to express yourself creatively, perhaps you might consider taking these interests further, whether through study or even involving them in your work and vocation in some way or even turning them into an additional source of income. Increased socializing, pleasure seeking and romance can corresponds with Jupiter’s presence in this area of your solar chart. Therefore, especially in the second half of 2015, make the most of opportunities to let your hair down and have fun, to play and to indulge yourself, sensibly, of course.

Saturn's Influence in 2015 ...
Except for the brief return to Scorpio indicated above, Saturn will spend most of 2015 in Sagittarius. Sagittarius is one of the financial zones of your solar chart, and as suggested above, Saturn is associated with responsibilities, restrictions, the true and sometimes hard facts of life. Prudence, pragmatism, practicality, caution, commonsense and the basic fact that we reap what we sow are some of the many gifts of Saturn. If you have been reckless, wasteful or overextended yourself financially, then Saturn’s move into Sagittarius could indicate it’s time to get your financial house in order, to reduce your financial commitments to others, especially those that are bringing burdens and restrictions. Avoid “buy now, pay later” deals that burden you more than is necessary. You may also find that through fate or circumstance you are forced to cooperate, collaborate or to deal with or integrate your financial situation closely with others perhaps, more than you would like. There may be lessons to learn here in having to share resources, to trust and be trusted. This doesn’t have to be a problem. In fact, this could be just what the doctor ordered especially if you’ve let things get out of hand. Nevertheless, if you make a concerted effort to reduce and simplify your financial commitments to others, to save and think ahead. Then you will reap the benefits not immediately, but in time.

Some Taureans may find they have to deal with some kind of loss or you may have to take on responsibility for the affairs of others in someway. If so, try to be above board and businesslike about it. Also be careful about getting too involved with people, outside your circle, who could be an unnecessary financial burden on you in someway. It is probably not a good idea to mix business, or rather money, with pleasure too much in 2015.

The Nodes of the Moon ...
Until November the North Node of the Moon will be traveling through Libra, while the South Node of the Moon travels through Aries. The Nodes are a pair and are always opposite each other. The movement of the North Node of the Moon into Virgo from November and the corresponding move of the South Node into Pisces, also from November, is reinforcing the message of Jupiter in Virgo in the second half of 2015. Basically, this is an excellent time to express yourself in creative ways and to pursue activities and interests that give you pleasure. Until November, with the North Node of the Moon in Libra and the South Node in Aries, this is pointing to the importance of being active, productive and busy. If you find yourself with too much time on your hands, without a focus or something interesting and meaningful to do you could find yourself, for want of a better word, drifting or feeling a bit lost. So whether or not you’ve got a job, hobby or vocation, this would be a good time to roll up your sleeves and get involved in something, something that keeps you active and busy, makes you feel useful and that you are being productive and of service to others in some way. If you do this you will be richly rewarded as fate brings unforeseen openings opportunities for you.

Neptune's Influence in 2015 ...
Neptune is in Pisces throughout 2015 and this is likely to impact most strongly in your social life and with group activities and associations with which you are involved. Negatively, you may need to avoid getting involved with people, groups or organizations who will take advantage of you, seduced, entice and even try to exploit you. Positively, this can indicate involvement with spiritual, artistic and creative individuals and communities, kindred spirits who share your vision and aspirations. Increased use of drugs and alcohol during this period may lead to complications. Nevertheless, make the most of opportunities to explore new worlds, new values and new communities.

A friend or associate might be going through a hard time, whether through drink, drugs, loss or emotional confusion, and so be prepared to offer a listening ear or shoulder to cry on but don’t try to rescue anyone.

Uranus's Influence in 2015 ...
Oddball Uranus will be in Aries, one of the most complex areas of your solar chart throughout 2015. For most, this is unlikely to be a particularly obvious, coherent or tangible influence. If it does manifest in some form, it may be through meaningful coincidences, dreams, visions and insights that are insightful, shocking or revealing in someway. If you’ve been following a certain pattern, routine or regime for a long period of time but are getting restless, eager for a change but not quite sure where to go from here, then the Uranus influence could bring disruptive changes or influences that may be bubbling up and building up from deep within you.

If you try to continuously try to suppress a deep-seated desire for change, then this may be externalized or projected so that the opportunity for change presents itself, but appears to happen as fate, circumstance, unexplained or inexplicable events. If you really are wanting to make a change, to head of in search of pastures new, then perhaps you need to take steps to move things along. Otherwise you may unwittingly or unconsciously bring about the change but without having to take responsibility or it. Therefore, be prepared to take the bull by the horns, and not just be carried along by events. Positively, Uranus can bring insights, awakening, increased inventiveness and breakthroughs and so if you are involved in finding creative solutions to problems than find some way of recording, of keeping the many insights and inspirations that Uranus will bring next year.

Pluto's Influence in 2015 ...
Pluto will be transiting through Capricorn in 2015. Capricorn, like Taurus and Virgo, is an earth sign. Pluto will be in Capricorn for several years to come, and in 2015 will be slowly moving through the middle degrees of Capricorn. As a background influence, Pluto will affect all Taureans to some extent, however, those born between the 3rd - 8th January are likely to experience Pluto’s influence most strongly next year. Those born earlier will have met Pluto already, those born later have Pluto yet to come. Since Capricorn is, like Taurus an earth sign, it is primarily concerned with the world of matter, the physical earth, the senses and those things that cater to this element, such as food, fabrics and textures, those things that please and excite the senses, to which we would also add those factors that help the world go round, money, finance, business structures and political power. Since the Zodiac signs Taurus and Capricorn are in harmony, the aspect to Taurus from Pluto in Capricorn is therefore considered a harmonious one. Harmonious aspects are not always as eventful, obvious or as stressful as inharmonious aspects, they are also less likely to require choices be made that cannot be avoided. However, such harmonious aspect can bring a sense of a gathering of momentum and bring about major personal change and transformation, speedily with less effort and resistance than other more stressful aspects. The more you put in the more you will get out of Pluto’s powerful transforming influence, so make an effort and roll up your sleeves.

Pluto can empower one, can bring to the fore certain attributes and qualities that, due to necessity, need to be accessed and expressed. This aspect of Pluto can involve major developments and opportunities that revolve around your ability to deal with the material plane such as concerning money, finance, property, personal responsibility and even power, but also the development of your aesthetic and sensual side.

You may discover or rediscover abilities which, due to circumstances are brought to the surface one more. If so, perhaps it is time to use them. Naturally, a lot will depend on your age and personal circumstances. Nevertheless, this is a time to reawaken latent talents and gifts, to unearth potential, to become empowered and to be reborn.

Yearly Horoscope 2015 by John Hayes

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