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Saturn's influence in 2015
The movement of Saturn into Sagittarius, your Sun
sign, at the end of 2014 marks the beginning of a
significant period for you. Saturn takes approximately 30
years to travel through the 12 signs of the zodiac, spending
approximately 2½ years in each zodiac sign. Therefore those of
you over 30 will have experienced Saturn transit through your Sun sign
at least once before, the last time was about 30 years ago. Of course, your age, educational and cultural background will be factors in determining how you experience and respond to Saturn’s current transit of your Sun sign over the next few years. Nevertheless, there are certain characteristics of Saturn’s transit that are relatively consistent. As a stonemason chisels away at a block of stone, to give it form and definition, so will Saturn encourage, and at times challenge, you to more clearly define who you are, your beliefs, your goals and what you stand for. As a consequence, this can have important implications for your career, vocation and life path, the whole caboodle.

Under Saturn’s influence don’t be surprised to find you’ve to make a number of important, serious, far-reaching decisions where you must choose one particular option or direction and in the process forego others as potentials become realities. Saturn wont be amused to find you sitting on the fence, so don’t get too comfortable if that is where you currently reside. Saturn’s transit through your Sun sign is a time to get leaner and meaner, physically and psychologically. Increased workload, commitments, responsibilities and duties often come with Saturn’s transits. You may be challenged to define your goals and take concrete steps to realize them, you may have additional responsibilities and others may turn to you for guidance, leadership and support.

Astrological folklore says Sagittarians have a happy-go-lucky, easy come, easy go, attitude to life and love. However, with Saturn in Sagittarius until the end of 2017 you might not feel so footloose and fancy free. Nevertheless, this is the time to roll up your sleeves, to focus and work hard to build something solid and tangible of yourself, and for yourself, in the world. To establish yourself in someway. You don’t have to join the a gym but at least take the metaphor on board. When you begin working out at the gym for the first time, initially the weights feel heavy, and afterwards your limbs and muscles become sore and tender. However, it’s not long before you feel increased strength and see your physical form more clearly defined. In a similar way, there may be times when you’re left feeling tender and sore as you take on more stuff. Increased responsibilities, commitments and duties may come your way, wether you want them or not. These may weigh heavily upon you at times, especially since Sagittarians value their freedom and independence so much. Nevertheless, you’ve the strength to bear the burdens and expectations, and you’ll get tougher, stronger and more sober in the process.

Younger Sagittarians may need to work and study harder, to take on increased duties and responsibilities within the home and family or have other pressures to deal with now. Saturn may also manifest in the form of an older individual who enters your life and has significant influence on you. Sagittarians of all ages will be required to develop greater independence, self-reliance and maturity now. For senior Sagittarians, this can be a time to confront issues concerning health, vitality and mortality, there own and those around them. Psychological, religious and philosophical issues may surface and important question as to how make the most of their time. Time to prioritise. Older Sagittarians may find that others increasingly looks towards them for guidance in someway while they too will have their fair share of responsibilities to deal with. Whatever your age, you can mature very quickly under the influence of Saturn.

This may turn out to be a demanding and testing time, but one in which you will emerge a stronger, wiser and more mature individual. Not surprising Saturn gets a fair amount of bad press in astrology. If an individual is living an inauthentic life, full of illusions, self deception and behaving in impractical or irresponsible ways, then Saturn’s transit can bring a reality check, a wake-up call and the message to pull their socks up and get back on track. Major life changes often occur during transit of Saturn through your Sun sign, male figures in your life may experience increased stress during this period. Nevertheless, this can be time for building and establishing yourself, for a new start, a major geographical move, a big job change, a major life changes. What happens over the next couple of years will have longterm significance for you life. So be prepared to grab the tiger by the tale and make the most of it very important period in your life.

Jupiter's influence in 2015
Jupiter, your planetary ruler will be in Leo, until August, when Jupiter moves into Virgo. Jupiter takes approximate 12 years to travel through the 12 signs of the zodiac, spending about one year in each zodiac sign. Jupiter’s presence in Leo, until August bodes well for educational pursuits, travel and developing connections with foreign people and places. Spiritual, metaphysical and philosophical matters are also likely to get a boost and this would be a good time to pursue your interests in these areas. From August, Jupiter moves into Virgo, the area of your solar chart associated with your career, vocation, life path, reputation, and status in the eyes of the world. Jupiter’s presence in Virgo should bring a boost, an increase, expansion and a certain amount of good fortune to your work and vocation. Since Jupiter, which governs Sagittarius, is your planetary ruler, this suggests you should make the most of opportunities to further your life goals and ambitions, to put yourself forward and show the world what you can do. When we combine Jupiter’s favorable influence and tendency to bring opportunity and a dose of good fortune and combine it with Saturn’s indicator of the likelihood of increased responsibility combined this bodes well for your vocational aspirations, with hard work and opportunity going hand-in-hand in what promises to be a very productive time for you. Time to step forward, to establish yourself and make your mark.

