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Aries Sign  Aries Mar 20th - Apr 20th


In Summary
This a significant time for your career, vocation, life
path and dealings with those in positions of authority.
Therefore, it’s important to avoid people and situations that
threaten to compromise your personal integrity and ethical values. Nevertheless, even though you can make tremendous progress now toward your personal goals, it is important for you to prioritise your home, family and domestic matters. As a growing plant above needs secure foundations below, so to do you need to focus on your foundations and base of operations to achieve your worldly objectives. Travel, further study, educational and philosophical pursuits are well-starred and you should make the most of opportunities to travel and engage with different people, cultures and ideas. Be flexible and open-minded in money matters and be prepared to exploit new outlets and ways of being rewarded for your talents.

Jupiter's influence in 2019
Jupiter takes approximately twelve years to travel the twelve signs of the zodiac, spending roughly one year in each zodiac sign. Jupiter will be in Sagittarius until December when it moves into Capricorn. Capricorn is the zone of your solar chart associated with your work, vocation and dealings with those in positions of influence and authority. Jupiter’s move into Capricorn promises to bring a boost to this area of your life. In the meantime, since Sagittarius is the zone of your solar chart associated with far away people and places, the higher mind, education,  metaphysics and philosophy, these would be fruitful avenues to pursue in 2019. Whether that involves travel overseas, immersion in a different culture or a mental journey via further study, this is time for an adventure, to expand your mind, your horizons and explore the world of unfamiliar ideas, people and places.

Saturn's influence in 2019
Saturn will be in Capricorn, more or less, until the end of 2020 and this is likely to prove a significant time for your work, vocation, life path and dealings with those in positions of influence and authority. If you’ve been drifting, lacking focus and direction, resisting choosing one path over another, then perhaps it’s time to decide and commit yourself. Alternatively, if you’ve been patiently making your way along your chosen path then now could be a time of additional responsibilities, workload and recognition since with Saturn, we reap what we sow. Those who’ve been pursuing certain avenues, not out of personal choice but perhaps through external pressures or the need to please others, may have an opportunity to pursue a calling or direction more in keeping with their true, authentic self. This can also be a period in which you’ve to deal with people in positions of power and authority, which should prove fruitful and only likely to prove problematic for those who’ve been avoiding their responsibilities or have been less than honest in your attempts to get ahead.

The Nodes of the Moon's influence in 2019
The Moon’s Nodes, the North Node of the Moon and the South Node of the Moon, form a pair, an axis and are always opposite one another. With the North Node in Cancer, and the South Node in the sign opposite Cancer, Capricorn throughout 2019, the spotlight  is on domestic matters so be prepared to prioritise the demands of your home, family and private life. Focus on getting the foundations right, feeling safe and comfortable in your home environment. This is also a time to make an extra effort on the domestic front and strengthen ties with family and loved ones. With the South Node of the Moon, the point of release and letting go, in Capricorn throughout 2019, make an extra effort to reduce the amount of your time, attention and energy that is eaten up by work matters and increase the focus on your personal life, interests and activities outside of the office.

Uranus's influence in 2019
Uranus takes about 84 years to travel the 12 signs of the zodiac, spending approximately 7 years in each sign. Uranus is associated with change and upheaval, often sudden and unexpected, for some it can represent a wake-up call. Uranus wakes us up from our narrow view of things and brings with it a new perspective, new opportunities and new people. Slow moving, like Neptune and Pluto, Uranus represents a background influence until it triggers sensitive points in our horoscope. From the spring of 2019 Uranus will move out of Aries and into Taurus, not returning to Aries for another 80 years or so. Since Taurus is the area of your solar chart associated with money, possessions and your personal resources, finances may be subject to ups and downs and some sources of income may be unpredictable and unexpected. Sources of income could also be connected with new technology, ideas or metaphysical subjects. Be open to using new forms of money, payment methods or financial institutions in 2019. You may have many progressive, creative, money making ideas and discover unusual, innovative ways to generate funds. Nevertheless, be discreet about your sources and ideas and don’t overextend yourself too much, even if you think you’re onto a winner.

Neptune's influence in 2019
Like both Uranus and Pluto, Neptune is considered an outer, transpersonal or transcendental planet. Neptune is also slow moving, taking 165 years to travel the 12 signs of the zodiac and so, like Uranus and Pluto, Neptune's influence reflects social, political and cultural changes that shape and colour the course of history. We experience these outer planets in a personal way when they touch or trigger the sensitive points in our horoscopes. Since Neptune will be in Pisces throughout 2019, Neptune will not be having a direct influence on your Sun sign. However, Pisces does represents one of the more complex areas of your solar chart and so it is important for you to try and lead a clean and healthy life, not only in terms of eating habits, personal hygiene and lifestyle choices. Honesty, integrity and authenticity in your personal conduct and dealings with others is key if you’re to avoid the potential of complications and misunderstandings in your private and professional life.

Pluto's influence in 2019
Pluto travels very slowly through the zodiac, taking approximately 248 years to travel the 12 signs of the zodiac. As with Uranus, Pluto is associated with change but they are not the same. Pluto cleans away that which has served its purpose or role in our lives and needs to be make way for new life, growth and new experiences. Change is an inevitable part of life and the more difficult or stressful, the more we try to hold on and resist it. Like Uranus, Pluto represents a background influence and will affect some more personally than others. Pluto can give us an opportunity to discover or rediscover hidden talents and resources within us which may now find a place in our lives and be the key to making the changes ahead that work in our favour. Those Aries born around 9 - 14 April will feel the influence of Pluto more than most. Those born earlier will have already met Pluto; those born later have this to look forward to over the next few years. Since Pluto is in Capricorn, the area of your solar chart associated with work and structures of power and authority, it is in your dealings with these areas of your life you are most likely to meet Pluto in 2019. Therefore, be open to making changes in your work and vocation, to exploring pastures new and finding and developing a niche for yourself. However try to avoid getting involved in power struggles and office politics.

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