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In Summary
With the North Node of the Moon, and therefore
a series of eclipses, falling in Leo, your Sun sign in
2017 and 2018, you are entering an important period in
which you must set the agenda and put your needs first and foremost. Jupiter is adding increased eloquence to your words and sparkle to your smile and encouraging you to get out and about and present yourself and your ideas in the best possible light. Saturn and Pluto are indicating that there are no short cuts to the top of the mountain but you can get their if you’re prepared to role up your sleeves and focus. Neptune is warning you not to complicate your entanglements, emotional or financial, while Uranus suggests that adventure beckons that could change your life but it may take you down a very unfamiliar path.

Saturn's influence in 2017
Sober Saturn will remain in Sagittarius until the end of 2017 when it moves into Capricorn. Sagittarius, like Aries and Leo, is a fire sign and the three fire signs form a harmonious triangular alignment with one another in the zodiac. Saturn’s presence in Sagittarius, like the prescience of Uranus in Aries discussed below, promises to be a favourable one. With Saturn we reap what we sow and Saturn is in Sagittarius, the zone of your solar chart associated with creative self-expression and those things that are a source of pleasure, including your hobbies and private interests. With Saturn in Sagittarius, this is a great time to work hard at taking your talents to a new level. For those of you with children, the key to harmony revolves around establishing and maintaining clear boundaries with loved ones.

Jupiter's influence in 2017
Jupiter takes twelve years to travel the 12 signs of the zodiac, spending approximately 12 months in each zodiac sign. Jupiter will be in Libra until October 2017 when Jupiter moves from Libra to Scorpio. With Jupiter in Libra until the autumn this would be a good time to get out and about more. You don’t need to travel too far to benefit from Jupiter’s favourable influence. Opportunities may be there waiting for you on your doorstop, locally or even on a short journey some person or opportunity may fall in your lap. With Jupiter in Libra you’ll have the gift of the gab. Since you’ll be even more charming and persuasive than usual, this is a good time for getting your message across and getting your way. While you may be blessed with the extra powers of seduction in 2017, there may be times when a little less conversation and a little more action is key to getting who and what you want. With Jupiter entering Scorpio from the autumn and into 2018, this should bring an improvement on the domestic front and in your private life so be prepared to improve your living situation and to go out of your way to build bridges with family and loved ones.

The Nodes of the Moon's influence in 2017
The Moon’s Nodes, the North Node of the Moon and the South Node of the Moon, are always opposite one another. Every 18 months or so they change zodiac sign. In May, the North Node will move into Leo and the South Node will move into the sign opposite Leo, Aquarius. The Moon’s Nodes are important in astrology because they are eclipsing places. When a new or full Moon falls near one of the Nodes, it becomes a solar or lunar eclipse. Eclipses are considered one of the most powerful astrological indicators of change. There are two eclipse seasons each year, roughly 6 months apart and in 2017 eclipses will occur during the winter months and again around your birthday.

The North Node is orientated towards the future, where we’re going, and so points to an area which we need to embrace and develop, where greater opportunities to develop our potential awaits us. The South is associated with the past, where we are coming from and so is considered a point of release, an area of life where we may have become too comfortable, complacent, indulgent or a creature of habit and routine. From May, with the North Node in Leo, your Sun sign, it may be time for you to start thinking about what you need to do to take the helm in your work, relationships and more simply, and importantly, your life. This wont happen overnight. The North Node will be in Leo for about 18 months and so by the time the North Node leaves Leo for Cancer in 2018, you should have simplified and streamlined your life.

As the Sun is the centre of the universe around which all the other planets revolve, so you should put yourself centre stage where others can revolve around. With the South Node, the point of release and letting go in your opposite sign of Aquarius, the zone of your solar chart associated relationships, professional and emotional, and with your general dealings with others, this is the area where you need to make some space. If there are certain individuals who seem unwilling or unable to make a positive contribution to your life but seem happy to ride your gravy train, then perhaps it may be time for you travel light, or at least, lighter.

