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Virgo Sign  Virgo 23rd Aug - 22nd Sep


Mercury's Influence in 2015 ...
Mercury, your planetary ruler, usually goes
retrograde for approximately three weeks three
times a year. In 2015, Mercury’s retrograde periods
will be 21st January - 11th February, 19th May - 11th
June and 17th September - 9th October. Mercury’s retrograde
period effects some Sun signs more than others. However, Gemini and Virgo, your Sun sign, the two signs ruled by Mercury tend to feel Mercury’s influence strongest. During Mercury retrograde periods it’s generally advisable to slow down, to step back and not to cut corners. under Mercury’s retrograde influence you are more likely to spread yourself too thin, take on too much, to rush, hurry and therefore in the process, there is a tendency to neglect to do things thoroughly such as read the small print and double-check your plans, appointments and travel itinerary.

Electronic equipment, computers, mechanical devices and means of transport may be less reliable and predictable at these times and not only are you more likely to loose your phone and internet connection, you could also buy a lemon, no, not the citrus fruit but an electronic or mechanical device, anything from a hearing aid to an intergalactic spaceship, that turns out to be invested with gremlins. Naturally, this is a time when you should leave plenty of slack in your system.

Generally, with Mercury retrograde, it is not considered a good time to sign yourself away to long-term commitments, major purchases or undertake complex and far-reaching negotiations. One of the best things one can do with Mercury retrograde, besides sit back, put your feet up and watch the whole crazy show, is to take a step back, slow down, do more research, reassess, revise, reevaluate and if necessary go back to the drawing board, move the goalposts and start again. Less haste, less waste is a very Mercurial motto. It is usually a good idea to slow down now to revisit, reassess, rewrite, rethink and redo.

On another level, Mercury’s retrograde motion may indicate a time for turning inwards, to go on an inner journey of self-exploration, psychological, mystical, creative. If you’re up for it and have the appropriate insurance, perhaps you might consider a journey to the underworld. Should you make it back in one piece, you may well return with new insights on life, love and the universe.

Mercury’s retrograde period between 21 January - 11 February will occur in Aquarius and so this is likely to affect the day-to-day aspect of your work and usual routine. Health issues that present themselves during this period may be associated with dizziness, breathing difficulties, circulation problems, psychological stress, the feet and ankles. The tendency to trip up or twist one’s ankle may be the Big Kahuna's attempt to put us on our backside and stop us running around in circles or heading off in an inauspicious direction, a potential risk of Mercury retrograde periods, especially for you Virgo and Gemini folk.

The retrograde period from 19th May - 11th June falls in Gemini, and is likely to affect your work and vocation, so be careful to try to slow down now rather than spread yourself too thin or make promises you can’t keep. The retrograde period between 17th September - 9th October falls in Libra, the area of your solar chart associated with money matters and possessions. Therefore, be careful with the financial and commercial agreements, negotiations and commitments during this period and try to reduce spending on big ticket electrical, mechanical or technical items, especially spaceships. If you’re ever tempted to read the small print, this would be a good time.

Although Virgo will avoid some of the more stressful, challenging and frankly hair-raising aspects which correspond with the presence of Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn that the cardinal signs, Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn will face in 2015. Nevertheless, Virgo will still have one or two challenging astrological of configurations to deal with over the next 12 months.

Saturn's Influence in 2015 ...
Sober Saturn, the hard taskmaster of the zodiac will spend most of 2015 in Sagittarius, the area of your solar chart associate with home, family, property, your living environment and domestic matters generally. Saturn’s presence here could indicate increased duties, responsibilities and commitments in this area. Family members and loved ones may present increased demands on you during this period and certain relationships may get tested. You may also find your having to take greater responsibility for some aspect of your private life but also set down clearer structures or boundaries in your private life. Virgo is generally are not afraid of hard work. In fact, Virgo, along with Capricorn, are often considered the workaholics of the zodiac and not surprisingly a disproportionate amount of the world’s wealthiest individuals are Virgos.

Concerning home family and domestic matters, it is likely that you will have more work to do in this area of your life, perhaps connected with property and your living environment but also tasks and demands set upon you by your family commitments. They can be a sense with Saturn in this area of your solar chart of laying foundations, tangible and serious that will have long term implications. Therefore, this may be time where you move home primarily for commercial, career or financial reasons. They can be a sense of having a clear out in your private life in some form so as to build, tangibly, for the future. Obviously this can manifest on a number of levels which could include members entering or leaving your family circle, a relocation or a deep seated desire for a new start. Saturn will be in Sagittarius until the end of 2017 so this is a significant long-term transit of your solar chart and may take a little time to gather momentum.

