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Uranian and Plutonian Themes in 2015 ...
2015 promises to be another important year in
an important decade for Aries, especially for those
born in the early part of April. For several years now
and for several years to come, the presence of Pluto in
Capricorn and Uranus in Aries, your Sun sign, is likely to have
corresponded with major change, upheaval and transformation in
a number of important areas of your life. Those Aries born in March will already have experienced much of the changes and upheaval I’m referring to whereas those born later in April may not experience this until next year and beyond. However, all Aries will experience this to some extent as a general background influence. Nevertheless, it will be those Aries born in early April that will experience the changes that correspond with Uranian and Plutonian themes.
Since Uranus is in Aries its influence is likely to be felt more personally than that of Pluto, which is in another sign, Capricorn, which may well appear to come through an external agency, influence or individual. Since Pluto is in Capricorn, the area of your solar chart associated with your career, vocation, reputation and status in the eyes of the world, Pluto’s influence may correspond with changes to your work, vocation, status or what you consider your life path.

Uranus is associated with change, change that is often experienced as sudden, unexpected and unpredictable. Suddenness, sometimes shockingly so, is a Uranian characteristic although we may look back later and, with hindsight, not be so surprised that events took the turn that they did. There is another aspect to Uranus which is associated with awakening, liberation and a the need for greater freedom, independence and autonomy. Uranus corresponds with the desire to be free, to be independent, to break away from restrictions that we feel are thwarting or blocking us. These can be physical, emotional, financial but just as easily these can be about ideas, attitudes and values. So, for example, under a strong Uranian influence someone may have a major life change, new insights, they may head off in a new direction, may want to become more independent, as if something inside them wants to break out, to break free to head off on an adventure.

Uranus may also be experienced through changes within the immediate environment, sudden and unexpected events, the breaking of bonds, commitments and restraints that have kept you pursuing a certain path, kept you in a certain place or fostered a certain outlook on life and love. Regardless of your particular circumstances Uranus is saying it is time for a change. Something inside you may want to emerge, to find expression and be set free, to spread its wings and fly.

Perhaps a latent talent or interest may be awakened, discovered or rediscovered especially if your other commitments or concerns has meant you’ve had to put something aside, something about which you felt a keen interest, strong passion or something that was very personal to you at some point. In such cases, attempts to smother, restrict or hold back the Uranian impulsive is more likely to make the eventual change more disruptive, chaotic or stressful. Since this is an unstable period it is probably not a good idea to try make your life too solid, dependable or stable right now. This is a time to travel light, to keep your options open and be wary of making long-term plans or commitments until the Uranus influence has passed.

Uranus has also been associated with Prometheus who stole fire from the gods and gave it to humankind. As such, this represents the aspect of Uranus that brings mental, intellectual and philosophical changes. The Promethean aspect of Uranus has a lot to do with your ideas, perspective and intellectual outlook. Uranus can bring new ideas, new ways of seeing, but also great inventiveness. Therefore, if you are involved with technology, abstract ideas or intellectual pursuits, Uranus can bring sudden insights, increased inventiveness and opportunities to work in new ways or with advanced new technology or ideas.

Changes that correspond with Pluto may seem to come from external sources whereas those associated with Uranus may feel like something from within wants to emerge, breakout or break away. As you try to adapt to Pluto’s influence, you may feel at times that you’re forced to make decisions, to choose and so attempts to sit on the fence or your reluctance to commit to one path, perspective or person may simply result in the decision being taken out of your hands and seemingly imposed upon you from without, but this does not mean you do not have some influence on events, you may simply not be aware how your actions and attitude influence your fate.

