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In Summary
2016 continues a prolonged period of change and
transformation that the cardinal signs, Aries, Cancer,
Libra and Capricorn are feeling more than most. Before
and after will be two very different places but perhaps it’s
not yet time to expect to have everything done and dusted, settled
and stable. Therefore, be prepared to travel light and embrace rather
than avoid change and the inevitable march of time. Immersing yourself in a productive daily routine, whether at work, at home or in some voluntary capacity will help you feel rooted and purposeful. Relationships should prosper from the autumn so be prepared to get out and about and mingle. Beneficial aspects from Saturn in Sagittarius are highlighting the importance of making the most of educational and training opportunities and of establishing a meaningful metaphysical or philosophical system to underpin your aspirations, and guide your actions.

Saturn's influence in 2016
Saturn’s presence in Sagittarius throughout 2016 is favorable for Aries since the sign Sagittarius is in harmonious alignment with the sign of Aries. This a constructive influence and bodes well for more serious educational, training, metaphysical and cultural pursuits that support your attempts to establish yourself in the world. Travel taken for career, educational and vocational reasons is also well-starred. This message is reinforced by the longer than usual presence of Mars, your planetary ruler, in Sagittarius in 2016. With Mars in Sagittarius between March and May and again in August and September, this would be a good time to make progress in your studies, philosophical interests and international affairs. With Mars retrograde from 17 April – 30 June, step back and use this time to review, reassess and revise your work and ideas. However, be careful and avoid taking unnecessary risks or pushing too hard when Mars and Saturn around 24 August.

Jupiter's influence in 2016
Jupiter will be in Virgo until September when it moves into Libra, the relationship zone of your solar chart, suggesting relationships matters should improve from the autumn. If you’re looking to renew your vows, ready for a fresh start or keen to reignite an old flame, then with Jupiter in Libra from September until the autumn of 2017 this is great for love and romance but also for professional relationships and client work. With Jupiter in your relationship zone there will be times when it is not what you know but who you know that makes the difference, so don’t be bashful about asking for help and assistance to get where you want to go. Until September, with Jupiter in Virgo, this is favorable for the more routine, day-to-day aspects of work. An improvement on the work front is likely and you should find work more enjoyable. Make the most of opportunities to develop new specialist or technical skills that will give you an edge in the market place in 2016.

The Nodes of the Moon's influence in 2016
The location of the transiting Nodes of the Moon in your solar chart are important because when a new or full Moon falls close to either the North or the South Node, we have a solar or lunar eclipse. The Nodes are a pair, they form an axis and are always opposite each other. Throughout 2016 the North Node of the Moon will be in Virgo and the South Node in Pisces, the sign opposite Virgo. The influence of the North Node of the Moon in Virgo is similar to that of Jupiter which will be in Virgo until September. The North Node points the way forward and represents an area to develop, a direction to pursue. The South Node, which represents issues and areas of your life which need to be released or relinquished, where you need to let go, is in Pisces, one of the most complex areas of your solar chart. The message of the Nodes for you in 2016 is that it is important to be busy and productive and to develop a regular routine that can ground you and bring greater stability into your life. To keep your feet on the ground and not let yourself be swept away by flights of fancy or desire to escape from having to roll up your sleeves and fulfill your obligations.

Uranus's influence in 2016
Uranus will be in Aries, your Sun sign, until 2018, and as it slowly makes it’s way back and forth through Aries, upsetting the status quo, it tends to bring change, often sudden, unexpected and even for astrologers, unpredictable change. Uranus shakes things up, bringing awakenings, liberation, independence and rebellions and breakthroughs. Those Aries born between the 6 - 14 April will feel the influence of Uranus most strongly in 2016. Those born earlier will already have met Uranus in recent years. Nevertheless, for all Aries Uranus signifies a general background of change. The influence of Uranus is most difficult to handle if we’ve got ourselves stuck in a rut and try to hold on to those things, people, ideas, aspirations, values and goals which we should really let go of, to make way for new life and new opportunities. Uranus can bring freedom and release and a chance to discover, or rediscover one’s true sense of self, personal path or life vocation.

Pluto's influence in 2016
Like Uranus, Pluto is also an important background influence and a harbinger of significant transformation. While Uranus can bring novel ideas and new perspectives, the change Pluto ushers in is often one born of necessity. As such, the influence of Pluto, like the inevitable march of time itself, takes no prisoners. The principles of decay, death, rebirth and renewal are in keeping with the nature of Pluto. Such a process is rarely a piece of cake and choices may need to be made between competing priorities. Those born around 4 - 8 April will feel the influence of Pluto most personally and since Pluto is aspecting Aries from Capricorn, the area of your solar chart associated with your career, vocational path, status and your dealings with those in positions of power and authority, this should be the area of your life from where the impetus for transformation manifests most strongly.

Neptune's influence in 2016
Neptune’s presence in Pisces is unlikely to have much impact on Aries, your Sun sign. However, there is more to your horoscope than your Sun sign but that is all we are dealing with here. While Neptune can bring escapist tendencies whether through drink, drugs or various forms of fantasy, it also brings with it a desire to connect with the boundless oneness of which we are all part and but from which time and space separates us. A longing to reestablish a connection with this oneness can bring a spiritual awakening. However, with the South Node of the Moon also in Pisces as discussed above, perhaps it may be prudent to minimise your urge to merge and cross over to the other side and instead, follow the path of the North Node of the Moon in 2016, and plant yourself firmly on solid ground on planet earth.

Mercury Retrograde Periods in 2016
Mercury’s retrograde periods occur roughly thee times a year for three weeks each time. Mercury will be retrograde, appearing to move backwards when view from earth, on four occasions in 2016: From 05 January - 24 January, 28 April - 22 May, 30 August - 22 September and 19 December - 08 January 2017. When Mercury is retrograde it’s prudent to hold-your-horses and take a less-is-more, wait-and-see approach to what’s going on. Avoid the tendency to cut corners, be economical with the truth or skip the small print. This is a good time to review, revise, reassess and if necessary, move the goalposts. When Mercury is retrograde, take a step back in order to take two steps forward later. Also keep an eye on electronic devices and equipment which are more likely to play up or disappear. Between 05 January - 24 January be careful with important communications, written and verbal in relations to your work, vocation and those in positions of authority. Be prepared to ask for more time and double check your facts and figures before putting your cards on the table. During the period between 28 April - 22 May be extra careful with finances. Slow down, take your time and avoid signing along the dotted line until you’re good and ready and have done your homework. Between 30 August - 22 September misplaced paperwork, bad information or technical hiccups and delays could complicate work and routine matters so take your time and avoid cutting corners in your haste to get ahead. Between 19 December - 08 January 2017, like the early part of the year, careful when communicating with those in positions of influence and authority. When putting your views across to others, rehearse your lines and know your audience.

The Influence of Mars in Scorpio in 2016
Mars spends a disproportionate amount of time in Scorpio in 2016, from January to March and again from the end of May to early August. Since Scorpio is one of the money zones of your solar chart, specifically the one concerned with your financial connections, commitments and occasional entanglements with others. You’ll be especially dynamic and formidable at this time and while this would be a good time to sort out and organize your financial affairs, there is the possibility of disagreement or conflict if you come on too strong, act in haste or on insufficient or incomplete information. Although you should be able to get hold of the resources you need without wearing stockings over your head and waving a gun about, try to temper your demands and forcefulness with the occasional smile and don’t overextend yourself or take more than you need.

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