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Taurus Sign  Taurus 20th April - 20th May


2016 promises to be a favorable year for Taurus.
Opportunities to step forward, put yourself in the
shop window and take the initiative and greater control
of your life direction should be grasped with both hands. Material
benefits may well come your way. However, simplify your finances and
avoid complicating your financial affairs. Make the most of opportunities to have fun, play and to express yourself creatively and in tangible ways. Be open to the numinous and make allowances for it in your pragmatic philosophy. However, steer clear of cranks, loony tunes and Walter Mitty characters and get-rich-quick schemes that look too good to be true.

Saturn's influence in 2016
The presence of Saturn in Sagittarius throughout 2016 should be felt most strongly in your financial affairs, particularly those financial commitments and arrangements you have with others. It is possible that those with whom you are more closely involved with may experience financial disruption, difficulties or restraints and so it is important for you not to let that become a problem for you. Therefore, avoid situations that might complicate your financial situation and if you have any outstanding debts, this would be a good time to reduce your financial commitments to others, pay off debts and improve your credit score. Do be wary of taking on any major long-term financial commitments that may end up placing constraints or restrictions on you in the future.

Jupiter's influence in 2016
Jupiter will be in Virgo until September. Virgo, like Capricorn and Taurus, your Sun sign, is an earth sign. Zodiac signs of the same element such as air, fire, water and earth are in harmonious alignment with one another. Therefore, the presence of Jupiter in Virgo until September and Pluto in Capricorn for the foreseeable future, bodes well for Taurus. Those born around the mid–May should benefit from Jupiter’s favorable influence in the early part of January. Those born around 7 - 8 May should feel the benefits in mid-March of both Jupiter and Pluto, and again from mid to late June. Those born around 4 May should benefit in the weeks following their birthday. Although Jupiter may bring more fortunate events to some Taureans than to others, all Taureans should benefit so make an extra effort when opportunity knocks. With the emphasis on earth the benefits brought by both Jupiter and Pluto should be tangible, material and even financial. The movement of Jupiter into Libra from September bodes well for work, especially the mundane, routine, day-to-day elements of work and so an improvement on the job front is likely from the autumn.

The Nodes of the Moon's influence in 2016
Throughout 2016 the North Node of the Moon will be in Virgo while the South Node of the Moon, which is always opposite the North Node, will be in Pisces, the sign opposite Virgo. The message of the North Node in Virgo is similar to that of Jupiter in Virgo and represents a beneficial influence. Virgo is the area of your solar chart associate with pleasure, merrymaking, entertainment and children. With both the North Node and Jupiter here, this would be a good time to have fun to pursue those things that are a source of pleasure, to make the most of opportunities to express yourself and your talents creatively. Those who have an interest in children should prioritise them now. Since the North and South Nodes form and axis, they can also be thought of as pointing towards one direction and area of life and away from another. The North Node pointing the way forward, the area of life to exploit, to develop and where greater fulfillment and fortune lies waiting. The South Node in contrast, represents the area to relinquish and release and is associated with past habits and our comfort zones where perhaps we’ve become too comfortable. Since Pisces is the area of your solar chart associated with your friends, social circle and any groups with which you may be involved with, the presence of the South Node here suggests you should travel lighter in this area. It would also imply that you should not allow peer pressure to influence your personal decisions, especially those of an emotional or romantic nature. At times you should even be prepared to go solo rather than follow the herd but also if you find yourself faced with a dilemma between friendship and love, you should consider choosing love.

Uranus's influence in 2016
The presence of Uranus in Aries, one of the more complex areas of your solar chart, does not appear to impinge directly on Taurus in 2016. This 2016 horoscope forecast is concerned with your Sun sign, which is Taurus. However, there is more to your horoscope than just your Sun sign, and so it is possible that Uranus may be affecting other areas of your horoscope. Since we are only dealing with your Sun sign here. From the perspective of your Sun sign there is little to add except perhaps the possibility that beneath the surface, out of your immediate awareness, there is a strong desire for change slowly bubbling away. This is something that may surface when Uranus transits Taurus, your Sun sign, from 2018. Until then, try to keep a lid on your more eccentric, iconoclastic and idiosyncratic habits and inclinations, or at least be discreet about them. You might also want to minimise your interactions with those goofy oddballs who threatened to lead you astray.

Pluto's influence in 2016
As with the discussion of Jupiter in Virgo above, the presence of Pluto in Capricorn is favorable for Taurus. Business, commercial, property and financial matters should prosper under the combined influence of both Jupiter and Pluto in harmony with Taurus, your Sun sign. Pluto’s presence in Capricorn represents a general long-term influence for all Taureans. Nevertheless, Pluto’s impact can be powerful and since its alignment with Taurus is favorable, you could find fate or circumstance gives you the opportunity to take a larger or more prominent role, to have more influence and control and to direct or take charge of proceedings. This may happen in your work and your personal life. Pluto’s influence will be felt most strongly by those born between 03 - 09 May. This may also be a time when you’re developing yourself, either philosophically, culturally or educationally. The end result of such development is likely to empower you and to make you a more effective agent of change in the world.

Neptune's influence in 2016
Neptune’s presence in Pisces throughout 2016 and beyond is a little hard to judge and by itself is not necessarily problematic. However, the presence of the South Node of the Moon in Pisces throughout 2016, as discussed above, is urging you not to commit too much time, energy or resources to the area of your life associated with your social circle. This is especially so if some of the values, interests and priorities as well as the general life direction of some of your associates is increasingly diverging from yours and where you want to be. For example, the recreational interests of some of your circle may not be those you feel it would be wise to pursue or experiment with. With Neptune and the South Node coming together around November this may be a time when you need to be careful and discrete in your social life and to avoid trying to rescue anybody since there is a possibility you could be taken to the cleaners. The combination of an ephemeral Neptune in watery Pisces is a very mystical, otherworldly influence and in stark contrast with the emphasis on solid, practical, down-to-earth qualities signified by Taurus, your Sun sign. Nevertheless, there may be real value in you associating with a group of kindred spirits who follow a mystical or spiritual path concerned with enunciation of earthly illusions while promoting a vision of transcendental unity of all things.

Mercury Retrograde Periods in 2016
Mercury’s retrograde periods occur roughly thee times a year for three weeks each time. Mercury will be retrograde, appearing to move backwards when view from earth, on four occasions in 2016: From 05 January - 24 January, 28 April - 22 May, 30 August - 22 September and 19 December - 08 January 2017. When Mercury is retrograde it’s prudent to hold-your-horses and take a less-is-more, wait-and-see approach to what’s going on. Avoid the tendency to cut corners, be economical with the truth or skip the small print. This is a good time to review, revise, reassess and if necessary, move the goalposts. When Mercury is retrograde, take a step back in order to take two steps forward later. Also keep an eye on electronic devices and equipment which are more likely to play up or disappear. Between 05 January - 24 January, don’t rush important work, career or school matters. If possible do some more research before jumping to conclusions. Careful with travel, double check your documents and itinerary and leave plenty of time to get to your destination. Between 28 April - 22 May you could find your self in the spotlight so be as careful with what you say as how you say it. If possible, smile benignly, hold your tongue and keep your cards close to your chest. Between 30 August - 22 September don’t let a technical problem derail your attempts to have fun and express yourself creatively. Between 19 December - 08 January 2017 make sure to do your research, revise and review your work and ideas before presenting them to others.

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