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 Libra 23rd Sep - 23rd Oct


Pluto, Uranus and Eclipses are Harbingers of
Long-Term Change ...

This is an important time for Libra. The last few
years, the next few years and 2015. All the cardinal
signs, Aries, Cancer, Libra, your Sun sign, and Capricorn
are experiencing more changes, challenges and opportunities
than other Sun signs and Libra is feeling it more than most. Both
Uranus, in your opposite sign of Aries, and Pluto in Capricorn are making challenging aspects to Libra, your Sun sign. If that wasn’t enough, with the North Node of the Moon traveling through Libra until November 2015, you are also subject to two eclipse seasons, in the spring and the autumn. Pluto, Uranus and eclipses are harbingers of long-term change. Naturally, some Librans will feel the influence stronger than others. Nevertheless, change, upheaval and renewal are likely to be major themes in the lives of all Librans to varying degrees for a number of years to come.

Saturn in Saggitarrius ...
Saturn will spend most of 2015 in Sagittarius which may signify a number of things for you. Relatives or those in your immediate vicinity could prove increasingly demanding. You might have an increased need to travel, but perhaps not something you would choose to do if you had the choice, possibly something that’s not without its pressures, burdens and responsibilities, perhaps it could be related to family or work matters. Since Sagittarius is an area of your solar chart associated with study and communication this may indicate the need for serious study of subjects that have practical use in your daily life. You might also find yourself in situations where you have to communicate more. What you say and how you say it takes on increasing importance in your work and private life. Saturn’s presence in Sagittarius also suggests you may need to develop your communication skills, you may become a source of information or guidance to others. There will be times when you will prefer silence to saying too much, preferring serious discussions to tittle-tattle and gossip.

Be prepared to make the most of opportunities to express yourself and your ideas. This may involve developing a more professional attitude to the area of communication or studying certain topics deeply that have significant implications for your vocational or professional life. Saturn returns to Scorpio briefly between June and September and this may be a time when you have to turn your attention to your financial affairs, especially if you have not been disciplined or focused concerning money matters and your financial commitments to others.

Jupiter's Influence in 2015 ...
Jupiter will be in Leo until August when it moves into Virgo. Jupiter’s presence in Leo is good for your social life, networking, making friends and reconnecting with old acquaintances. Hobbies, group activities and your social, political or humanitarian interests could also get a boost with Jupiter in Leo so make the most of opportunities to dress up and get out and about and mingle.

From August, when Jupiter moves into Virgo, this seems to indicate some kind of process of spiritual, psychological and emotional renewal. Therefore, make the most of opportunities from the summer to get in touch with your guiding light within. Take time out from the hustle and bustle to pursue those interests that satisfy your emotional, psychological and spiritual needs and make time to be by yourself. Jupiter’s presence in Virgo indicates some kind of major life cycle coming to a close and a new one beginning which should get underway when Jupiter enters Libra, your Sun sign, from September 2016. With Jupiter in Virgo until then, consider this time for an emotional, psychological and spiritual spring clean, a period of healing, in readiness for your new Jupiter cycle that should correspond with the move of Jupiter into Libra in 2016.

Influence of Pluto & Uranus ...
Pluto and Uranus are slowly making their way through Capricorn and Aries, respectively and will be in these zodiac signs for several more years. While they move through their respective signs they are forming different aspects to different Sun signs aspects and the aspects they are forming with Libra are challenging ones. The changes, transformations and upheaval these two planets often signify are likely to be experienced by you in varying degrees of intensity. Since Uranus is in your opposite sign of Aries, the area of your solar chart associated with relationships, emotional, romantic, professional and your interactions with other people generally. Pluto is in Capricorn, the area of your solar chart associated with home, family and domestic matters, these are the two areas of your life in which change, upheaval and renewal are most likely to manifest.

Although both Uranus and Pluto are indicators of major long-term personal change for all Libran Sun sign individuals in a broad sense, some Librans will feel the affects more than others. The transits of Uranus and Pluto are likely to prove particularly significant for those Librans whose birthday corresponds to the zodiac degrees Uranus or Pluto will aspect in 2015. There are 360° in the circle of the zodiac and so each zodiacal degree will correspond, more or less, with a specific day of the year. Uranus will be in Aries, transiting the degrees between 12° - 20° of Aries which is directly opposite 12° – 20° of Libra. This area of the zodiac corresponds to those individuals whose birthdays fall roughly between the 5th - 14th October. Pluto, which moves more slowly than Uranus will be transiting the degrees between 13° - 16° Capricorn, which is in what is called a square or quartile aspect to the degrees between 13° – 16° Libra. These degrees of Libra corresponds roughly to those Librans born between the 6th - 10th of October. This small group will experience a dose of both Pluto and Uranus and should experience the most dramatic, challenging and interesting changes next year.

