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In this Yearly horoscope forecast for 2014, we
are only considering your Sun sign, Pisces. There is
a lot more to your horoscope than your Sun sign but
that is what we will be dealing with here. Overall, the
astrological weather for Pisces in 2014 looks better than it does
for most Sun signs. There are a number of stressful astrological
configurations in the heavens over the next 12 months but these will
have their strongest effect on the cardinal signs; Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. Eclipse activity in the Spring and Autumn impacts most strongly across the Aries Libra, Taurus Scorpio axis. Sober Saturn, the hard taskmaster of the Zodiac will be in Scorpio until December 2014 and in the process, stressing the four fixed signs; Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius.

The presence of Saturn in Scorpio is actually good news for Pisces. There are three water signs in the Zodiac; Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces, your Sun sign. All three water signs are in harmonious alignment with one another. Therefore, with Saturn’s serious, sober and pragmatic influence in harmonious alignment with Pisces, you can benefit more than most from Saturn’s pragmatic and productive influence in 2014. Under Saturn’s positive influence you can deal with difficult stuff, take on additional work and responsibilities and establish yourself in the world in some way.

Jupiter, your traditional planetary ruler will be in another water sign, Cancer, until July. From July Jupiter moves into Leo where it will stay until August 2015. Since Cancer is also in harmonious alignment with Pisces, with Jupiter in Cancer this is a favorable influence that promises opportunities, openings and a fair amount of good luck in the first half of 2014. Combined, Jupiter in Cancer and Saturn in Scorpio will be forming a harmonious triangular configuration with Pisces, your Sun sign. Hard work, patience and perseverance will go hand-in-hand with good fortune, opportunity and increased confidence. Be prepared to make the most of the astrological weather in 2014 and make an extra effort to pursue your dreams and schemes.

Scorpio is the area of your solar chart associated with spirituality, metaphysics, education, cultural activities and foreign people and places. Therefore, this can be an area where you can grow and develop in 2014. However, with Saturn here there is a more significant or ambitious feel to this area of your life. So whether you are working hard furthering your education, are making meaningful connections with foreign people and places, traveling for your work or getting serious about a spiritual path, you will reap what you sow in this area of your life. So be prepared to roll up your sleeves and make the most of it.

From December Saturn moves into Sagittarius, the area of your solar chart associated with career, vocation, status and authority. Saturn takes about 30 years to travel all the way around the Zodiac, spending approximately 2½ years in each sign. With Saturn in Sagittarius from the end of 2014 until 2017, this indicates that an important period regarding your work and location is not far away. With Jupiter moving into Leo from July this is also an indicator of an improvement on the work front. Not only is work likely to be more enjoyable and satisfying, you are also likely to be increasingly busy dealing with day-to-day routines, tasks and chores and your work or working environment may have a positive influence in your life. Leo is also the area of your Solar chart associated with health, and lack thereof, so with Jupiter in Leo you need to be careful not to overindulge since Jupiter is frequently associated with excess. Alternatively, with Jupiter in Leo this bodes well for adopting a healthier diet and lifestyle. An exercise regime that involves physical activity, dance, movement, excitement and adventure is well starred.

Until July, Jupiter will be in Cancer, the area of your solar chart associated with creative self-expression, enjoyment, hobbies, merrymaking, romance and pleasure. Whether or not you are in a party mood, make the most of opportunities to socialize, have fun, let your hair down and play. If you have any creative interests, hobbies or artistic talents then this would be a good time to take them to the next level. For Pisces Sun sign individuals, Cancer is also the area of your solar chart associated with children and so if you have them, or are planning to, this can be a good time where children are concerned. Jupiter’s presence in Cancer is generally favorable and fortunate and those Pisces born at the end of February or early March may well find late February and early March 2014 could turn out to be an auspicious period and so you should make the most of opportunities that present themselves around this time.

The North Node of the Moon and the South Node of the Moon are always opposite each other. The Nodes take approximately 18½ years to travel all the way around the Zodiac, spending approximately 18 months in each sign. Early in 2014 the North Node will enter Libra, while the South Node, which is always opposite the North Node, enters Aries. In your solar chart the Aries Libra axis represents the financial zones of your solar chart. The Moons Nodes are significant in astrology for a number of reasons, primarily because eclipses occur when a new or full Moon falls in proximity to the Nodes. There are two eclipse seasons every year and in 2014 these will occur in the Spring and Autumn. Consequently, the Spring and Autumn could be significant times for you financially. This may well affect you indirectly and it could be that those around you are having to deal with a certain amount of stress, conflict and increased activity in their financial affairs.

The Nodes can be considered like signposts. The North Node pointing the way forward, the area that needs to be developed, which promises opportunity and fulfillment. The South Node representing an area that needs to be reduced, released or relinquished. The South Node can signify an area of our lives where we have become lazy, too comfortable and too familiar, where we are creatures of habit. With the South Node of the Moon in Aries it might be sensible for you to simplify your financial affairs next year. Extravagance, wastefulness, impulsiveness and competitiveness in financial matters should be avoided. Disagreements over money or possessions could become unnecessarily complicated. If opportunity knocks for you don’t be too concerned or too focused on the financial aspect. While it is right and sensible to be adequately rewarded for your time and effort, decisions made on purely financial criteria may not necessarily be in your best long-term interests.

With the North Node in Libra you may find it relatively easy to get hold of the money or resources you need to pursue your aims and objectives. Nevertheless, any additional finance that comes your way and the resources made available to you should be used wisely and not wasted. This would also be a good time to pool your resources with others but if you do, make sure everything is clear and above board and you know what you’re getting yourself into. If others are prepared to help you make your dreams come true then be open to receiving help and support.

You may find the universe provides for your next year so be careful what you wish for. The presence of Mars in Libra, until July, Uranus in Aries for several years to come and Pluto in stressful alignment with Aries and Libra from Capricorn is adding to the complexity, stress and potential for major changes in this area. As mentioned above, this is the primary configuration that indicates 2014 could well be a stressful year for the cardinal signs. For Pisces, the presence of Uranus in Aries can indicate a certain amount of instability and change in financial matters, but it could also indicate that new, innovative and unusual sources of income may open up for you. You may also find that the use of progressive ideas, technology or ways of working could boost your finances.

Last but not least we need to discuss the influence of Neptune in Pisces. Neptune takes approximately 167 years to travel all the way around the Zodiac and so moves slowly through the 12 signs. Neptune has been in Pisces for several years and will be there for the foreseeable future. All Pisces are experiencing Neptune’s influence to varying degrees. However, those Pisces born at the end of February are likely to be those who will be experiencing Neptune’s influence most strongly in 2014. March born Pisces will feel Neptune more strongly in 2015 and beyond. Neptune can be a difficult influence to deal with, especially for those individuals focused or caught up in the solid, tangible, material world.

Those individuals open to the world of the imagination, the arts, intuition, aspiration, psychic and spiritual phenomena, fantasy, alternative reality and alternate states of consciousness may well welcome Neptune with open arms. Neptune can bring increased sensitivity, compassion, imagination and desire to find spiritual meaning and significance in life. Therefore, it can be a very interesting, inspiring and satisfying period for those Pisces open to Neptune’s nebulous influence.

Negatively however, Neptune is associated with illusion, delusion, fantasy, escapism, addictions and reluctance, or inability to deal with the real world. This is only likely to be a problem for those individuals who are closed off or stuck firmly in the material world. Generally, however, the more you make space in your life for Neptune and the world of the imagination, inspiration, compassion, spirit and the immaterial and invisible worlds, the more rich, fruitful and creative your life will be.

Yearly Horoscope 2014 by John Hayes

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