Uranus and Pluto are considered transpersonal planets in astrology and therefore their influence may often seem impersonal and not under ones immediate influence or control. However, you are not totally passive, even if you find yourself caught up in a wave of big social, political or cultural changes, you still have something to contribute, you can make a difference. Since Pluto is in Capricorn, the area of your solar chart associated with career, vocation and status, it is likely that the changes ahead may well influence work and career matters. It may help to look at this in terms of necessity, the need for transformation that is part of an overall process of growth, development, decay and then renewal. Again, the more open, flexible and adaptable you are more, the likely the changes ahead will be experienced as liberating, exciting and renewing.

Obviously, people of different generations will experiences changes that correspond to Uranus and Pluto, but in different ways. Younger people may well experience changes within the home, family, local or educational areas of their lives. Seniors may experience physical and material changes, changes in work and responsibility, but also and just as importantly psychological change. Some people may consider this an opportunity to make certain life changes that enabled them to follow their passions others may look at it is an opportunity for adventure and to do new things and meet new people, while others may have a sense of being renewed, refreshed and reborn. Naturally, others may resist change. Astrologically speaking, change is inevitable, the choice is yours as to how you deal with it.

Jupiter's Infuence in 2015 ...
Jupiter, considered the greater benefic in astrology, will be in Leo until August when it moves into Virgo. Jupiter’s presence in Virgo, from August can bring an improvement on the work front, making your daily routine and work situation more fruitful, satisfying and enjoyable. Jupiter’s presence in Virgo is also a good time to consider adopting a new, healthier, plant-based diet or making lifestyle changes that help make you happier, healthier and increase your sense of emotional well-being. Until August, Jupiter will be in Leo, the area of your solar chart concerned with pleasure, romance, merrymaking and creative self-expression. This is good for socializing, having fun and play. So, despite other changes going on in your life make the most of opportunities to have fun, romance and express yourself creatively.

Saturn's Influence in 2015 ...
Saturn, the sober taskmaster of the Zodiac, will spend most of 2015 in Sagittarius, like Leo and Aries, your Sun sign, Sagittarius is a fire sign. Saturn’s presence in Sagittarius suggests this would be a good time for serious study, especially study that helps you further your worldly goals and ambitions. Metaphysical, spiritual and intellectual pursuits are also well starred but there is a sense that hard work, commitment, a serious approach to such matters and especially patience, is the key to success in this area. Saturn does return to Scorpio briefly from June to September which may be a time when you have to sort out certain financial arrangements or commitments, especially those involving others, whether individuals, financial institutions or other organizations.

Nodes of the Moon in 2015 ...
Another major influence affecting Aries in 2015 is the presence of the South Node of the Moon in Aries and the North Node of the Moon in your opposite sign of Libra. The Moon’s Nodes are treated as a pair and are always opposite each other in the Zodiac. The North Node points to the way forward, an area to develop and can be fortunate, bringing opportunities, whereas the South Node can represent old habits, addictions, the easy way out, the path of least resistance and how we can get in our own way.

With the North Node of the Moon in your opposite sign of Libra, this is pointing to the importance of others. Therefore, make the most of opportunities to get more involved with others, be prepared to compromise and cooperate and work more closely with other people, to be a team player, to work in partnership, to allow others take the initiative, to lead and make decisions.

The South Node is in Aries, your Sun sign, suggesting that certain Aries qualities may not be those you should use, rely or depend on to get things done and make things happen. Such as using assertiveness, pushiness or pressure to get your way or an unwillingness to compromise or cooperate. If we consider the Nodes like a pendulum, with the South Node in Aries this suggests that certain Aries traits may be holding you back, especially if you think your way is the only way and your impulsiveness, impatience with lesser mortals and desire for independence is stopping you from making the most of your talents, resources and the opportunities out there.

Therefore, this probably isn’t the time to go it alone. Be prepared to accept a smaller part in a bigger production and let others take the initiative, make decisions and be in charge. The presence of the North Node of the Moon in Libra is favourable for relationships, emotional, personal and professional. So be prepared to go out of your way for others, to compromise and take a backseat and if you do, you may find the longest way round, is the shortest way home.

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