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Leo Sign  Leo 23rd July - 22nd August


With both Saturn and Uranus in harmonious
alignment with Leo throughout 2016, this bodes
well for Leos who want to make constructive changes
in their life and work. Money matters need to be taken
care of because is you don’t pay attention you could make like
complicated for yourself. However, if you’re prepared to get your
financial house in order, minimise your commitments and dependence
on others, this could be a good year for you financially. Relationship matters may require your attention over the summer and if you’d like to change the status quo, then this wold be a good time to get the ball rolling.

Saturn's influence in 2016
Saturn will be in Sagittarius throughout 2016, the area of your solar chart associated with pleasure, romance, amusements and creative self-expression. Sagittarius is also the area associated with children and so, where applicable, they may take up more of your time and energy, making more demands on you, so be prepared. Since Saturn governs structures, limits and boundaries, perhaps this would be a good time to set clearer boundaries with children and loved ones. Saturn’s temperament is serious and sober and it’s presence in your pleasure zone may leave you feeling like the oldest swinger in town and not so inclined to let your hair down and spread your love around. However, Sagittarius, like Leo, is a fire signs and since fire signs are in harmonious alignment with one another, Saturn’s presence in Sagittarius should prove favorable. Saturn’s presence here can bring benefits from Saturnian principles of patience, perseverance, discipline and good old fashioned hard work. Therefore, if you’ve a passion, personal interest or hobby that gives you the opportunity to express yourself creativity, then it may be time to get serious about those activities that give you pleasure and an opportunity to show off your talents.

Jupiter's influence in 2016
With Jupiter in Virgo, the money zone of your solar chart until September, it looks like you can expect increased activity on the financial front. While money may flow in and out, if you’re prepared to curb some of your extravagances and put a little something away for a rainy day, you should find yourself in a healthier financial situation by the autumn. Jupiter’s move into Libra from September suggests you’ll benefit from getting out and about more. You don’t need to travel far to benefit from Jupiter’s favourable influence under which benefits may come from short journeys and favourable contacts or developments on your doorstep.

The Nodes of the Moon's influence in 2016
The North Node of the Moon will be in Virgo, the money and personal resources zone of your solar chart throughout 2016. As with Jupiter above, this should be considered a favourable influence. The Moon has two Nodes, the North Node and the South Node, they form an axis and are always opposite one another in the zodiac. Since the North Node will be in Virgo throughout 2016, the South Node will be in the sign opposite Virgo, Pisces. The North Node is an area to develop, it is oriented to the future and should be embraced. The South Node by contrast is associated with the past, where we’re coming from and so is a place of release, where we need to let go, perhaps because we’ve become too comfortable, have become a creature of habit or even stuck. Since Virgo is the money zone of your solar chart, Pisces, the sign opposite, is associated with the resources, financial and otherwise, of others. The North Node is emphasising the need for you to develop your own resources, to become more financially independent and if necessary, to ask to be better rewarded for your time, energy and talents. The South Node’s position in Pisces suggest you’d benefit by simplifying and reducing your financial involvement and commitments to others, reducing your debts and making the most of what you’ve got. If you do, you’ll reap the benefits later when you’ll be in a stronger and less restricted position.
One of the reasons the Moon’s Nodes are considered important in astrology is because when a new or full Moon falls near one of the Nodes, it becomes a super full or new Moon, otherwise known as a solar or lunar eclipse. Eclipses are considered one of the most powerful astrological indicators of change. The lunar eclipse around 18 August falls in your opposite sign of Aquarius, the area of your solar chart associated with partnerships, relationship and your more important interactions and dealings with others. Since eclipse activity is highlighting the this area of your solar chart, it is important to be open to changes on the relationship front and to be prepared to reach out to others at this time.

