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 Libra 23 Sep - 23 Oct


Mars is in Libra, your Sun sign for the first half
of 2014, which is about three times longer than
Mars usually spends in an individual Sun sign. Mars
symbolizes a number of things. It can give added drive,
determination and energy to get things done, although it is
more suited to working independently then being a member of a
team. Mars can signify impatience, impulsiveness and frequently conflict. Therefore, with Mars in your Sun sign for the first half of 2014 the sparks may fly and it is likely there may be increased activity and even conflict around you. Mars also carries additional signification for Libra Sun signs because Mars is the ruler of the opposite Zodiac sign Aries, the area of your solar chart associated with relationships, and other people generally. Mars is also considered the traditional ruler of Scorpio, one of the money zones of your solar chart. This adds further details to the general signification of Mars described above.

Therefore, you need to be careful with relationships, especially those that are connected with financial matters, because this could well be a source of conflict. You may find others seek you out, and you may find it relatively easy to get hold of the resources, financial or otherwise you may seek. How you deal with these demands and commitments will determine how well you prosper. With Mars in your sign, it's likely that others come to you. However, they might not be as diplomatic, patient or even polite about trying to get you involved in their schemes and dreams. Some people may even have the hots for you and are reluctant or unable to take no for an answer. There may even be times next year when you feel Cupid using you for target practice.

The North Node of the Moon enters Libra, your Sun sign, from February and will stay there until November 2015. The Nodes take approximately 18 month to travel through each Sun sign. There are two nodes, the North Node and the South Node. The Nodes are always opposite each other and so with the North Node in Libra, the South Node will be in your opposite sign of Aries. The Nodes are considered significant points in Astrology for a number of reasons, but mainly because eclipses occur when new or full Moons fall in close proximity to either the North of the South Node. The Sun will be traveling through Aries in the spring and through Libra, around your birthday, in the autumn. Therefore, these will be important times for you astrologically because this will be when the solar and lunar eclipses occur in Libra.

The Nodes can be considered like signposts. The North Node points the way forward, the path to self-development, progress, fulfillment and realizing your potential. The South Node can represent your comfort zone. Negatively, this may be where you have become a creature of habit and routine, where year may be lazy or it could represent an attitude, a mode of behavior or even a place you retreat to because it’s familiar, but sometimes all-too-familiar. The South Node is an area where you may need to let go, to release and relinquish those things that may be holding you back, getting in your way and directly or indirectly stopping you from realizing our potential. With the South Node traveling through Aries, the area of your solar chart associated with relationships and your interactions with others generally, this is the area where you may need to have a Spring clean. Naturally, this suggests the next 18 months could bring some goodbyes, some heartfelt, some necessary for your progress whilst others may be long overdue. This is especially so if there are certain people who you are involved with personally or professionally, who are more trouble than they are worth, who are unreliable unpredictable, too touchy, aggressive or impatient and with whom you constantly have to play peacemaker, accommodate their moods or clear up the mess they make.

The presence of the North Node in Libra suggests that for the next 18 months or so you should seriously consider putting your needs first, following your own agenda and as far as your life is concerned, you need to be the one in the driving seat. By nature Libra is a sign concerned with relating and relationships, and is more apt to compromise, cooperate and work towards shared goals than most Sun signs. Therefore, Libra is not really that familiar with having to go it alone. Now, it’s not that you have become a solitary individual, go out of your way to avoid others or even refuse to cooperate or compromise. That is not what I’m saying here, the point I am trying to make concerns those situations when you may be tempted to make too many compromises, too many sacrifices and in your reluctance to create waves, upset the applecart or hurt other’s feelings. You consistently toe-the-party-line and in the process your own needs, desires and aspirations are held in check, put aside or even neglected. Therefore, there may be times next year when it may be necessary for you to become more independent and so you must be prepared to plough your own furrow.

Once a Libran, always a Libran and so it’s not that you need to discard your natural charm, tact and diplomacy when trying to get things done. In fact, this would be a good time to develop and hone your skills. But this must be for your benefit, in pursuit of your goals, your agenda. You may well find others seek you out more than usual, trying to get you involved in their dramas, their stuff, their projects and to help them achieve their goals. However, we are talking about your goals, aspirations and objectives and these must take priority and come first.

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