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Sagittarius Sign  Sagittarius 22nd Nov - 21st Dec


In Summary
This is an important time for you. By now you
should be familiar with the presence of sober
Saturn in your Sun sign and although there may be
times when you feel you’ve lost some of your natural
bounce and buoyancy over the last 12 months or so, at
the same time you should be a lot more mature, realistic
and wiser after having gained a clearer sense of your
authentic self and your capacity to be mistress, or master, of your fate.

With Jupiter in Libra this is a good time to expand your social circle. Uranus is encouraging you to rewaken latent talents, to express yourself, to pursue and experiment with those elements of your life that are a source of fun and pleasure. Meanwhile, Neptune warns against letting the past cast it’s shadow on the future. Pluto is brining lessons about attachment and the importance of becoming more financially savvy, self-sufficient and independent while the Nodes are urging you to explore unfamiliar people, places and ideas.

Saturn's influence in 2017
Sober Saturn will remain in Sagittarius, your Sun sign, until the end of 2017, when it moves into Capricorn.. The transit of Saturn through your Sun sign is a major astrological event. Saturn takes approximately 30 years to travel through the 12 signs of the zodiac, spending approximately 2½ years in each zodiac sign. Those of you over 30 have experienced Saturn transit through your Sun sign at least once before, the last time was about 29-30 years ago. Those of you over 60, twice before while for those of you over 90, this will be Saturn’s third time around. Your age will be a factor in determining how you experience and respond to Saturn this time round. Saturn has been in Sagittarius for nearly two years now so you should have a sense of what Saturn in your Sun signs represents and where you’re headed. Saturn requires you to define who you are as distinct from everyone and everything else. This is essentially about you and you alone but, naturally, it has important implications for your career, vocation and dealings with those in positions of authority and influence. Don’t be surprised to discover you will be faced with important decisions where you must choose one direction and in the process forego others as potential becomes reality.

Saturn’s transit through your Sun sign is a time to get leaner and meaner, physically and psychologically. Saturn usually brings an increased workload, commitments and responsibilities. You’ll be challenged to define your goals and take concrete steps to realise them. Others will turn to you for guidance, leadership and help. This is the time to establish, or re-establish yourself, your reputation and your authority. Younger Sagittarians may need to work and study harder, to take on increased duties and responsibilities. For some of you, an important mentor or older individual may enter your life, if so, you should be prepared to play the role as apprentice. Older Sagittarians in turn may find themselves in the role as mentor. Don’t close the door If others increasingly look to you for guidance, advice or leadership.

Sagittarians of all ages will be required to develop greater independence, self-reliance and maturity. Senior Sagittarians may confront issues concerning health, vitality and mortality. Important psychological, religious and philosophical questions may concern you and more practically, how to make the most of your time. Saturn is most problematic when we try to lead an inauthentic life, in which case Saturn’s transit can bring a reality check. Generally however, this can be time for a new start, a move, career change or some other major life event. What happens will have longterm significance. Make the most of this important period in your life.

Jupiter's influence in 2017
Jupiter, your planetary ruler, takes approximately twelve years to travel the twelve signs of the zodiac, spending roughly one year in each zodiac sign. Jupiter will be in Libra until October 2017 when it moves into Scorpio, where it will remain until Jupiter enters Sagittarius, your Sun sign, in November 2018. Until then, since Libra is the area of your solar chart associated with your group activities, associates and social network in general, this is great time to get out and about and meet new people, expand your social circle and team up with kindred spirits who she you hopes and dreams.

Scorpio is one of the more complex areas of your solar chart and Jupiter’s presence there is paving the way for Jupiter’s entry into Sagittarius at the end of 2018, an important and favourable period and the beginning of a major new Jupiter cycle for you since Sagittarius is your Sun sign and Jupiter your planetary ruler. Until then, with Jupiter in Scorpio this would be a good time to turn inwards, for healing and work on yourself and those aspects of yourself, your past and your psychology that may be preventing you from realising your potential.

The Nodes of the Moon's influence in 2017
The Moon’s Nodes, the North Node of the Moon and the South Node of the Moon, form a pair, an axis and are always opposite one another. Approximately every 18 months or so, they change zodiac sign. The North Node is orientated towards the future, where we’re going, and so points to an area which we need to embrace and develop, where greater opportunities to develop our potential awaits us. The South is associated with the past, where we are coming from, and is considered a place of release. An area of life where we may have become too comfortable, complacent, indulgent or a creature of habit and routine.

With the North Node in Virgo until May, try to prioritise your work, vocation and life goals and make the most of opportunities to put yourself and your talents in the shop window, to win the approval, appreciation and favour of those in positions of power and influence. From May, the North Node will enter Leo as the South Node enters the sign zodiac sign opposite Leo, Aquarius. Leo is the zone of your solar chart associated with foreign people, places and cultures as well as your educational, intellectual and metaphysical interest and inclinations.

With the North Node in this zone of your solar chart until November 2018, it’s time for an adventure, to develop a new, broader perspective and explore life, ideas and places far away from your familiar scene, regular routine and the rabbit proof fence.