Uranus's influence in 2016
Uranus is a harbinger of change. Frequently unexpected and unpredictable, Uranus usually has a surprise or two in store. Like a breakthrough or wake-up call, Uranus serves to open us up to new understanding, perspectives and opportunities, bringing freedom and liberation from what went before. Uranus brings an urge to be free of bonds that bind, confine and restrict and a desire to become more free and independent so as to discover, or rediscover the essential core quality of oneself. Talents and interests that have laid dormant can be reawakened and revitalized. Since Aries is the area of your solar chart associated with faraway people and places, educational, philosophical and metaphysical pursuits, the call for greater independence, freedom and adventure will encourage you to explore life beyond the rabbit proof fence. Since Aries, like Leo and Sagittarius, is a fire sign and since fire signs are harmoniously aligned with one another in the zodiac, the influence of Uranus, like that of Saturn in Sagittarius mentioned above, should prove favourable. Since Uranus is a slow moving planet, it represents a general background influence for all Leos. However, those Leo’s born between 07 - 18 August will feel Uranus more personally and directly in 2016. Those born earlier will already have met Uranus in recent years and should continue to incorporate and implement the changes Uranus has brought and wrought. Those born later can expect to meet Uranus over the next few years.

Pluto's influence in 2016
The presence of Pluto in Capricorn throughout 2016 and beyond represents another long term background influence for Leo. Capricorn is the area of your solar chart associated with your work, chores, day-to-day routine and dealings with subordinates as well as your health, or lack thereof. The emphasis from Pluto suggests that work-wise, the more you adopt an attitude of service, rather than identifying too much with what you do and how you’re perceived, and the more you’re prepared to role up your sleeves and get stuck in, the more you’ll benefit and create options and possibilities for yourself later. You may also find the more you’re able to work with and manage others, to share the rewards, resources and the spotlight, the more effective you’ll become both inside and outside the work place. If Pluto has something to say about your health and wellbeing, it may be about appreciating how your physical body has it limits and, as vehicle for your soul, needs to be maintained, cared for and respected if it is to get you where you want to go.

Neptune's influence in 2016
Neptune will be in Pisces, one of the money zones of your solar chart, throughout 2016 and beyond. Like the South Node of the Moon, Neptune can make life complicated if we don’t pay attention. Therefore, it would be advisable to simplify your financial dealings with others and reduce reliance on credit or other financial agreements or arrangements now. This especially important since there is the possibility you may not be entirely sure what you’re getting yourself into, or that the facts and figures may be subject to change and not be as they seem. Avoid get-rich-quick and buy-now-pay-later schemes and think twice before bailing out someone who appears to have holes in their pockets. Those of you mystically inclined should think twice before getting deeply involve with spiritual organizations, activities and enterprises that don’t insist you keep at least one foot on the ground.

Mercury Retrograde Periods in 2016.
Mercury will be retrograde, appearing to move backwards when view from earth, on four occasions in 2016: From 05 January - 24 January, 28 April - 22 May, 30 August - 22 September and 19 December - 08 January 2017. When Mercury is retrograde it’s usually prudent to hold-your-horses and, wherever possible, take a less-is-more, wait-and-see approach to what is going on around you. Avoid the tendency to cut corners, speak with a forked tongue or skip the small print. This is a good time to review, revise, reassess and if necessary, move the goalposts. When Mercury is retrograde, take a step back so as to take two steps forward later. Between 05 January - 24 January communication problems or misunderstandings in a relationship, possibly a working relationship, could make life complicated if one of you acts on incomplete or inaccurate information, news or gossip. Also, be careful with important paperwork, electronic devises and gadgets which may have a tendency to play up or disappear at this time. The period between 28 April - 22 May promises to be an important time for your work, vocation and dealings with those in positions of power and influence. Communication problems or misunderstandings are more likely now so make sure to take your time and be patient and thorough in your dealings and if you have to present information or data to others, be prepared to review and revise what you have to say. Alternatively, it could be others who are the source of the complications and if so, make sure you’ve your facts straight before putting your cards on the table and if possible, delay showing your hand until the end of May when Mercury is moving forward again. Between 30 August - 22 September Mercury will be retrograde in Virgo and so you need to be extra careful with money matters during this time. Try to postpone large purchases, especially of electronic equipment and avoid rushing financial paperwork. As with the early part of the year, the period from 19 December - 08 January 2017 is likely to revolve around the day-to-day area of work which may be more chaotic. If so, avoid cutting corners in your desire to get ahead.

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