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Cancer Sign  Cancer 22 Jun - 22 Jul


There are some stressful astrological configurations
in the heavens throughout 2014 and the cardinal
signs, Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn are likely to
experience more tests, challenges and changes then the
other Sun signs. Being a water sign, Cancer by its very nature
is sensitive and emotional. Cancer Sun sign individuals, like their
creature comforts, security and safety, and so often when first confronted
with change and upheaval, have a tendency to retire to a place of relative safety, and sometimes to retreat into their shells. Although Cancers often appear vulnerable, in part, that’s because they have a tendency to wear
their heart on their sleeve. Nevertheless Cancer is one of the most tenacious of Sun signs. So, although 2014 will be a testing time for Cardinal signs generally, Cancer may well fare better than most, due in large part to the favorable alignments between all three water signs, Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces next year.

Nevertheless, change is inevitable and part of life and that’s what is on the cards, especially for the Cardinal signs in 2014. Fortunately for Cancers however, there is the presence of Jupiter, the great benefic, in Cancer, your Sun sign, until July. Jupiter’s influence is generally favorable, protective and even lucky. Jupiter’s presence in your Sun sign, promises increased confidence, optimism and opportunity, and can help you through the process of change and transformation ahead. Jupiter’s favorable and fortunate side is likely to shine particularly bright on those Cancers born in early July, around the two weeks at the end of February and early part of March. While opportunity may well knock at this time, at the very least, Jupiter should help you make the most of the changes that occur then.

Jupiter’s move into Leo from July suggests there could be an improvement in your financial affairs in the second half of 2014. Since Jupiter, when in Leo, will be in harmony with planets in Aries, the work and vocational zone of your solar chart, you might also find that opportunities on the work front will also present themselves in the second half of the year.

Saturn, the hard taskmaster of the Zodiac is in Scorpio throughout 2014. Since Scorpio, like Cancer, is a water sign, Saturn will be in favorable alignment with Cancer throughout 2014. Saturn appreciates the importance of patience, perseverance and good old fashioned hard work. With Saturn in harmony with your Sun sign, once you get going, you can be very productive, not unlike a steam train, powerfully and yet steadily making its way to its destination. To make the most of Saturn’s influence be prepared to roll up your sleeves and get stuck in. Saturn, due to its rulership over your opposite sign of Capricorn, also has something to say about relationship matters for you too, personal, professional and romantic. Therefore, you may find that love and romance is likely to develop in areas where you get the chance to have some fun and enjoy yourself. If you have any special interest or hobbies that you share with others, this is also an area where you could find Cupid waiting next year. An increased level of intimacy in your personal relationships is indicated. However, unless you’re planning on extending your family, do take precautions when getting up close and personal.

The other favorable influence comes from the other water sign, Pisces. Neptune, planet of fantasy, illusion, delusion, crystal balls, imagination, inspiration, addiction and sacrifice, is slowly making its way through the early part of Pisces. Neptune’s influence is subtle and can often be quite a difficult energy to deal with, especially when in stressful alignment and in signs in conflict with its nebulous nature. Fortunately for Cancer, not only is Neptune in Pisces, the third of the triad of water signs, in harmonious alignment with Cancer, Neptune’s nebulous nature is not unfamiliar or alien to your whimsical, sentimental and imaginative Sun sign. All Cancer Sun signs are likely to experience Neptune’s influence, to varying degrees. However, since Neptune moves very slowly, it is those born towards the end of June that are likely to experience Neptune’s influence most strongly in 2014. As Neptune makes its way through Pisces, those born later in July still have this to look forward to.

There are two eclipse seasons every year. Eclipses occur when new and full Moons fall within close proximity to the North or South Node. The North and South Node are always opposite each other, and take approximately 18 ½ years to travel backwards through the signs of the Zodiac. Therefore, the Nodes spend approximately 18 months in each pair of opposing Sun signs. In 2014 the North Node will be traveling through Libra while the South Node travels through Aries, the sign opposite Libra. Eclipses will occur in 2014 when the Sun travels through the sign of Aries and the sign of Libra and this will occur, more or less, in the spring and autumn. Since Aries and Libra represent two of the more significant areas of your solar chart, the spring and autumn are likely to be significant times for you.

The Nodes, and therefore the eclipses represent an axis that is highlighting career, vocation and status issues on one level and home, family and domestic matters on another. There may be times next year when you’re faced with the choice between prioritizing vocational and career or home and domestic matters. While it might not be that straightforward, generally speaking, the astrological weather suggests it is domestic matters that should take priority. The presence of Mars, in Libra for the first half of 2014 suggests a certain amount of stress, upheaval and increased activity could prove a distracting influence in your private life if you let your attention stray elsewhere. This is not the time to brush things under the carpet, or stay late at the office if you’ve got pressing issues at home.

The presence of Uranus in Aries, and Pluto in your opposite sign of Capricorn is the reason for the statements about the challenges faced by the cardinal signs mentioned above. Like Neptune, Uranus and Pluto move slowly through the signs. Uranus will be traveling between 8° - 16° of Aries and Pluto through 11° - 13° of Capricorn respectively in 2014, which corresponds, more or less, with those Cancer Sun sign individuals born in the first week of July. These people will experience the influence of Uranus and Pluto most obviously and dramatically next year. Those Cancers born at the end of June have already been through this, whereas those born later have it yet to come. Whether the combined influence of Uranus and Pluto is considered something to look forward to or not, really depends on how resistant you are to change. Admittedly, initially at least, Cancer may be one of those Sun signs that appears least resistance to change. However, Cancer is a cardinal sign, an active and initiating sign, but a water sign nevertheless. Combining this suggests that when change occurs your sense of emotional security and stability is what is likely to motivate you to act.

Pluto and Uranus combine to offer a new landscape, emotionally, domestically and professionally. 2014 is an important year for you. At times, as fate and destiny beckons it may even be a little scary. In life, the things that we regret are usually not the things we do, but the things we didn’t do. Believe it or not, you are made of stardust, so feel the fear, and do it anyway.

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