Neptune's Influence in 2015 ...
The other astrological indicator that could be a source of complications is that of Neptune in your opposite sign of Pisces. Neptune will be in Pisces for a number of years to come and therefore its presence in Pisces represents a general background influence for all Virgos. However, since Neptune will be traveling from around 6° Pisces to 10° Pisces in 2015 those Virgo is whose birthdays fall between the end of August and early September are likely to feel Neptune’s influence most strongly next year. Those Virgos born earlier will have felt Neptune’s influence already in recent years, those whose birthdays are later in September will meet Neptune in the years to come.

Neptune is in Pisces, the sign opposite Virgo, your Sun sign, and this is the area of your solar chart associate with relationships, emotional, personal, professional and other people in general. Therefore this is the area of your life where you are most likely to encounter Neptune over the next year. Of all the planets, Neptune can be the hardest to put your finger on, to grasp since by its nature Neptune is often experienced as something nebulous, intangible and ephemeral. As you might expect, poor Neptune don’t have a good reputation. Although it is generally agreed that it can bring out the best qualities in us, the opposite occurs most frequently in those leading inauthentic lives. Since Neptune will be opposing your Sun sign and that your Sun is one of the most important points in your horoscope then Neptune is likely to have an influence on your sense of identity and your understanding of who and what you are, what you are doing with your life and where you’re going, personally and since this is about core themes in your life and how you live it, your purpose and hence, vocation. Neptune is associated with spirituality, mysticism, inspiration, the imaginal real and the world of fantasy, illusion and delusions, such as fashion, the arts and media. Neptune is also considered to possess a compassionate, altruistic and spiritual side, charitable, community focused and redemptive, concerned with nature, the earth and humanity.

Under Neptune’s influence you may become more idealistic, more creative, inspired and compassionate, you may decide to pursue elusive goals, schemes and dreams. As such, Neptune’s influence can be very enriching and rewarding and add a spiritual, otherworldly dimension to your life. However, at its worse Neptune can lead to delusions, disappointment and deception. Since Neptune is in the opposite sign of Pisces, it may be that through your interactions with others that you experience Neptune’s influence. This could involve relationships with spiritually, mystically, creatively or altruistically inspired individuals who introduced you to new activities and perspectives. You may even discover something divine, within you and out in the world. Negatively, you could be taken advantage of, hoodwinked, seduced and exploited. With Neptune sometimes things have a tendency to look too good to be true often do turn out to be good too good to be true. Therefore, it is important to be careful in commercial business and financial matters that involve you working closely with others, especially when money, resources and relationships based on trust are concerned.

Don’t worry, just don’t be naive unless of course you get a perverse satisfaction about being taken to the cleaners. Neptune is likely to have most fun with those skeptical Virgos who’ve doggedly lived very much in the material world, primarily concerned hard facts and practicalities of existence. Here Neptune can open up visions of a new and different world and set of values.

Alternatively, all those far out, wacky Virgos living precariously on the edge who already have difficulty managing in the real world, may either become inspired, enlightened, they’re dreams and schemes may finally come true or worse case scenario, perhaps take a one-way ticket to the Moon in the faulty spaceship they shouldn’t have bought while Mercury was retrograde.

Virgo’s are by nature conscientious folks, however under Neptune’s influence it would be wise to avoid the temptation to rescue others. Do however, be open to making contact with those whose perspectives on life, love and the universe is very different from your home. Increased sensitivity is likely, especially as Neptune aspects your Sun sign and you should remain open to the intangibles. Imagine of the divine. Not every Virgo will be abducted by aliens, but life and what it is about, is sure to look rather different after Neptune has been and gone. The earth will certainly look a strange place if you’re standing on the Moon.