Even so, all Librans will be affected to varying degrees in one way or another. Those Librans with birthdays falling before these dates will already experience the potential life changing aspects that strong aspects from Uranus and Pluto frequently bring, and if you know one of these folk, perhaps you may enquire as to how it feels. Don’t assume however that it will be the same experience for everyone.

Those whose birthdays come later in October will meet Uranus and Pluto in the not too distant future. What usually makes change and transition most stressful is our reluctance to embrace change, to explore the new and let go of the old. It would be wise to embrace change and travel light, to be open-minded to the experiences and opportunities ahead. Librans of different ages and cultures will experience these aspects differently. The Sun’s position in your horoscope is one of the most powerful but also mysterious points in your horoscope. With such a powerful aspect to such a key component of your horoscope chart the changes are likely to affect you very deeply. Therefore, if you have not been living the life you wanted, if you have felt inauthentic, restricted or asleep then Pluto and Uranus may just be the wake-up call you need. If there are opportunities for you to shine, to put yourself forward, in the spotlight as a boss, leader, performer, or simply someone has something to say or do, then this would be time to put yourself forward and show the world what you can do. You may well feel that at some deep level, some part of you wants to emerge or reemerge, to be awakened, reawakened or liberated and if so, heed the call.

Issues of health and vitality may present themselves now and therefore if you are leading an unhealthy life or you’ve neglected certain aspects of your body’s needs for health and vitality, now would be a good time to make a change such as adopting a plant-based diet, especially if you’re one of those Librans with a penchant for every sweet and sticky thing that catches your eye.

Since Uranus is in your opposite sign of Aries, you may will experience change in your relationships. You may also find that other people act as agents of change and through your interactions with them, new insights, new perspectives and even a new life path opens up before you. Some people in your life may be more trouble than they are worth, nevertheless your interactions with them may still be a catalyst that brings about new priorities, values and aspirations.

With Pluto in the home, family and domestic zone of your solar chart, major long-term changes may be on the cards in this area of your life. Changes, should they occur in this area of your life, are likely to be far reaching, irreversible but also born out of the natural process of necessity, as one cycle comes to an end and another begins.

Neptune in Pisces ...
Neptune will be in Pisces throughout 2015 and beyond. Neptune’s presence here is subtle but can be significant for those that can tap into Neptune’s elusive, ephemeral, mystical and creative potential. Negatively, this can indicate health issues that are difficult to ascertain, diagnose or understand. Often problems associated with addictions, indulgences and bad habits may surface and so if drugs, alcohol or junk food are having a detrimental effect on your health and vitality, perhaps now would be a good time to do something about it. Nevertheless, this transit of Neptune is unlikely to have significance for the majority of Librans. On a more positive note, Neptune, because of its association with the spiritual, imaginable and archetypal world beyond this one, this is a good time to develop a regular, spiritual practice and discipline. To bring the spiritual into your life on a daily level. Some kind of work that involved healing, volunteering, supporting others less fortunate than yourself or serving your community, culture or the earth in someway is well-starred.

Because this area of your solar chart is often associated with our day-to-day, routine activities and chores, make the most of opportunities to bring Neptune into your daily routine. Work wise, this could indicate using new technologies, creative devices and working with symbols and images in some way.

Infuence of the Nodes of the Moon ...
Since the North Node of the Moon is in Libra, your Sun sign until November, this is encouraging you to develop your Libran qualities, talents and characteristics but also, in your own way, be prepared to put your needs, aspirations and agenda first and foremost. Libra prefers cooperation and compromise to conflict, emphasizing those things that unite rather than those things that separate individuals, so persuasion rather than pressure is your usual modus operandi. However, with the North Node of the Moon in your Sun sign, it’s important to put yourself first and therefore not to make too many concessions to others. You are also advised to resist your usual temptation to brush things under the carpet or to try to bend over backwards to please others too much. It’s time to please yourself.

Now even when setting your agenda and following it through, you’re not going to want to step on anyone’s toes. Nevertheless try to resist the temptation to make too many compromises in pursuit of your goal. Libra, your Sun sign, is ruled by Venus, planet of pleasure, beauty and charm. It is important to continue to use Libran methods to achieve your aims and so tact, diplomacy and charm should be your main weapons. Again, only compromise or cooperate with others if it serves your long-term goals and if not, you may need to be prepared to go it alone.

With the North Node of the Moon traveling through Libra be prepared to put yourself first, to promote yourself and your interests. The South Node traveling through your opposite sign of Aries is an indicator that you may need to travel light where certain relationships are concerned. If certain individuals are not being fair, are holding you back, restricting your development or not giving you the opportunity to express yourself then perhaps you should take a step back and instead make room for new people and new opportunities and the perspectives they will bring.

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