Uranus's influence in 2017
Uranus is associated with change and upheaval, often sudden and unexpected and for some it represents a wake-up call. Uranus wakes us up from our narrow view of things and brings with it a new perspective that may makes perfect sense to us afterwards although prior to its influence in our lives we didn’t notice, or failed to notice, what we later consider an obvious and natural course of events. If we knew what to expect, it wouldn’t be Uranus. Taking approximately 84 years to travel the 12 signs of the zodiac, Uranus spends about 7 years in each zodiac sign and is considered a background influence for most people until it triggers some of the more personal points in the horoscope.

Uranus is in Aries, the area of your solar chart associated with foreign people and places as well as educational, spiritual and philosophical matters. Aries is a fire sign, like Leo and Sagittarius. The fire signs are harmoniously aligned with one another in the zodiac and so the combination of Saturn in Sagittarius and Uranus in Aries with Leo, your Sun, is very favourable and suggests you can make some major constructive changes in your life. Uranus is a slow moving planet, it represents a general background influence encouraging you to become more adventurous and take the road less travelled. Those Leo’s born around 12 - 23 August will feel Uranus most strongly in 2016. Those born earlier will have already met Uranus on their travels in recent years and should be incorporating those changes into their lives.

Pluto's influence in 2017
Pluto travels very slowly through the zodiac, taking approximately 248 years to travel the 12 signs of the zodiac. As with Uranus, Pluto is associated with change. However, Pluto and Uranus are not the same. The change Pluto signifies is associated with the natural process of death and rebirth, something we see and experience around us all the time, such as the cycle of decay, death, rebirth and renewal that characterises the changing seasons. So to does Pluto affect us all to varying degrees at varying times in our lives. Pluto has a cleansing influence. Pluto cleans away that which has served its purpose or role in our lives and needs to make way for new life, growth and new experiences. Change is an inevitable part of life and is more difficult or stressful, the more we try to hold on or resist. Pluto can give us an opportunity to discover, or rediscover, hidden talents and resources within us, talents which may now demand a stage or a place in our lives to be expressed. Pluto can be the key to making the changes ahead that work in our favour.

Pluto is in Capricorn, the area of your solar chart associated with your day-to-day habits, routine, chores and your health or lack thereof. Looking at the work aspect, this would be a good time to put in the time and energy to develop mastery in your chosen craft or vocation, to find, establish and develop a niche for yourself that will give you the edge in the marketplace and a greater sense of satisfaction and purpose in your life. Do be careful. While you should make the most of the best tools, equipment, software or any other paraphernalia that is available to help you get where you want to go, this is not about short cuts. Capricorn is the sign of the goat that patiently, persistently and sure-footedly makes it’s way to the top of the mountain. Follow the goat’s example and role up your sleeves. The health or lack of it aspect of this zone of your solar chart follows the same principle. While junk food may give you the sugar hit and energy needed to complete a small task or goal, only a healthy, plant-based diet will work for you in the long-run and for your health, wellbeing and productivity. The Greeks and Romans that conquered the known world did so on a diet of cereals and grains, not pizza.

Neptune's influence in 2017
Neptune will be in Pisces throughout 2017 and beyond. Like both Uranus and Pluto, Neptune is considered an outer planet. Neptune is also slow moving, taking 165 years to travel the 12 signs of the zodiac and so, like Uranus and Pluto, Neptune's influence reflects social, political and cultural changes that shape and colour the course of history. We experience these outer planets in a personal way when they touch or trigger the sensitive points in our horoscopes. Neptune more than any other planet is not of this world. The world of Neptune is a utopian paradise. Neptune is concerned with selflessness, idealism, spiritual and mystical inclinations, imagination and fantasy. Difficult aspects from Neptune can be stressful since they test our worldview and challenge us to make our dreams and ideals a reality.

Neptune is in Pisces, one of the money zones of your solar chart, particularly those agreements and commitments you have to or share with others. It might be prudent therefore to simplify your financial affairs, to reduce, not complicate your dealings and commitments and avoid getting too deeply involved in agreements or arrangements of a financial, practical or emotional nature that have strings attached. If you do get involved, be sure to do your homework and read the small print. On another level, Pisces is the zone of your solar chart concerned with the veil that separates this life from the next. Therefore, this would be a fruitful time to explore deep mystical questions but do be careful not too believe everything you read, hear or see. Remember, all that glitters is not gold.

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