Uranus's influence in 2017
Uranus is associated with change and upheaval, often sudden and unexpected and for some it represents a wake-up call. Uranus wakes us up from our narrow view of things and brings with it a new perspective that makes perfect sense to us afterwards although prior to its influence in our lives we didn’t notice, or failed to notice, what we later consider an obvious and natural course of events. If we knew what to expect, it wouldn’t be Uranus. Taking approximately 84 years to travel the 12 signs of the zodiac, Uranus spends about 7 years in each zodiac sign and is considered a background influence for most people until it triggers some of the more personal points in our horoscopes.

Uranus will be in Aries throughout 2017 and represents a relatively favourable background influence for all Sagittarians. Those born around 11 - 21 December will feel Uranus most strongly in 2017. Uranus can awaken or reawaken interests, aspirations and talents within us which ask to be liberated and released and to find a place and expression in our lives. This can be a time of feeling inspired, refreshed, renewed, a time of breakthroughs. Since Uranus is in Aries and Aries is in harmonious alignment with Sagittarius, your Sun sign, you’re more likely to experience less of the tensions associated with the more stressful alignments of Uranus. Less tension may also indicate you may be inclined to make less effort if you’ve got less obstacles and challenges to overcome.

Nevertheless, exploit this favourable astrological weather and make the most of opportunities to be liberated from restrictions and pursue opportunities for greater, freedom, independence and autonomy that give the chance to express yourself and do your thing.

Pluto's influence in 2017
Pluto travels very slowly, taking approximately 248 years to travel the 12 signs of the zodiac. As with Uranus, Pluto is associated with change. However, Pluto and Uranus are not the same. The change Pluto signifies is associated with the natural process of death and rebirth, something we see and experience around us everyday, such as the cycle of decay, death, rebirth and renewal that characterises the changing seasons. So to does Pluto affect us all to varying degrees at varying times in our lives. Pluto has a cleansing influence. Pluto cleans away that which has served its purpose or role in our lives and needs to make way for new life, growth and new experiences. Change is an inevitable part of life and is more difficult or stressful, the more we try to hold on or resist. Pluto can give us an opportunity to discover, or rediscover, hidden talents and resources within us, talents which may now demand a stage or a place in our lives to be expressed. Pluto can be the key to making the changes ahead that work in our favour.

Pluto is in Capricorn, the area of your solar chart associated with your personal resources, possessions and money. As with everything in astrology, the influences can work at multiple levels, frequently at the same time. With Pluto in this zone of your solar chart power, manipulation and control issues can revolve around money and possessions. You could find yourself at either end of this situation. If you’re finances are unstable or you are unwilling or unable to live within your means you may find yourself under the influence of others. Alternatively, you may be the one in the position of power in the lives of others, directly or directly. Or perhaps in some area of your life you feel like a lion while in another, are treated like a mouse. The problem with money is that it can muddy the water and complicate our emotional lives, a fact of life for many people. Your task, should your choose to accept it, is to minimise the hold money, status and worldly goods and possessions has over you.

Some of you may seriously consider renouncing your worldly attachments and retreating to a monastery, and no doubt for some of you that would be the right and proper thing to do. If you do decide to remain in the everyday world amongst ordinary mortals you might want to consider reflecting on the nature of your attachments since these can be a source of suffering. Reducing those aspects of your financial affairs that have you embroiled in emotional entanglements, even if this means living more modestly in the short-term, may be to your advantage in the long-term.

At the other extreme, you may become increasingly aware how your apparent status and outward displays of wealth and possessions, or lack thereof, can influence how you are treated, but also how you treat others. If you want power you need to start with yourself. Greater control of your life starts with greater control of your self and your finances and personal resources. That’s the lesson Pluto in Capricorn brings.

Neptune's influence in 2017
Neptune will be in Pisces throughout 2017 and beyond. Like both Uranus and Pluto, Neptune is considered an outer planet. Neptune is also slow moving, taking 165 years to travel the 12 signs of the zodiac and so, like Uranus and Pluto, Neptune's influence reflects social, political and cultural changes that shape and colour the course of history. We experience these outer planets in a personal way when they touch or trigger the sensitive points in our horoscopes. Neptune more than any other planet is not of this world. The world of Neptune is a utopian paradise. Neptune is concerned with selflessness, idealism, spiritual and mystical inclinations, imagination and fantasy. Difficult aspects from Neptune can be stressful since they test our worldview and challenge us to make our dreams and ideals a reality.

Until the South Node of the Moon leaves Pisces for Aquarius in May, the more complex side of Neptune could show itself and so you need to be careful in property matters and try to avoid misunderstandings with family members or loved ones. From May, the emphasis appears to be on trying to establish an ideal home environment. Family members may be in need of support or feeling the need to support you in someway. This is fine if you can avoid complicated emotional entanglements. You may want to consider taking a trip or two down memory lane since some of the answers you seek may be buried in the past.

The past may also need to be re-examined, reevaluated and looked at in a new way, especially if it is informing how you think and act in the present as well as your future aims and aspirations. Perhaps you may need to comes to terms with and be prepared to make peace with the past so you can move on, to look.

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