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In Summary
2018 heralds a period in which you’ll feel the
call to explore pastures new. Putting yourself
in the driving seat and taking a more central role
in your life and your work is one of the keys to your success, happiness and sense of fulfilment. Be careful to minimise and simplify your financial commitments and obligations to others, people and institutions. Metaphysical and occult matters may prove a source of interest and inspiration. Although you may have a lot on your plate, this is also a time to have fun, play and express your creative side.

Saturn's influence in 2018
Saturn entered Capricorn at the end of 2017. Capricorn is one of the work zones of your solar chart, the one more concerned with your daily routine, habits, schedule and service to others. Saturn will be here for the best part of three years. This promises to be a time when you’re likely to be busy on the work front so It’s important for you to pace yourself and develop effective and productive regular daily routines.

Jupiter's influence in 2018
With Jupiter in Scorpio until the autumn, this bodes well for domestic matters. This is a good time to establish a comfortable home environment and improving relations and building bridges with family and loved ones. From the autumn, with Jupiter in Sagittarius, you’re likely to be in a creative mood, keen to have fun and express yourself and so this would be a good time to pursue your special interests, artistic pursuits and hobbies.

The Nodes of the Moon's influence in 2018
With the North Node of the Moon in Leo, your Sun sign, you should be prepared to put your needs first and make the most of opportunities to take a central role and show what you can do. With the South Node, the point of release and letting go, in Aquarius, the zone of your solar chart associated with others, it may be time to distance yourself from those who may be happy to ride your gravy train but a bit slow about helping you do your thing. You’ll also free up time and space for new people and new opportunities.

Uranus's influence in 2018
Uranus moves into Taurus, the zone of your solar chart associated with your work, vocation and dealings with those in positions of authority and influence. Therefore, if you’d like to explore pastures new be prepared to take the road less travelled.

Pluto's influence in 2018
Pluto’s is in Capricorn, the same zone of your solar chart as Saturn above. This a long-term influence and while perhaps not so obvious, it indicates the importance of how, like a link in a chain or the bricks that go into building a house, what you do matters so endeavour do your best. Don’t try to be perfect, excellence will do.

Neptune's influence in 2018
With nebulous Neptune's in one of the money zones of your solar chart suggests you have to be careful with credit cards, loans and your financial commitments to others. Endeavour to simplify and reduce your financial commitments to others and avoid offers that look too good to be true. Also, with other peoples stuff, resources or goods, again, best not to get too involved. There is an occult aspect to Neptune in this area of your solar and so for those of you so inclined, this could be a time to explore the transcendental aspect of life.

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