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 Capricorn 22nd Dec - 19th Jan


A major new life cycle is getting underway
although it may take some time before the
long-term implications are clear. This could involve
both endings and beginning and so you should endeavour
to travel light and declutter your life to make way for new growth and new possibilities. This heralds an important time in which you should endeavour to establish or re-establish a sense of your own uniqueness, personal identity and independence. Since extra demands may come your way do watch your health and pace yourself. In the meantime, this is a good time to meet new people and expand your social world. If there are certain things you need to get where you want to go, it’s okay to ask for help and support now. Make the most of opportunities to have fun and for finding new outlets for your talents.

Saturn's influence in 2018
At the end of 2017 Saturn, your planetary ruler, entered Capricorn, your Sun sign. Saturn will be in Capricorn, more or less, until the end of 2020. This is especially significant for you since Saturn is your planetary ruler. This represents an important period for you, a time to establish or re-establish a sense of your own uniqueness, personal identity and independence. For some this could represents a major new start which might also involve some endings and a time to clear the decks in some way to make for new growth, new foundations. This can be a time when extra duties and responsibilities come your way, which may take a little time to adjust to, like someone going to the gym for the first time. Nevertheless, this promises to be the start of a significant period in which you can make considerable progress. Saturn here can make extra demands on you so it’s important to watch your health and get plenty of quality rest.

Jupiter's influence in 2018
With Jupiter in the zone of your solar chart associated with your friends and social network until November, this would be a good time to make the most of opportunities to reconnect with old acquaintances and expand your social circle and team up with kindred spirits who share your dreams and aspirations.

The Nodes of the Moon's influence in 2018
With the North Node of the Moon in Leo and the South Node in Aquarius, the money zones of your solar chart until November, pay attention to your money flow. The South Node, the point of release and letting go in Aquarius, points to the possibilities of unnecessary costs and expenditures and so you should endeavour to run a tight ship and put something aside for a rainy day.

With the North Node in Leo, the point of increase and gain, this suggests that rather than rely on and potentially deplete your own resources, you may find others willing to help you out. While you should avoid getting in too deep, be prepared to ask for the help and support you need, personally, emotionally, practically and even financially.

Uranus's influence in 2018
Uranus will move from Aries to Taurus in May, returning to Aries in November. From the spring of 2019 Uranus will be Taurus again, not returning to Aries for some time. Since Taurus is the zone of your solar chart associated with, amongst other things, your creative self-expression and those aspects of your life that are a source of pleasure. Therefore, perhaps it might be time to begin to make some space in your life to express your talents and those passions and special interest of yours that are a source of pleasure. Those of you already expressing your creative talents may find new avenues and new ways to do your thing.

Pluto's influence in 2018
Pluto’s influence on Capricorn will continue, more or less, until 2025. Therefore this is a long-tern influence and suggests that you’ll will be going through periodic periods of regeneration, rebirth and transformation. Those Capricorns born between 07 - 12 January will feel Pluto’s influence most strongly in 2018. Those born earlier will have already met Pluto, those born later will meet Pluto in the not too distant future. While this can be a time to concentrate on essentials it can also represent a time to access your hidden talents, the hidden wealth within you and to be an agent for positive change in the world.

Neptune's influence in 2018
With Neptune in Pisces, spending time by water and going on short trips away that connect you with nature are well-starred. This can also indicate you’d benefit from incorporating your spiritual studies and values into your daily life. There might also be those close to home who share your ideals and so you should connect with like-minded individuals in your community.

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