Pluto's Influence in 2015 ...
Pluto’s presence in Capricorn is quite favorable for Virgo. Capricorn, like Virgo is an earth sign and signs of the same element such as earth, air, water and fire are harmoniously aligned within the zodiac. Pluto will be in Capricorn for a number of years to come and while it represents another general background influence for Virgo, it will have a particularly strong influence on those Virgo is born between the 5th - 10th September. Both Virgo and Capricorn, being earth signs are concerned with dealing with the real world, the world of tangibles like money, finance, work, responsibility business, politics et cetera. Since the Sun represents one’s mysterious sense of “I,” one’s core identity, such a strong and favourable aspect from Pluto has the potential to bring quite dramatic long-term change. Pluto can bring an increase sense of empowerment. Therefore, you may develop talents or skills under this influence or have the opportunities to take your knowledge and expertise to a new level. You may come into your own in some way or be given an opportunity to shine, to increase your material resources, power and influence in your life and in your work. Since the aspect from Capricorn is a harmonious one, it brings with it a sense of flow, things can happen quickly and the more you put in the more you’ll get out. Perhaps you’ll get undressed one day to discover a Superman or Superwoman costume concealed beneath that was there all along.

Uranus's Influence in 2015 ...
Uranus will be in Aries throughout 2015 and since Aries is one of the areas of your solar chart associated with money this could be a potential indicator of a certain amount of instability in your financial affairs, especially those of you involved with matters of credit, mortgages and your financial commitments generally, Naturally, this would be a good time to simplify this area of your life. Uranus has a reputation for being a liberator and awakener and so on a metaphysical level, this could represent a new interests that give you an opportunity to get to look behind the veil of our so-called “clockwork” universe. On another level, you could simply indicate the time to break free some of your financial and emotional commitments. Positively, increased financial instability and unpredictability may simply indicate new and irregular potential sources of income.

The Nodes of the Moon ...
The North Node and the South Node of the Moon represents an axis and so are always opposite one another in the Zodiac. The Moon’s Nodes are considered important in astrology, mainly because eclipses of the Sun and Moon occur, twice a year and roughly 6 monthly intervals, close to the Nodes. The Nodes act as an axis, the North Node is generally considered the area of growth and development, something to strive for, to move towards whereas the South Node is considered a point of letting go, a place of release and emptying. The South Node is associated with our comfort zones, often behaviors that represent the easy way out, habits and routines that have become comfortable, perhaps too comfortable.

The North Node will be in Libra and the South Node in Aries until November when the North Node moves into Virgo, your Sun sign, and the South Node moves into your opposite sign of Pisces. With the North Node in Virgo from November, it’s a simple indicator of putting yourself, your aspirations and your agenda first. With the South Node in your opposite sign of Pisces this may be indicating it’s time for letting go of some people who no longer seem willing or able to contribute to your life. Until November, with the North Node of the Moon in Libra and the South Node in Aries, this is highlighting financial matters.

Perhaps the Big Kahuna, if you combine this with what we discussed concerning Uranus in Aries above, is sending you a message that it would be prudent to simplify your financial affairs, especially those involving others. That you’ll benefit from reducing your financial commitments and complications involving others. The presence of the North Node in Libra should also encourage you to maximize your earning potential, to put a higher valuation on what you do and if necessary and appropriate, ask for a larger slice of the pie.

Jupiter's Influence in 2015 ...
Last but not least is the movement of Jupiter into Virgo, your Sun sign, from August, whoopee! Astrologically speaking, this is good news. Jupiter takes approximately 12 years to travel the 12 signs of the zodiac, spending approximately one year in each Sun sign. Jupiter will be in Leo, until August when it moves into Virgo, your Sun sign, where it will stay until September 2016. Jupiter is known as the great benefic and while sometimes has a tendency to promise more than it delivers, it does have a reputation for bringing increased optimism, confidence and a fair dollop of protection and good fortune.

With Jupiter in Virgo, your Sun sign, this would be a good time to make a new start to head off in a direction that offers greater personal satisfaction. Since Jupiter’s presence here is likely to correspond with increase of optimism and self-confidence. This would be a good time to put yourself out and about, for self-promotion and take a chance on life and love. Others may seek you out. While that may bring its benefits be mindful about our discussion concerning Neptune above and try to exercise a certain amount of discrimination before giving your time, energy, money or heart away. Jupiter may also correspond with the opportunity to break out of a complicated, restricting or unhealthy situation so make the most opportunities to spread your wings. With Jupiter in Virgo, your Sun sign, you may well find that the grass is greener elsewhere but do look before you leap.

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