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 Capricorn 22 Dec - 19 Jan


Of all the 12 signs that make up the Zodiac,
Capricorn, your Sun sign, has experienced some
of the most challenging astrological configurations in
recent years. Your horoscope chart is more than just your
Sun sign, nevertheless we are dealing with your Sun sign here.
In 2014 Pluto will continue to slowly make its way through Capricorn,
your Sun sign, and Pluto’s presence here is a major indicator of long-term change, transformation, endings and beginnings, closure and rebirth. The change that Pluto brings is frequently far-reaching, irreversible and unavoidable. Like crossing a bridge from one place to another, once Pluto’s influence recedes, there can be a sense of what life was like before and after Pluto’s energy manifested in your life. Pluto will be in Capricorn for the foreseeable future and its presence there represents a background influence against which your life will unfold. Pluto’s influence will be felt more personally by those Capricorns born at the end of December and the early part of January. Those Capricorns born earlier will have already experienced Pluto in recent years, those born later will experience Pluto over the next few years. How Pluto impacts on your life will depend on your personal circumstances, age and cultural situation, but also your willingness to embrace change.

Power, control, finance and responsibility are frequently issues that come into focus, that may need to be confronted and addressed when you meet Pluto. Nevertheless, it is important that you try to flow with, and not against, the tide of events. With Pluto there can be a sense of being caught up in situations and circumstances outside your personal control. Positively, you can be an agent of change, transformation and empowerment in the lives of others. If you find yourself in such a situation, it’s important not to let the additional power, influence or resources that come your way go to your head. When change in the guise of fate, circumstance or opportunity comes calling, don’t resist, travel light and go.

Pluto is not the only planetary influence that is heralding change for you next year and beyond. Uranus, the awakener, the liberator, the revolutionary, the crank and the goofy oddball is also in stressful alignment with Capricorn. Although swifter than Pluto Uranus also moves relatively slowly and will be in Aries for several years to come. The change Uranus often brings tends to be sudden, dramatic and unexpected. Under the influence of Uranus you may feel a strong urge for greater freedom and independence, to break away from restrictions, routines and all habits that have served their purpose and may only now be limiting, restricting or holding you back. With Uranus in stressful alignment with Capricorn, this can add a sense of urgency, suddenness or spontaneity to Uranus’s impetus for change. Therefore, there may be times when you will want to walk away, break free and head off on an adventure, to pastures new, to boldly go where none has gone before. Those Capricorns born at the end of December and the first week of January will feel the influence of Uranus most strongly in 2014. Again, those born earlier will have already experienced Uranus’s influence while those born later will meet Uranus over the next few years. Combined, the potential for change, transformation, awakening and liberation that Pluto and Uranus can bring make these interesting times to be a Capricorn.

In addition, eclipse activity in the spring and autumn may have an impact on you next year. The North Node and the South Node of the Moon are always opposite each other. The Nodes take approximately 18 ½ years to travel all the way around the Zodiac, spending approximately 18 months in each sign. From February the North Node of the Moon will enter Libra, while the South Node will enter the sign opposite Libra, Aries. In your solar chart Libra is the zone associated with career, vocation, status and those in authority, whereas Aries represents the area of your solar chart associated with domestic matters, home, family, your living situation and property. With eclipses occurring in the spring and the autumn, these may be times when you’re having to deal with important work and domestic matters. The Nodes are important because when a new or full Moon falls close to one of the Nodes we have an eclipse. The Nodes also represent signposts, the North Node points to the way forward, an area to develop, a path to fulfillment and productivity. The South Node can be thought of as being a place, or area of our lives that has become too comfortable, that may be stopping us from growing and developing, and so it is this area of our lives where we may need to release, relinquish and generally let go. Therefore, there may be times next year when you will find yourself at a crossroads, where you may have to choose between prioritizing vocational and professional activities or domestic matters and your private life. Although in reality such situations are usually not so clear cut, nevertheless the astrological signposts are urging you to prioritise your vocation, life path and work. Since the area where you may need to reduce your commitments and let go is highlighting family and home matters, you need to be open-minded if an opportunity comes to make a move, to relocate or rearrange your living situation so that it helps and supports your attempts to make the most of opportunities to pursue what you consider your life path or professional goals.

Matters appear to be complicated by the presence of disruptive Uranus in Aries, the domestic zone of your solar chart, suggesting a certain amount of change and upheaval is indicated on the domestic front, and the presence of impatient and impulsive Mars in Libra for the first half of 2014. With Mars in Libra, you may find that there will be certain tensions, conflicts and even disagreements in your work and working environment. You may need to deal with difficult customers, colleagues or clients or pressure from above. Nevertheless, the presence of the North Node of the Moon in charming, accommodating and peacemaking Libra, suggests that persuasion rather than pressure is the way forward. Cooperation and compromise should be your default setting and that you should avoid taking sides or getting too deeply involved in office politics. If you can keep your head, even if those about you are losing theirs, then eclipse activity in 2014 bodes well for your professional goals, aspirations and status, but you may have to go where destiny beckons.

One of the more favorable astrological influences around you in 2014 is the presence of Jupiter, the great benefic in your opposite sign of Cancer until July. With Jupiter in your opposite sign benefits frequently come through others, often it can be a case of it's not what you know but who you know that makes the difference. This bodes well for emotional, romantic as well as professional relationships. So while you may be busy and have a lot on your plate next year, make the most of opportunities to get out and about and meet people.

From July Jupiter moves into Leo, one of the areas of your solar chart associated with money and resources, frequently the resources of others. With Jupiter in Leo, you may find it easier to get hold of the help, support and resources you need to achieve your goals. This would not however be a good time to complicate your financial life. So although you may benefit from pooling your resources with others, try not to overextend yourself, rely too much on credit or get yourself into debt. However, if you need some help from the universe, or even just your bank manager, then you may find your requests favorably received. While you should always be careful what you wish for, with Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries heralding a period of major life change, if your heart is in the right place, your intentions and aspirations are wholesome and sincere then 2014 may be an excellent time to do some cosmic ordering.

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