The Nodes of the Moon's influence in 2015
Until November the North Node of the Moon will be in Libra and the South Node of the Moon, which is always opposite the North Node, will be in Aries. In November, the North Node moves into Virgo and the South Node moves into Pisces, the sign opposite Virgo. Therefore, the end of 2015 and 2016 again points to the importance of your worldly goals, vocation and path in life over the next few years. The presence of the South Node of the Moon in Pisces suggests domestic changes may be on the cards towards the end of the year and into 2016. The Nodes, are usually treated as an axis in astrology, the South Node is a point of release, to let go, perhaps a place where we’ve become too comfortable, with our old and sometimes bad habits. The North Node is the area we’re encouraged to expand and develop, where opportunities for growth and development, where there is a promise of fulfillment and a certain amount of good fortune lies waiting to be exploited. Very much where the grass is greener, supposedly Sagittarius’s favourite destination. Since Libra is the area of your solar chart associated with groups, friends and kindred spirits, you should find 2015 is a fortuitous time for making new friends and connections that have significance for your in 2015 and beyond. Getting involved with groups and organizations that share your goals and aspirations could prove very fruitful. With Uranus and the South Node of the Moon in Aries, opposite the North Node of the Moon, this can also be an indicator that things may work better for you if you’re prepared to be a team player, to share the accolades, applause and occasional ripe tomato, rather than trying to go it alone.

Uranus's influence in 2015
The presence of Uranus in Aries throughout 2015 and beyond should be a favorable one for Sagittarians. Because Aries, like Sagittarius and Leo, is a fire sign, and because the fire signs are in harmonious alignment with one another, Sagittarians should experience the more positive side of Uranus. Essentially, Uranus is associated with change, changes that can bring greater independence and autonomy, bringing a sense of freedom, even liberation. An openness to new vistas, perspectives and ideas. Uranus can bring profound insight. Since Uranus is in harmonious alignment with Sagittarius, the changes Uranus brings should run relatively smoothly, and rapid as the momentum builds up. Uranus takes approximately 84 years to travel all the way around the zodiac, spending about 7 years in each of the 12 signs. Uranus’s harmonious alignment with Sagittarius will represent a general back drop for all Sagittarians. However, those Sagittarians born between 4th - 12th December will experience Uranus’s influence most strongly in 2015. Those Sagittarians born before these dates will already experience Uranus’s influence, those born later will meet Uranus in the not too distant future. In early March, both Jupiter and Uranus will be in harmony and this could be a time of unexpected, but favourable change and even good fortune, so keep an open mind and answer the call should opportunity knocks at this time. With Uranus in Aries, a fire sign, Jupiter, your planetary ruler, in Leo, another fire sign, until August and Saturn in Sagittarius, your Sun sign, another fire sign, throughout most of 2015, this creates a very harmonious triangular figuration, which bodes well for personal initiative, creative self-expression, educational, international and cultural pursuits, especially those that involve your work, vocation or life goals.

Pluto's influence in 2015
Pluto will be in Capricorn throughout 2015. Usually the slowest moving of all the planets, Pluto’s longterm presence in Capricorn is unlikely to be as significant as those planetary influences mentioned above. Nevertheless, Capricorn is the area of your solar chart associated with money and finance, and Pluto’s presence here for the foreseeable future may indicate increasing awareness of how the use and misuse of resources, financial and otherwise, can have a direct bearing on how much power and influence, or like thereof, you have in the world. If you’ve not thought too much about money or the future, the combination of Pluto’s presence here with that of Saturn, ruler of Capricorn, in Sagittarius, as mentioned above, then perhaps it may be time to you to get your financial house in order. If you roll up your sleeves, tighten your belt and play your cards right, this could be a time when you prosper.

Neptune's influence in 2015
Neptune, which also moves slowly, will spend 2015 in Pisces. Pisces represents the area of your solar chart associated with home, family, domestic and property matters. Although Neptune’s impact will be felt as a subtle background influence for all Sagittarians, those born between the end of November and early December will experience Neptune most strongly in 2015. Those born earlier will already have met Neptune, those born later will meet Neptune later. Neptune can be tricky, especially if both your feet are planted firmly on dry land. Because Pisces is in challenging aspect with Sagittarius, your Sun sign, Neptune’s more challenging side may manifest.

In many ways, Neptune is the opposite to Saturn, mentioned above. Saturn emphasizes boundaries, Neptune dissolves them, Saturn is materialistic and logical, requiring us to more clearly define who we are, what we stand for and in the process, creating distinctions, emphasising differences, separating one thing from another. Neptune on the other hand, tends to merge and is not limited by logical considerations. Subjective experience is highly valued by Neptune; have you ever seen an elephant fly? Saturn is concerned with a here and now, the so called “real world,” Neptune’s concerns are immaterial, elusive, ephemeral, at home in the great beyond and imaginal realms. Saturn requires us to face facts and deal with them. Neptune can make us want to escape the harsh realities of life. Therefore, those who experience both Saturn and Neptune in 2015 may feel disoriented at times. Nevertheless, as a wise many once said, hang in there, it will pass. Hopefully you will discover a creative way to incorporate both these planetary principles into your life.

This is a great combination for creative projects and artistic pursuits. Neptune’s presence in the domestic zone of your solar chart may indicate that certain elements in your private life, living environment or family may be subject to unusual influences, lack of boundaries and you may experience a sense rootlessness or wanderlust. If so, you may benefit by establishing a relatively fluid domestic setup, as opposed to one that involved rigid commitments, routines and long-term plans and obligations. Major domestic change and upheaval, especially those concerning property matters should be handled patiently and with care and it’s important that to be clear about what you want where you feel you are going and insist other do the same and put their cards on the table.

Positively, Neptune can bring a dissolving of boundaries and increased awareness of the spiritual and imaginal dimension of life, how we, the earth and the universe are all interconnected, interrelated and interdependent. For a metaphysically and philosophically oriented Sun sign, like Sagittarius, Neptune can bring an opportunity to widen your views on life, love, and the universe and can add a rich mystical, otherworldly and creative dimension to your life.

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